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Episode 05

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Episode 05: Engaged

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Fangs and Feathers

Episode 05: Engaged

On that fateful day, Vyers arrived at Celestia going on and on about Laharl and Flonne. He said so much so fast that his wish for them to one day be engaged was interpreted by Seraph Lamington as them already being engaged. 'They are young, but true love cannot be held back,' Lamington mused. Vyers continued prancing around, gossiping about the young Netherworld overload and his apparent crush. Without any further clarifications, Lamington was left to his own theories, 'young Laharl has overcome his fear of cooties and found true love. I must formally congratulate him in person.' "Prinnies," the prinnies from Celestia stood in attention, "prepare for a celebration!"

xoxox xox xoxox

Some time later, Laharl was sitting in his throne, enjoying being overlord when a prinny came in with a letter for him. "I have a letter for Overlord Laharl and Flonne, it came from Celestia, dood!"

Laharl took the letter the prinny handed him and examined it. "A letter from Lamington, for me and Flonne? I wonder what this is about." Laharl opened the letter curiously and read. "Dear overlord Laharl and Flonne," though he wasn't thrilled to have both Flonne and himself addressed in the same letter, Laharl was please to see that Lamington had not forgotten to include his title of overlord. Maybe the Seraph was lazy and decided to write one letter instead of two. "I wish to personally congratulate you on your glorious occasion. Please come to Celestia for a celebration and feast in your honor this evening. I look forward to seeing you both, and of course, Etna and all your friends are very welcome to attend. Best wishes, Seraph Lamington." Laharl looked over the letter one more time; where did that come from? "I get it!" He suddenly came up with a theory, "Flonne must have entered us in some kind of sweepstakes without telling me and this party is the prize! There's no sense in wasting party food, I might as well go."

xoxox xox xoxox

Meanwhile, another prinny ran to find Etna, who was bossing random prinnies around the castle, with a wireless phone. "Master Etna, you have an urgent hone call from Seraph Lamington!"

"Why would the Seraph be calling me?" Without waiting for the prinny's theory on the matter, Etna took the phone and spoke into the receiver. "This is the beautiful Etna speaking."

"Etna, I am glad you were able to take my call. I am in need of your advice," Lamington's voice came from the phone.

"My advice?" Needless to say, Etna was quite surprised. "Sure, I can give you advice, what's your problem?"

"That is good to hear, you see, I do not know what types of foods Laharl and his guests like," the only one whose tastes he could confidently guess were Flonne's. "I wish to provide a truly enjoyable feast for the celebration this evening. Did Laharl and Flonne already mention it to you?"

"There's a party?" Etna gasped in surprise. "No, they haven't told me anything," she frowned. Laharl leaving her, and everyone else for that matter, out of a party was believable, but she didn't expect it from Flonne.

"Ah, well, I'm sure they were just about to tell you. Of course you are invited," Lamington explained. "About the food..."

Etna pouted, "yeah, I'm sure they just forgot," she didn't really believe that and someone was going to get an earful. "Pudding, make sure there's lots and lots of pudding and also..." she continued for a long time, listing all the things she liked to eat.

"Thank you for all your help. I wrote down everything you said and will make sure it is ready. You have my most sincere gratitude and please do not be angry at Laharl and Flonne for forgetting to mention the festivities. They just got engaged and must be absorbed in each other, but I'm sure they would have remembered to tell you on time." Lamington's parting words left Etna in shock.

xoxox xox xoxox

A few minutes later, Etna hurried towards the throne room to ask what this engagement business was about. She literally ran into Flonne in the hallway. The girls stumbled backwards as they bumped into each other, with Flonne being the first and only to apologize. Brushing off her apology, Etna quickly asked, "is it true that Laharl proposed to you?"

"Proposed?!" Flonne's eyes went wide.

"Yeah, you know, asked you to marry him," Etna further explained.

Flonne's face turned a deep shade of crimson, "I... um... he... ah..." the thought made her stumble on her words and she simply couldn't form a coherent sentence.

Etna observed Flonne's flustered reaction, "I'll take that as a yes," which meant she had a lot of teasing to do. Thus she hurried the rest of the way to the throne room.

xoxox xox xoxox

Etna skipped into the throne room loudly singing, "Laharl and Flonne sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G," Laharl twitched and growled at Etna. "First comes love," she emphasized the word making Laharl twitch more violently, "then comes marriage and here comes-"

"Laharl!" Flonne entered the throne room with her face still red.

"With a baby carriage," Etna continued.

"Not too big," one of the prinnies tuned in.

"Not too small," another prinny chimed.

"Just the size of a candy ball!" Etna and the prinnies finished the song in a chorus.

"Shut up!" Laharl growled so loudly that the prinnies fled, leaving only the young overlord and his two vassals in the throne room.

"Um... ah... Laharl..." Flonne stammered, she caught Laharl staring at her strangely and felt her heart pounding faster.

"Why is your face so red?" Laharl directed the question towards Flonne, then glared over at Etna, "and why are you more infuriating than usual today?" Etna had taken a liking to teasing Laharl and lately it had become relentless.

"Is it true?" Flonne finally asked, "is it really true, about... us?"

