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Episode 06

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Episode 06: Be Careful What You Wish For

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Fangs and Feathers

Episode 06: Be Careful What You Wish For

In all honesty, Laharl could barely remember what the argument was about. It was probably something about his recent prinny abuse. Yeah, something like that. Maybe Flonne was upset because he had been making the prinnies work harder than usual, or pushing them around or calling them mean names. Perhaps what really upset her was when he decided to play bowling with them, with the prinnies playing the part of the bowling equipment. That had resulted in a big explosion that left the left wing of the castle in shambles. Well, at least he got a strike, even if it was at the cost of the prinny ball, the prinny pins and the castle bowling alley.

It didn't matter, the point was that Laharl was in a bad mood and try as he might to figure it out, he didn't know why. There was something, some unknown sensation growing inside him that Laharl couldn't figure out. To say the least it unnerved him greatly. He needed some kind of outlet for it and picking on the prinnies seemed like a good option. "Be quiet you love freak!" Laharl snapped as Flonne mentioned something about prinnies deserving love too in the middle of her speech. "You're really getting on my nerves. I wish you would just go away!"

Flonne frowned, but she knew deep down Laharl didn't mean it. "Do you really want that Laharl? Do you wish I was gone?"

"Do I have to repeat myself?" Laharl growled in frustration, with that unknown something shifting in protest, the sensation becoming warning, as if telling him not to be so harsh. He pushed the odd feeling away and tried to contradict it, being stubborn even against himself. "Yeah, I wish you were gone, in fact, I wish you haven't come to live in the Netherworld. If you haven't been sent here that time, you could be in Celestia right now. You'd be an angel, buried neck deep in missions from the Seraph with no time to bother me!"

Flonne's frown deepened as she gave Laharl a heartbroken look, "if that's how you feel than maybe I will go back to Celestia." She walked away, leaving Laharl to cool off by himself.

xoxox xox xoxox

The next day, Laharl woke up to the voice of a prinny calling, "overlord Laharl, you must wake up, master dood. I'm here to wake you at exactly 2:00pm just like you ordered, so that you may get an early start on your evil doings for the day, dood. Please wake up overlord Laharl, dood!"

Laharl sat up in his coffin and looked at the pocket watch the prinny was holding, "2:01pm? Why would I tell you to wake me up so early?" He cleared his throat, as his voice sounded different.

The prinny jumped back in fear, "oh no dood, I was one minute late! Please don't hurt me oh mighty evil overlord. I'm sorry dood!"

Laharl got up ignoring the prinny, then noticed the prinny looked smaller. He took a step forward staring down at the prinny with curiosity. "Did the prinnies get smaller or did I get taller?" He spoke in that new yet familiar grown up voice, then the prinny blew up. Apparently the prinny had been shaking so violently, he simply exploded. Grumbling in annoyance, Laharl walked out of his room.

Despite his bad mood the previous day, Laharl wouldn't let that, or the incident with the cowardly prinny, ruin his mood. He felt proud of himself for having grown up so much apparently overnight; he wanted to show Flonne and Etna. It would be hilarious to see their faces when they realized how much taller he had gotten. Unfortunately, Laharl was having a hard time locating the girls and the prinnies ran away in fear before he could ask them where they went. Did the bowling incident really scare them that much? Somehow, it seemed like there was more to it than just that. They were prinnies; they should be used to being thrown around and exploding.

Finally Laharl cornered a frightened prinny and, ignoring as the creature begged for mercy, he asked, "where are Flonne and Etna?"

The prinny summoned all his courage to reply, "You exiled Etna to the human world because she broke the law of the pudding, dood. The law says that by decree of the evil overlord Laharl, only he, I mean you, may eat pudding and no one else is allowed to ever enjoy it, dood. I don't know any Flonne, dood. Did I answer right? Have mercy on me great overlord Laharl, dood!"

Laharl was confused to say the least. He exiled Etna over pudding and no one knew Flonne? What kind of a strange day was this? "I get it!" Laharl theorized, his sudden outburst scared the prinny into jumping several feet in the air and exploding when he landed. Despite the explosion, Laharl continued voicing his theory. "Flonne and Etna must be playing some stupid joke on me. I'll go sit in my throne until they realize they can't trick me. They should come out of hiding soon enough." Said and done, Laharl went to sit on his throne.

xoxox xox xoxox

Time passed as Laharl sat waiting on his throne, then suddenly there was a loud crash and a wall was brought down with a cloud of dust. When the air cleared, Laharl saw a space ship in his now damaged throne room. The ship was of human design, clearly from Earth, but more advanced than Gordon's ship had been. From the ship emerged a human male dressed similarly to Gordon, but he had blond hair. He was accompanied by a high tech looking robot. "It seemed we have arrived, Friday," the young human male announced. "You," he pointed accusingly at Laharl, "it's been a thousand years since you sent the past defender of the Earth in an emergency retreat. For a thousand years we have been fearing that you would attack the Earth any minute. Then something unexpected happened, we have gained an ally that promised to lead us to the Netherworld so that instead of fearing your coming attack, we could take you out before you decided to conquer the Earth. I shall avenge my ancestors' defeat with this victory!"

