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Episode 03

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Episode 03: Tree

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Fangs and Feathers

Episode 03: Tree

"Prince, oh prince!" When Etna called in such a sing-song voice, Laharl knew right away it meant trouble.

"What is it now? Has someone issued a challenge for me? Is the Netherworld being invaded? Is Mid-boss causing trouble? Don't tell me this is about finding someone's lost pet..." Laharl went over the list of possible disasters in his head.

"No, it's nothing like that," Etna had a big grin on her face, "this is something much, much worse! Even worse than all those things put together, for you anyway."

Laharl gave Etna a suspicious look, "what do you mean by that?"

"Oh, you'll see," she began to walk out of the throne room, motioning for Laharl to follow her. "I should warn you, I will not be held responsible for what may happen to you when you lay eyes upon what I found."

The suspense hung in the air and the tension continued building up as they walked to the portal, "just tell me already!" Laharl yelled.

"You'll see it when we get there," Etna insisted.

Flonne saw them and happily skipped over, "hi, where are you going?" she smiled, looking as if she were glowing.

"You look more cheerful then ever today," Etna noticed, "what's the occasion?"

"She's in denial," Laharl cut in before Flonne could say anything.

"About what?" Etna's curiosity grew.

"Let's not get distracted," Laharl protested, "first you have to show me that oh so terrible thing you found," he reminded Etna.

"Fine, but you're going to wish you haven't seen it," Etna could clearly imagine Laharl falling to the ground and twitching while screaming in agony, it would be amusing. "C'mon Flonne, you should see this too." The three of them disappeared through the portal towards the forest.

xoxox xox xoxox

At the forest, Etna led the trio to a specific tree. "Here it is!" She pointed at a tree where Laharl and Flonne's names were carved.

"That's it?" Laharl was not surprised, terrified, or agonizing. "That's the same thing Flonne was in denial about. I've already seen this, in fact, I was the one who carved it."

Etna stood there in absolute shock, "what?"

"The love freak was playing around here and going on and on about how much she loved nature, so I told her I would stab a tree with my sword and in the most pathetic voice she said: no Laharl you mustn't!" Laharl imitated Flonne, in an exaggerated silly high pitch, then continued narrating normally, "of course I wasn't going to listen to her, but I got a better idea. I carved her name into the tree so Flonne's reputation would be stained with nature abuse. But I couldn't let her take all the credit, so I carved my name into it too. You should have seen the love freak's face turning red with anger and frustration," Laharl pointed at Flonne's blushing face, "just like that!" He then observed Etna's wide eyed and open mouthed expression and his grin grew if it was even possible. "Impressed? You're amazed by the amount of evil I possess, hahahaha!" Laughing wildly, Laharl made his way out of the forest and back to the castle.

Etna finally recovered and rolled around with laughter, though Laharl was no longer there to hear her. She had learned from Gordon and Jennifer what it meant to carve two names into a tree in human culture. If Laharl ever knew the truth he might just drop dead. It was nice having that to hold over his head, even if he was completely unaware of it. "Flonne, you're one evil angel!"

End of Episode 03

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