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Episode 07

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Episode 07: Mine!

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Fangs and Feathers

Episode 07: Mine!

Due to a random misunderstanding involving Vyers being gossipy, Lamington jumping to conclusions, Etna joining the confusion and Laharl being clueless, it became apparent that the young overlord was engaged to Flonne. After Laharl fainted during a feast the Seraph was hosting in his honor when he finally realized what everyone thought, it was decided that the young overlord simply wasn't ready to be a husband, thus the marriage was postponed and the status of his engagement hung in the air. Most still believed that he was indeed engaged to Flonne and they were simply having a very long engagement. People were secretly advised not to bring it up so as to not pressure Laharl and thus it remained generally quiet, save for some gossiping here and there.

Some prinnies in the hall outside of Laharl's room were discussing the matter when the young overlord emerged from his chambers and overheard one of the prinnies expressing his opinion. "I think that if he takes too long to do something about it, someone might steal her away, dood."

Normally, Laharl would disregard the prinnies' gossip as useless rubbish, but the next part caught his attention. "You have a point, Flonne might be stolen away right from under Laharl's nose, dood!" The prinny in question was gently nudged by his companion, indicating that it was not the best time to talk about Laharl, since Laharl himself was in earshot.

"What was that about Flonne being stolen?" Laharl questioned more fiercely than he intended.

"Nothing, dood!" The prinnies squeaked and hurried away to do their chores around the castle, but Laharl was not convinced.

xoxox xox xoxox

The young overlord entered the castle's kitchen with a feeling of uneasiness. He was greeted by Flonne's cheerful, "good afternoon, Laharl!" He immediately noticed the large chocolate cake she was holding and couldn't take his eyes off it. "You're just on time for cake!"

"Yeah, even if he didn't help make it," Etna voiced.

A random prinny who was washing the baking utensils and putting them away foolishly commented, "but you didn't help make the cake either, dood."

Etna glared and growled at the prinny, making him squeak and dash out of the kitchen. Seeing Laharl's somewhat amused look, she defended herself, "for your information, I tried the batter for quality assurance. Every baker needs a quality inspector."

"I could have done that!" Laharl argued.

"But you didn't because you were sleeping," Etna countered.

Laharl only huffed and sat down in response. Flonne served them each a generous slice of cake and took one for herself as well. The trio sat at the kitchen table enjoying the mid afternoon treat, which was more like breakfast for Laharl. While enjoying the cake, Laharl remembered what the prinnies were saying not too long ago about Flonne being stolen. He didn't know in what sense they meant it and came up with his own theories. What if someone stole Flonne for her cooking skills and forced her to bake sweet treats morning, noon and night until she collapsed? He could almost see her passed out in a dim dungeon-like kitchen, with a ball and chain attached to one of her ankles. Her dress was torn, her hair was full of flour and her face had some batter sticking to her cheeks. With her final breath she would call out his name...

"Laharl," Flonne's real voice woke Laharl from his thoughts. "You were spacing out. Are you enjoying the cake?"

Laharl tried to look angry, pushing away any thoughts of concern for Flonne's well being. "It's disgusting! I'm only eating it to show how tough I am."

"I'm glad you're enjoying it," Flonne smiled, seemingly hearing whatever she wanted to hear. In truth, she was able to see beyond Laharl's words. "I made it with love!"

The thought of one of Flonne's love speeches brought another theory to Laharl's mind. What if someone kidnapped her to use her as a torture device? He could picture her in an underground dungeon with dim hallways and dark cells. She would walk up and down those halls going on and on about love until her throat hurt and her voice gave out. The prisoners would surely suffer having to hear all that. Exhausted from the speeches and no longer able to speak, Flonne would collapse and move her soundless lips as if calling his name.

"You're sure a space case today, are you thinking about joining Gordon's crew?" This time it was Etna's question that woke Laharl from his thoughts.

"No way!" Laharl growled in response.

Seeing that Laharl had apparently not heard her, since he didn't comment about it, Etna repeated her earlier question, which she had asked while Laharl's mind was elsewhere. "Aren't you going to make a fuss about the cake being poisoned?"

"Poisoned?" Laharl blinked in confusion.

"Yeah, Flonne said she made it with love," Etna explained than did her best impression of Laharl, gripping her throat with both hands, "you fed me love? Are you trying to kill me? This cake is poisoned! It burns!" She dramatically reached out to the ceiling with an agonized expression.

Flonne giggled, "that was really good, you sounded just like Laharl. You're a great actress Etna."

"One of my many talents," Etna grinned.