"Don't you humans ever shut up?" Laharl huffed in annoyance. He didn't understand what that human was blabbering about.

"Nope, they never do shut up." Another figure emerged from the space ship, but this one was female and she wasn't human.

"Etna? Is that you?" It seemed Laharl wasn't the only one who was all grown up. Etna had also turned into a young adult.

"Yes it's me," Etna glared in anger. "You thought you got rid of me when you exiled me to the human world, did you? All I wanted after working so hard as your vassal was one cup of pudding, just one. You couldn't allow me that small pleasure. You want everyone to be just as bitter and miserable as you are! Now it's time for my revenge. All your vassals have abandoned you, not even the prinnies will stand beside you."

"My vassals have left me?" Looking around, Laharl noticed that he was indeed alone. He had only seen prinnies around the castle and they were few and far between.

Before the exchange could continue, A bright light invaded the throne room as another being entered through the hole left by the space ship when it crashed in. Her wings were big and soft, covered in pure white feathers. The young lady looked so angelic it was frightening. "Evil Overlord Laharl," she spoke with both disapproval and sorrow. "I am Flonne, an angel from Celestia sent here to assassinate you. You have done many terrible deeds; the pain you caused in the last thousand years is unforgivable. It is clear that as long as you continue to exist, you will only further sink into the darkness. I used to think that everyone could learn to love, but it seems I was wrong. You can never love or be loved!"

"Flonne?" Laharl gasped in surprise. "You really did go back to Celestia and became an angel!" He was overcome by an intense pain, how could she leave him? Flonne was a love freak and even she was convinced he couldn't love or be loved. He should say it was true, that he was the ultimate evil overlord, but seeing her so upset at him made the air in his lungs become thin and his voice was lost.

"Wait a minute," Etna protested, "I should be the one to kill Laharl!"

"What about me? I'm the defender of the Earth, I should kill him!" Gordon and Jennifer's distant descendant insisted.

"Well, we could all just kill him at the same time," Flonne mused. "Or better yet, we could take turns punishing him for his evil deeds and then kill him together!"

"I wouldn't normally make a deal with an angel, but it's clear we all have a common enemy here. I suppose it's okay to team up to make him suffer," Etna agreed.

"Count me in!" The current defender of the Earth added.

"Beep, beep, me too!" Friday chimed in.

"What?" The group approached Laharl surrounding him. "You can't betray me!"

"You're the traitor!" Etna accused.

"You're a wicked being that has betrayed even his own kingdom, the tales of your evil deeds are known everywhere," Flonne scolded.

"You will be punished for your cruelty!" The defender of the Earth dramatically declared.

"No!" Laharl yelled. "You can't do this!" He knew he couldn't fight them all at once. "No!"

xoxox xox xoxox

"Laharl, are you alright? Laharl!" That voice...

"Flonne?" Laharl slowly became conscious of his surroundings founding himself sitting up in his coffin with Flonne kneeling beside him, her arms wrapped tightly around his torso. Peering over her shoulder, he noticed Etna at the door accompanied by a few prinnies; she seemed to be arguing with someone out in the hall.

"I'm telling you there's no danger. Laharl was probably just having a nightmare. You and the rest of the vassals should just go back to sleep. You too prinnies, everyone back to sleep." Etna looked back at Laharl. "You were so loud you woke up the entire castle and all the vassals panicked, thinking you were hurt."

"They were worried?" Laharl blinked away the remaining sleep from his eyes as the realization sunk in that everything had been a dream. He was only a day older than he had been when he went to sleep and his vassals were still in the castle. There were also plenty of prinnies around and they didn't shake in fear until they exploded. Flonne was still there, she had not returned to Celestia and Etna had not been exiled to Earth.

"Of course!" Flonne pulled back, just enough to look at Laharl's face. "We were all worried about you."

"Than you're not going back to Celestia?" The question came out with more concern than Laharl would ever willingly allow himself to show.

Flonne smiled, "I'm staying here with you."

"Right... I was just... um... testing the vassal's response time. You know, in case there's an emergency, not that I would ever need any help," Laharl excused himself embarrassed.

"Testing their response time, right..." Etna rolled her eyes. "Since the test seems to be over, I'll be returning to my beauty sleep." Seeing that all was well, Etna went back to her room.

"Laharl," Flonne spoke softly, "do you want me to stay here and keep you company in case you have another nightmare? I mean, do you want to test my loyalty as your vassal by having me spend the night here to um... guard your royal chambers from intruders?"

"Yeah, sure, not that I couldn't handle an intruder... In fact, it wouldn't even matter if you fell asleep on the job because no one would dare invade the chambers of the great Laharl anyway." Laharl lay down in his coffin again.

Flonne placed the coffin's cover next to it and curled up in it. It was hard and uncomfortable, but she would be okay if it meant helping Laharl feel safe. "Good night Laharl..."

End of Episode 06

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