Laharl blinked, wondering how in the world Flonne found out about the party they won. One of the loud mouth prinnies must have told her. Oh well, the Seraph might ask about her if she's not there. Who knows, maybe they both need to be there to claim the prize. There was no use in hiding the party to himself anymore. Besides, there would probably be enough food to go around. "Yes it's true, Lamington is throwing us a party this evening to celebrate our, in his own words, glorious occasion." Flonne promptly fainted, leaving Laharl more confused than ever.

"Sorry about that..." Etna uncharacteristically apologized.

Laharl became further confused as he rushed to Flonne's side, not realizing how it looked. "Why are you apologizing and what's wrong with Flonne? Is she sick?" He didn't even bother checking her forehead for a fever, since her red face seemed to be all the confirmation he needed to conclude she had quite a temperature.

"She doesn't even have the ring yet and I told her about it before you could. Actually, why did Lamington know before Flonne?" Etna wondered, "being overconfident as you usually are you could have assumed she would be okay with it. Then again, I wouldn't really blame you for that assumption, it is kind of obvious. Honestly, were you planning to let someone else be the one to tell her from the beginning?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Laharl thought about the mention of a ring. Flonne should no longer need a piece of jewelry to survive in the Netherworld like when she used to need her pendant. Or at least, she shouldn't need it as far as he knew, then again, she was a weirdo. "Does she need a ring?"

"Of course she does!" Etna insisted.

From what Laharl could understand, Flonne apparently needed a ring to survive and somewhere along the way, that piece of information was lost to him. Etna and Lamington were apparently informed. "What are we waiting for? Let's go get her ring, where is it anyway?"

"You're asking me?" Etna sighed and shook her head, "this is something only you can do. Go to the jewelry store and pick the ring you think is best for Flonne."

"Something only I can do?" Laharl mused on Etna's words. Maybe giving Flonne a ring symbolized giving her permission to live in the Netherworld, thus only the overlord could do it. Maybe it wasn't about the ring per se, but the action of receiving the jewelry from the overlord which made it work. "You take care of Flonne; I'll be right back with the ring." Full of determination, Laharl left Flonne in Etna's care and ran off to find a ring.

xoxox xox xoxox

Some time later, Laharl returned with a ring for Flonne. It had taken him a while to choose, but he feared that if he chouse the wrong kind of ring, then it would have no effect and Flonne would not be saved. By then Flonne had woken up and was pacing nervously around the throne room waiting for Laharl to arrive and formally propose to her. "I see you're awake now," he noticed that her face still looked flustered and he could practically hear her heartbeats. It must all be due to her fragile state of health, which would hopefully soon be solved. "I got your ring," he wasn't sure how the ritual or whatever was supposed to go, but Flonne had extended her left hand, as if waiting for him to place the ring on her finger, which he did.

The ring had a big diamond in the center with a pair of rubies on the sides. The second Flonne had the heavy piece of jewelry on her finger; she recovered her voice shouting, "yes!" And glomping Laharl in a bone crushing hug.

"Ah! It burns!" Laharl screamed at the top of his lungs, though he was relived that Flonne got her strength back so quickly.

Etna realized what time it was and reminded the other two, "if we're going to be at Celestia by this evening we better get going." Laharl took longer than expected to choose a ring and it was getting late.

xoxox xox xoxox

The group journeyed to Celestia with Flonne clinging to Laharl the entire way and Laharl constantly complaining, claiming that he couldn't breathe. They were received as the guests of honor and led to the party hall were a feast had been served. They were seated and before dinner officially began, Lamington reminded everyone what the celebration was about. "Friends, let us enjoy this feast in honor of the upcoming marriage of overlord Laharl and Flonne, may they live happily together."

"Marriage?!" One second Laharl was staring hungrily at the massive amount of food on the table and the next he was overwhelmed into losing consciousness.

xoxox xox xoxox

Later that night, Laharl woke up in his own room to find Flonne sitting next to his coffin. "What happened?" He looked at her left hand searching for a ring, but found none.

Flonne smiled, "did you have a pleasant rest?"

"I had this weird dream that Lamington was throwing a party and..." Laharl felt his face turning scarlet, "I can't really remember the rest," he lied. "It was just a dream, it doesn't matter. What are you doing here anyway?"

"Oh nothing, just checking up on you," Flonne continued to smile innocently.

Laharl huffed, "creepy stalker love freak..." He lay down again in his coffin, "I'm going back to sleep, so quit staring at me," he took the coffin's cover that had previously been off and closed it.

"Good night, Laharl," Flonne exited Laharl's room.

xoxox xox xoxox

Out in the hallway, Flonne saw Etna, "Laharl woke up for a few minutes, but went back to sleep," the blond informed. "He thinks the entire thing was a dream," she pulled a chain out of her shirt with a diamond and ruby ring on it, hidden from view.

"I knew he was too immature to be a husband," Etna rolled her eyes. "Oh well, I have no complaints since I got to eat his share of pudding and enjoy the party while he was out."

"It's too bad Laharl spent all the festivities asleep. At least we were able to borrow some of Celestia's prinnies to help us carry him home," Flonne sighed and hid the ring again. "Maybe we're both too young and not ready to be married yet. I still think it was sweet when he proposed. Maybe next time he won't think it was a dream..."

"Don't hold your breath waiting," Etna chuckled, "he's still got a lot of growing up to do."

"That's okay," Flonne smiled, "I can be patient."

End of Episode 05

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