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Episode 04

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Episode 04: Pudding

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Fangs and Feathers

Episode 04: Pudding

Etna looked left and right, back and forth. Good, there was no sign of Laharl. She observed the box she held with a victorious grin. She had decided that she would savor her pudding that evening in the sunset, it was the perfect moment for pudding. She placed the box inside the hallow three that was surrounded by flowers. Laharl didn't like flowers; it was Flonne who had insisted on spreading their seeds all over the place. They were particularly abundant there, around that three atop a little hill. Laharl would never think to steal her pudding if she hid it there, but just in case, Etna had another plan.

The redhead returned to the castle and entered the throne room. The place was empty as Laharl was sleeping in. She placed a note on his throne, which held the cushion that Flonne had made for him insisting that the throne was too hard. It was on that cushion that Laharl sat practically every day, claiming that he wanted to make Flonne sad by ruining the cushion with the weight of his body. However, the cushion remained as soft and fluffy as ever, his evil deed was a work in progress, Laharl would excuse himself. One cannot do something truly terrible without the proper preparation, evil takes time. After leaving the folded piece of paper on the throne, Etna went off to find Laharl.

xoxox xox xoxox

Meanwhile, Laharl had been turning the castle's kitchen upside-down looking for pudding. He knew there was some left, Etna must have hidden it. Flonne innocently entered and greeted Laharl cheerfully as usual. The young overlord was not in a very cheery mood since he couldn't find the pudding and decided to order someone around for the sake of ordering them around. Conveniently, Flonne happened to be there, "I hereby order you to clean the throne room!"

Flonne blinked in confusion, "the prinnies have already done that," she pointed out.

"I don't care!" Laharl argued, "go clean the throne room, now!"

Flonne frowned in disapproval at Laharl's senseless yelling, "I think you're cranky because you need a hug!" She extended her arms, but before she could hug Laharl, the young overlord let out a rather girly squeak of fright and ran for dear life away from the love freak.

xoxox xox xoxox

A small while later, Laharl was walking down the hallways of his castle. Maybe by then Flonne had gotten over her need to hug him, besides, he could have just ordered her not to, he was the overlord after all. He found Etna heading in the opposite direction with a wicked rin. "You!" Lahard pointed his accusing finger at Etna, "you took the last serving of pudding, didn't you? Where are you hiding it?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I saw Flonne doing something to your throne," Etna feigned innocence and tried to guide the conversation towards another topic. "You better go see what she's up to or you might find that your throne has pink hearts drawn all over it or something."

"My throne!" Laharl was easily distracted and ran off in the direction of the throne room, momentarily setting aside his quest to find pudding.

xoxox xox xoxox

After Laharl had run away from Flonne, she had gone to find him and checked the throne room. She noticed a paper on the throne and wondered what it was. She read the note and gasped in surprise, "I wish to express my love for you in the tree that's surrounded by flowers on the little hill at the forest clearing." Flonne knew the place right away, since she, Laharl and Etna had gone there on a picnic a few days ago at her own insistence. She remembered how Laharl had told her to clean the throne room, maybe she was meant to find that note that he was too shy to give her in person. Clutching the note to her chest, ignoring the fact that Laharl's grammar would not be that good, Flonne ran off to the place mentioned in the writing.

xoxox xox xoxox

Looking forward to a good laugh, Etna had followed Laharl to the throne room. When they got there, Flonne was already gone and there was no note for Laharl to find. Etna knew that if there was something love related waiting for him at the location, Laharl would not dare to go near it. It seemed that though he would never admit it, love still frightened him. He didn't seem to hate it anymore, not that he would admit that either, but it still intimidated him somewhat. She was looking forward to witnessing his reaction when he saw the note he was meant to think was from Flonne.

"At least she didn't ruin it, but where did she go?" Laharl sat on his throne feeling as if he was forgetting something. Sometimes having such a short attention span was a bother. "The pudding!" The realization came to him, "I was interrogating you about pudding!" He pointed his accusing finger at Etna again.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Etna continued her act, though she wondered where the note disappeared to. Maybe one of the prinnies threw it away while cleaning.

Some time passed with Laharl trying to get Etna to confess that she had taken the pudding, with Etna constantly denying it. Then Flonne arrived back at the throne room. "Laharl, I came to thank you," she smiled and blushed.

"Thank me?" Laharl was honestly confused, "for what?"

"You know, that note you left for me, I really enjoyed your present," Flonne continued smiling and blushing.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Laharl continued to insist. He hopped off his throne and eyed Flonne suspiciously. Flonne giggled, it was so cute when Laharl was being shy, she immediately glomped him in a tight embrace and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "It burns!" Laharl bellowed as loud as he could, "she's killing me, get her off, it burns!" Flonne giggled in response and hugged Laharl tighter, determined to help him overcome his shyness.

Etna had put two and two together and figured out that Flonne must have found the note assuming it was directed at her from Laharl, as it possessed no signature. She twitched upon realizing that she set up her pudding to be stolen and that Flonne must have indeed consumed it already, "my pudding!" Etna fell on her knees, hitting the floor with her fists in frustration. "My pudding, my precious pudding, it's gone, all gone!" Flonne was too focused on Laharl to notice Etna's misery, plus his cries of agony drowned out all other sounds all around.

Being led to the location by the noise, Mid-boss peeked into the throne room and saw Etna on the floor in misery and Laharl apparently being strangled to death, by that point practically begging for mercy that Flonne seemed unwilling to give. "And here I thought she was the angelic one..." he backed away from the door before Flonne saw him and threw the same doom upon him that had afflicted the other two. With a thoughtful expression, he mused, "maybe she is exactly what Laharl needs, it'll do him some good, toughen him up to be overlord and she would be the perfect queen for him." Continuing his solo mutterings Mid-boss nodded to himself, "I know the day will come when I shall call Flonne my daughter-in-law. Little Laharl you've grown up so fast, papa is so proud of you." Ignoring the random passing prinny that was staring at him strangely, Mid-boss went off to share the news of what he witnessed with a few others that may be interested.

End of Episode 04

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