Laharl glared, "I already told you, I'm tough enough to eat Flonne's cake of doom!" He stuffed another large portion of chocolate cake into his mouth to prove his point. In truth, his mind was so occupied with thoughts about Flonne being stolen that he didn't even feel his usual self-induced imaginary pain. He decided to push the thoughts away. It wasn't like him to worry about anyone, let alone Flonne.

xoxox xox xoxox

Later that afternoon, Laharl witnessed a most suspicious scene. There was an angel boy, younger than him, perhaps only eight or nine hundred years old. He had a pendant similar to the one Flonne used to have, the pendant which she gave her and he secretly kept hidden under his scarf. The boy was talking to Flonne and smile, she was smiling back. Laharl couldn't hear what they were saying from that distance, but the boy took her hand and led her away. "Stop right there!" Laharl dashed over to them and took Flonne's other hand. "You're not taking her anywhere!"

"But she has to come with me," the angel boy pouted cutely and tugged on Flonne's hand.

Laharl pulled her away from the boy by the other hand, "no she doesn't. She's my vassal and you're not going to steal her!"

The commotion caught Etna's attention and she hurried to the scene. Grinning wickedly upon realizing that Laharl was needlessly jealous, she teased, "I heard Flonne likes younger men."

It was not a lie, though in his frustration, Laharl failed to remember that he was younger than Flonne too. "This kid can't have her! She's mine!" Laharl pulled Flonne away from the boy so harshly, that the young angel lost his grip on her hand. Propelled by momentum, Flonne crashed into Laharl and tackled him to the ground.

The entire occurrence upset the angel boy, who began to wail loudly. Flonne scrambled to her feet, pulling Laharl up with her. "Are you okay Laharl? Aw Tenshi, don't cry!" Wanting to assure Laharl and console the angel boy at the same time, Flonne wrapped one arm around each of them and pulled them into a group hug.

The angel boy, called Tenshi, sniffled and ceased his crying, "You're Laharl," he realized, then looked at Flonne, with a few leftover tears in his big blue eyes. "You said Laharl wasn't bad. If that's true, how come he won't let you come visit and play with me?"

Flonne looked at Laharl as if searching for an explanation. "I know your plan," Laharl accused, "you're trying to steal Flonne away from me!"

The angel boy pouted, "I can't steal your girlfriend; I'm related to her! All I wanted was to play with sis like when she lived in Celestia."

"Girlfriend?!" Laharl's face paled, then turned crimson.

"Tenshi is my cousin," Flonne tried to explained, blushing at his girlfriend comment. "We grew up as next door neighbors in Celestia so we're more like siblings really."

"Seriously Prince, anyone could tell those two were related!" Etna laughed, "that boy, he looks just like Flonne when she was an angel trainee."

Still in shock about the boy's girlfriend comment, Laharl observed him. The young angel had big blue eyes, pale blond hair, small feathery wings and was dressed in white robes. Finally, he recovered his voice and shouted, "she's not my girlfriend!"

"Oh right, sorry, I meant fiance," Tenshi smiled.

Laharl felt himself twitched in frustration and growled, "do you have a death wish, kid?"

Tenshi pouted and complained, "Flonne, your husband to be is being mean to me!"

Flonne laughed nervously and whispered to Tenshi, "Laharl is really shy so it would be easier for him if you acted like we're just friends."

The angel boy nodded in understanding, "I mean, I'm not trying to steal your friend," he clarified for Laharl's benefit.

Letting out an exasperated breath, Laharl conceded, "to say friend is a stretch, but let's leave it at that. So you're not being kidnapped? You're just visiting relatives?"

"That's right, why don't you both come with us? I'm sure uncle and auntie would love to have you over. We can visit my parents too!" Flonne cheerfully suggested.

Laharl backed away in terror. Something about meeting Flonne's family made him feel uneasy, but he couldn't quite figure out why. "Yeah, sure, I could go along, but I can't because of my overlord duties. I have lots of important overlord duties to tend to here in the Netherworld, so I can't possibly go to Celestia. Etna can go, you know, just in case you get ambushed on the way to Celestia or something, strength in numbers and all that stuff."

Flonne decided to have mercy and didn't press the issue, "alright, maybe next time you'll have time to come. Good luck tending to your overlord duties; I'll help as soon as I come back. You'll come with us, right Etna?"

Etna mused over her options, she couldn't deny that she was curious, "will there be pudding?"

"Yes and cookies too!" Tenshi cheered.

"Count me in!" Etna agreed.

Laharl grumbled something inaudible and stomped off to pretend he was working on important overlord business while Flonne, Etna and that annoying little angel boy enjoyed pudding and cookies.

End of Episode 07

Disclaimer, I don't own Disgaea. Laharl has made progress, but he still has a long way to go. XD
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