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A Little Visit From Someone

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Keira is upset, who goes to her aid? Eva? Allison? Or...?

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I somehow make the drive home, the whole way tears clouding my vision. I get back around 6:30 thanks to my stop and to lovely traffic. I pull into my spot in the parking lot behind the shop, then head in the back door.
“Eva,” I call, seeing she is not in the kitchen area. I need to talk to her. I need emotional support. “Eva?” I head into the living room. No Eva. Her bedroom. No Eva. The bathroom. Nope. My bedroom. Nada.
Confused, I walk back into the kitchen area to grab the house phone and call her, when I notice a little post-it sitting on the fridge. I pull it off and look it over.
Got invited to hang with A7X,
will be back soon.
If you need anything, give me a call
Hope you didn’t have any family drama

I just stare at it for a few moments, trying to understand because for some reason it doesn’t make sense. They’re with Avenged Sevenfold? Again?
Then I start to wonder. Should I bother them? They’re having fun. And I’m not crying anymore. I’m just a little...down...
I’ll just call to let them know I’m back. Maybe I can join them if it isn’t too late. I definitely need to get my mind off of things.
I dial Eva’s number and then put the receiver to my ear. After a few rings, it picks up, and all I hear is, “Moneymoneymoney……MON – AEY!!!!”
Taken off guard, I slowly lift the receiver away from my ear and stare at it. I then hear, “Allison!! Give me my phone!!” Then a lot of rustling and noise, and finally everything quiets down and I hear, “Hello?”
“Hey Eva, it’s me.”
“Oh, you’re back! I thought you’d be back later. Did you get my note?”
“Uh, yeah, I, umm....” Oh God. Here it comes. I fell a lump form in my throat and my stomach turn over and I feel sick and like I’m gonna cry.
“Kiera? You there?”
“Y-yeah,” I stutter, my voice cracking with coming tears. Hold it together Kiera!!! “I just...I-I-“
“What’s wrong? What happened?” demands Eva, hearing the obvious sadness in my voice.
“’s just...she brought up S-Sean and...” Tears are clouding my vision. God I’m so weak.
“We’ll be back as soon as possible, kay? Don’t worry, hang in there.”
Then the line cuts off abruptly and I’m left by myself, tears running down my cheeks.
I never even told her about why I broke up with Sean, what he did to me. But every time my mother hassles me about him, she and Allison are the only ones I can go to for comfort, to help me forget.

Needing to busy myself until Eva and Allison get here, I go to my room and change into some sweats and a long sleeved shirt. I glance in the mirror, noticing how my makeup has run all over the place and I hope it wasn’t this bad when I drove home. I clean it up then pin my side bangs out of my face, and change my ponytail into a messy bun.
I come out and head straight to the fridge and snatch the brownie-chocolate-explosion ice cream and grab a spoon, not bothering with a bowl. I go to my bedroom, turn on the TV., and start watching Friends reruns, every once in a while shedding a tear or stuffing my face with chocolate-covered fat that eventually makes me feel like a tub of lard so I toss it down after a few bites.
About an hour later, I hear knocking on the front door, the one for the store. That has to be them.
Jumping out of bed I race out of my room, down the stairs into the store, and open the front door, saying, “Thank God Eva –“
And I stop short.
He just smiles kindly. “Hey.”
“Can I come in?” he says, looking a little worried, seeing as I’m just staring at him in shock.
I move aside and he comes in.
Oh, I’m not in shock because he’s here. I’m in shock because he can see me in my old sweatpants and my hair a mess on my head and the remains of my messed up eyeliner on my face and I don’t want him to see me this way.
“Eva told me that you were crying, so I told her I would handle it. I wanted to see you.”
I don’t say anything. I only look away, feeling unbearably self-conscious and embarrassed. The tears are coming up again.
Suddenly I feel a warm hand under my chin, and he tilts my head to look into his gorgeous green eyes, full of concern. “Kiera, what’s wrong?”
I stumble over myself, trying to find the right words but simply unable to.
After a short while, he puts his hand down and randomly asks, “Do you have Rice Krispies and marshmallows?”
I blink, caught off guard. “Uh, I think so...” I say, my voice cracking again. “Why?”
But he just takes my hand and silently leads me upstairs and into the kitchen.
“We’re gonna get your mind off of things by making some sugar-coated goodness.”

After about half an hour, we figured that the Rice Krispies treats were cooled down enough and Zacky got out two forks, grabbed the pan with a dish towel, and lead me out the backdoor to the parking lot. We sat on one of those long parking thingys on the ground, and we both held the pan, digging in with the forks.

