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Map 02

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Map 02: Reward

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Fangs and Feathers

Map 02: Reward

Laharl sat happily in his throne quietly chanting "overlord, overlord!" His feet dangled from the large stone chair not touching the floor and there was a big grin on his face.

"Good morning Laharl!" Flonne arrived to greet him with a smile as she always did. "You look especially cheerful this morning."

Laharl laid back on his throne, crossing his arms on the back of his head, "it's just one of those days when I feel really glad I'm the overlord and all I want to do is sit in my throne and be cool."

"Is it fun?" Flonne inquired with interest.

"Yeah," sitting in a throne all day may seem like a dull activity to some, but Laharl was truly enjoying it.

"Can I join you?" Flonne asked hopefully.

"Huh?" Laharl's shifted, leaning forward in his throne to examine the angel suspiciously, "what do you mean join me?"

"Can I sit next to you on your throne?" Flonne elaborated, "if it's so much fun, I want to try it too! Can I, please? It's big enough for both of us to fit."

"No way!" Laharl's hair stood on ends as it usually did when he yelled, "you can't just sit with me in my throne as if you were..." he trailed into silence thinking, 'my queen or something...' then quickly added in a hurried angry voice, "you can't sit in my throne!"

Flonne frowned and her eyes reflected sadness, but she was not going to give up so easily, "if you let me sit with you, I promise to give a reward."

Laharl grew very suspicious, "I don't know, your past rewards have all been terrible," he feigned disgust.

"This reward will be different from all the others," Flonne encouraged; she knew that if she kept insisting, Laharl would eventually give in.

Laharl gave it some thought, last time he decided to accept one of Flonne's requests in exchange for a reward she gave him a kiss on the cheek and he thought he was going to die. But what kind of an overlord would he be if he showed fear towards a reward, an angel or a reward from an angel? "Alright, but only for a little while, and your reward better be good this time!"

"Yay!" Flonne sat on the throne next to Laharl, content at first, then she shifted uncomfortably, "this throne is really hard."

"It's made of stone, of course it's hard, it has to be strong like the one sitting on it. Speaking of which, that's enough of having a weak love freak on my throne, give me my reward and get off," Laharl demanded.

Flonne reached into her pocket and took out a candy, which she gave to Laharl, "here's your reward."

Laharl stared at the candy in his hand, it was certainly better than Flonne's past rewards, but he was still disappointed for some unknown reason. He told himself that his disappointment was only because the candy was small. He removed its wrapping and threw it on the floor, then ate the candy.

"You shouldn't throw trash on the floor, Laharl!" Flonne scolded.

"Let the prinnies pick it up, that's their job, besides, the more work they do, the faster they'll atone for their sins. It's not that I care or anything, I just want them gone as soon as possible, pathetic creatures," Laharl huffed. "Besides, why are you still sitting there? I told you to get off my throne."

Flonne smiled, "I guess you have a point about the prinnies. As for my sitting on your throne, if you let me sit here for a while longer I'll give you another reward."

"Fine, but just for a little while and your reward has to be better than the last one," Laharl agreed.

"It will be!" Flonne assured.

A few minutes later Laharl announced, "time's up, give me my reward."

Flonne took two candies from her pocket and gave them to Laharl, "here you go, it's twice as much as the last reward!"

"I guess it's a little better," it didn't look like the love freak was going to do anything crazy so Laharl started to relax. He unwrapped the candies, threw the wrapping on the floor and ate them. "Are you going to get off my throne or do you have an even better reward to offer?"

"I still have more rewards to give," Flonne smiled and continued sitting on the throne.

Time passed and Laharl demanded to be given his reward again, which turned out to be three candies. The same pattern was repeated with Laharl obtaining four candies, then five, until Flonne ran out of candy. He watched her searching the pockets of her white robe without finding anything to give him.

"Did you run out of rewards? I guess that means you owe me for these last few minute you sat on my throne." Lahard crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes with a cocky grin, "what should I make you do as punishment for breaking your promise? Maybe I'll make you scrub the floors of the entire throne room with a tooth brush or maybe..." he turned his head towards Flonne, who had leaned in to try to give him a kiss on the cheek as a reward so she wouldn't break her promise.

Their eyes went wide when their lips touched and Laharl fell off the throne, his scream echoing through the Netherworld, "ah!"

"Laharl!" With her face bright red, Flonne jumped off the throne and gently lifted Laharl into her arms, his cheeks were bright red, the rest of his body was ghostly white and his eyes were out of focus. "Laharl, Laharl!"

A group of vassals rushed in to see why their young overlord was screaming. Among them was Etna, who felt as if she had missed something amusing, "what happened?" She asked Flonne with a mischievous tone, noticing her blush.

"Nothing," Flonne stammered, but Etna and the vassals kept staring at her. "An assassin, there was an assassin, he's still in the castle, go find him quick, he looked like... like a giant peanut!"

All the vassals except Etna spread out to search the castle. "Living in the Netherworld can really change an angel, killing the prince, lying to his vassals, what else have you done?"

"No!" Flonne cried, "Laharl is alive, love can save lives but it can't kill, it can't!" She hugged Laharl tightly.

"Let me go love freak, I can't breathe!" Laharl suddenly yelled; his face was purple from the combination of the red blush and the tint of blue from lack of oxygen.

The vassals returned to the throne room with a monster that looked remarkably like a giant peanut, "is this the one who tried to kill the overlord?"

Flonne didn't want some poor innocent creature to be accused, but she couldn't confess what happened so she made up an excuse, "did I say peanut? Oh sorry, I was just so worried and frightened I got confused, I meant to say that the assassin looked like a... like an invisible rock!"

The vassals let the peanut creature go and ran off to search for the invisible rock, discussing among themselves how they would go about that since it was invisible. As for how Flonne was able to apparently see it, they assumed it was something angels could do, they were strange creatures after all.

xoxox xox xoxox

The next morning, Laharl went to sit on his throne again and found Etna supervising as the prinnies cleaned the throne room. He looked at the throne and saw a big red cushion on it, "what's this doing here?"

"Flonne put it there," Etna revealed, "apparently she stayed up all night making it so she's getting some rest now."

Laharl glared at the cushion, he considered throwing it away but then got a better idea and sat on it. He noticed Etna was grinning at him and was quick to clarify, "it's not that I like it or anything. My real intention is to get back at Flonne by ruining the cushion she worked so hard to make. I'm going to flatten it with the weight of my body."

Etna continued to grin, "whatever you say prince..."

End of Map 02

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