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I Won't Back Down

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Kenji tries to cheer up a sad and moody Noriko after a long day of work.

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I Won't Back Down:

I do not like seeing my Noriko stressed out. When that happens, she has a tendency to snap out at people. I learned that the hard way last night. We were at my house when it happened. She sat on my couch sulking. Like a good boyfriend, I asked, "What's wrong, baby?"

"Shut the fuck up!!!" she screamed at me. I looked at her, oddly.

"Noriko," I said. "Is it that bad?"

"Yes!" she snapped. "Just leave me alone, okay?" I didn't say anything else after that. See why it's a bad thing when my Noriko is upset.

Unfortunately, I have to deal with her again tonight. Hm... I have to fix problem to make this better for both of us. But how? Let's see, she's been stressed at work lately. So, I mustn't talk about work to her.

I picked up my Noriko from work like I normally did. (She still doesn't have a car.) My girlfriend looked like she would cry. My heart ached for her once again.

"Hey, sweetie," I said. "How was your day?" Noriko didn't answer me. She just got into the car and buckled up. Oh, this isn't good. I better get started right away.

"Hey babe, you hungry?" I asked.

"Mah," she mumbled.

"Okay," I said. "We'll do that." This looks tough. Better keep trying.

"So where do want to eat?" I asked.

"Mah," she mumbled again. She's not giving me much to work with here. This mission is already failing before it could even get off the ground.

"Baby," Noriko spoke up. I was so startled that I nearly swerved off the road. She finally spoke! I almost thought that I was hearing things.

"Yes?" I asked her. She looked at me with those sad, kitty eyes.

"Can we just not talk for the rest of the day?" my Noriko asked. I tried to keep myself from looking sad as well.

"Okay..." I said. Then, she turned to the front. We drove the rest of the way in silence. We pulled up into Burger King and ordered us dinner. I parked in park parking lot and we ate while we watched the children play. Noriko barely ate her food. I loudly patted her on the shoulder.

"You'll be fine," I said with my eyes to her. Noriko didn't eat look at me as she put a fry into her mouth. I turned back to front and took another bite of my burger. After dinner, we took a drive around the city. We didn't talk the whole time. This was the most uncomfortable moment of our lives.

I took her back to my apartment. I decided to run her a bath to help her relax. She just sat on my couch while I set everything up in the bathroom.

"Noriko, baby!" I called from the hall. "I have your bath ready!" She slowly took her time coming down the hall. I let her have her privacy as she took her bath. The silence stretched on in even longer discomfort. Things at work are ruining things for us. Like, my Noriko and her co-workers, I want this QB-person to come by so that things can go back to normal between us.

After her bath, I dressed my girlfriend in pajamas that she left over her and put her in bed. I didn't go to bed myself right away. I went outside of my apartment to have a smoke. I hate the way things are now. But, I'm not going to give up on making things much more manageable for the time being. I just have to see my Noriko smile again. I like her better when she was happy. Trust me; life is much better that way!

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