At first, we didn’t speak. We only ate and stared up at peaceful stars, similar to last night.
When the pan is about half done, I feel full so put the fork down. Zacky follows suit. “So, do you want to tell me what’s going on?”
I lower my eyes to the asphalt, thinking it over. Do I really want to tell him?
Apparently I take too long to respond, because he changes the subject. “How was your niece’s party?”
“It was alright.” I reply, bending the fork unconsciously, “The party went fine. I got to see my brothers too…my sister didn’t show though...”
“ How old is your niece?”
“She’s ten now. Big One-Oh…” I say, smiling at the fork.
“What’d you get her?”
“A CD she wanted. One of her favorite bands.”
“Jonas Brothers?”
I laugh a single laugh. “Hell no! I raised her better than that! Well, actually, this one was more Allison’s musical influence. It was a MyChem CD. The Black Parade.”
I don’t realize I have looked up until I see him smiling at me. “Jeez, you guys are raising a little punk-kid. Her parents don’t mind?”
I shake my head. “Nope. My brother doesn’t care, and my sis-in-law doesn’t as long as there isn’t too much cussing.”
It’s then that I realize what he’s doing. He purposely changed the subject to get me comfortable so I would talk about what had happened. Well, it’s working.
I feel my smile fade, and I look away, watching my shuffling feet.
“Everything was fine, until...until my mom brought up my ex.”
“Did she do it on purpose?”
“Not exactly. She doesn’t know about why we broke up. I never told her. I never told anyone.”
“What happened? Was it a bad breakup?”
I scoff. “You could say that...” I mumble, bringing my knees to my chest and leaning on them.

It’s quiet, besides the noise of my shuffling feet and the blaring TV of the house beyond the parking lot, playing the Family Guy theme. I gaze up at the few stars that can be seen though the brownish haze of pollution that rests over the whole L.A. area.
“Did he hurt you?”
There’s something hidden in his voice that makes me turn to him. Surprised, I see serious anger in his expression. “I swear Kiera, if he hurt you, I will go find him and beat the crap out of him. I mean that.”
I can’t say anything, I only stare.
He closes his eyes and exhales, calming himself, then looking at me with a green-eyed stare that makes me melt inside. He takes my hand, rubbing the area between my finger and thumb soothingly. “I mean that.” he says much more softly.
Like in slow motion, he begins to lean towards me, and I find myself leaning towards him. We’re mere centimeters away when suddenly a car squeals into the parking lot and aims its glaring headlights right into our faces. We pull back, shielding our eyes and trying to see who’s behind the lights.

“What’s going on here?”
Although she tried to put on a gruff police officer voice, it’s completely obvious the speaker is Allison. The lights shut off, and I blink rapidly, my eyes trying to adjust.
Allison stands outside of the car, smiling knowingly at us while Eva gets out.
“Kiera! Are you okay?”
“I’m sure she is now...” Allison winks at me.
I shoot her a nasty glare, standing up, while Zacky picks the half-eaten pan off the floor.
“Yeah, Eva, I’m okay.”
“You sure? You’re absolutely positive?”
“Yes, I’m absolutely positive,” I say, mimicking her mom-like tone.
Zacky stands up. “ I guess I should go then. It was good to see you again.” He says, handing me the pan.
“Yeah…you too.” I say, a little disappointed.
“Do you need a ride back?” Eva asks.
He shakes his head. “I walked here, I can walk back. Goodnight.”
We all reply, “Goodnight,” in unison as he walks away and disappears behind the corner.
Allison giggles.
I turn to her. “What?”
“You know what.”
“We didn’t do anything!”
“Only 'cause we came back. Who knows what you would have done if we hadn’t pulled up.”
She must realize that I am on the verge of hitting her with the pan because she says, “Well, as comfortable as your couch is, I would much prefer to sleep in my own bed tonight. See ya later alligators.” She turns away, flashing us a peace sign, and starts walking away.
“Make sure you’re phone’s on!” Eva yells, but Allison just dismisses her with a wave of a hand.
“Well,” Eva starts, “Today sure was an interesting – OW!!”
She gives me a confused look and clutches her arm where I just whacked it with the half eaten pan. Crumbs of Rice Krispies are now scattered all around us. “What was that for?!”
“For sending frickin ZACKY VENGEANCE over to see me when I look like THIS!” I pull on my sweatpants for effect.
“It wasn’t my fault! He wanted to go! And hey, I did you a favor! You got to spend another night with Mister Zacky Vengeance a.k.a. your future husband!”
I make a face at her, then whirl around and walk up the stairs to the back door.
“Kier-uuuuuhh” She whines, trotting after me. “Believe me, I was totally ready to come back! But...he really really REALLY wanted to go! He was on the verge of begging Kiera.
BEGGING I tell you.” She had followed me all the way to the bathroom, where I was scrubbing off the stubborn remains of my makeup.
Retying my bun, I looked at her in silence for a little, mulling it over. “I forgive you...meanie...”
She smiles widely. “As I said, I did you a favor. You got to be aloooone with Zacky...doing…whatever you were doing…what were you doing?”
“Eating Rice Krispies Treats.” I squirt some toothpaste onto my toothbrush, then begin brushing my teeth.
She gives me a weird look.
I take the brush out, my mouth filled with foam. “Wut?”
She just shakes her head and walks away. I spit the paste out and yell, “WHAT?”
But I just hear a door close, probably her bedroom door.
I purse my lips, thinking of all the ways “Rice Krispies Treats” could be dirty. But I guess my mind isn’t dirty enough...or maybe I’m tired...or both.
I finish rinsing out my mouth, then I head to my room and plop onto my bed, instantly asleep.

Hope you enjoyed!

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