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Happy Birthday Annie

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Kiera goes to her niece's birthday and while she's there, her mother brings up someone she's trying to forget

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an update so quickly =O


Day 2

I pull up in my brother’s driveway, noticing that his large front lawn has been neatly mowed, but only some depressing balloons are tied to the stone porch. That boy does not know how to decorate...
His house on the other hand...when I had last come here his house was still under renovations and everything was a little torn up and unfinished. The results are quite impressive...
A gorgeous two story tan-stone mansion with a huge angel fountain in front, and one of those driveways that go around in a circle so you never have to back up. I see a gardener trimming some beautiful roses, and a brand new violet BMW is sitting right in front of the house. Looks like he got another car. Again.
I park my car across from it, next to the fountain. Just as I grab my purse and step out of my lowly little Impala, one that used to be my dad’s, the door bursts open and out comes my smiling brother.

“Kiera!! You came!!!” he says happily.
He looks...nice...I suppose...
His hair is neat, a little long but not too long. It’s a shiny light brown, and he shares my eyes – our mother’s eyes – gray. He’s wearing a nice long sleeved blue button-up shirt, and black pants. It’s weird to see him looking like this, even though he’s been this way for several years.
“Yeah, well you asked me if I – oof!” He lifts me into a tight bear hug.
“It’s so great to see you!!”
“You’re crushing me.”
“Oh.” he puts me down, and I pull down my dress, which rode up a little when he picked me up.
“Where’s Se –" I begin to ask, but suddenly the answer to my unfinished question races out of the house.
“Kiera! Hola” he says, incorrectly pronouncing the word, “HO- lah.”
“Hey Jake. Not playing the twin card today?”
He just smiles, becoming a spitting image of Sam. If he wasn’t wearing a band shirt and jeans and had combed his hair a little, I probably wouldn’t have known the difference.
Did I forget to mention? Oops. Sam and Jake are not only my older brothers, they’re also twins. While Sam got married and had kids and grew up, Jake is still...trouble...And I have another older brother, Seth, and a younger sister, Maysa. Sam and Jake are both 28, four years older than me, Seth is 26, and Maysa is 21.

Before Jake can speak, Sam interrupts. “Annie doesn’t like when we do that. She always yells at us.”
Annie is my nine year old – well, ten today – niece. “Where is Annie?" I ask, wondering how we’re gonna set up for her party if she’s wandering around the house.
“She’s with Paige and Simon, they went out to the park and the mall. They won’t be back for a while. But you have to see the house! It was finished about a month ago and Paige hired an interior decorator and he did such a great job with the living room and Annie’s room and...”
I sort of tune him out as Jake and I follow him inside. I’m hungry. Sorry for being blunt, but I honestly can’t remember when I last ate. I had coffee when Allison made me go with her to buy hair dye...I don’t think I’ve had anything since then...Crud...

He leads me through a tour of the house, but I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m just going down a whole lot of stairs and down a whole lot of hallways. When we’re heading down another hallway, suddenly something jabs me in my arm and I jump. I glare at Jake, who laughs silently and gestures down the hallway, telling me to follow him.
I glance at Sam, who doesn’t notice a thing, he just keeps jabbering on. We then tip-toe back down the hall, and once we turn the corner we race down the stairs and into the living room, laughing.
We’re so distracted I wham into someone walking the other way. I yelp and both of us tumble to the floor.
“What the – Kiera?” says a voice under me.
I open my eyes, then smile. “SETH!!!!!” I scream, happy to see him. Seth was definitely my favorite sibling.
“You weren’t that happy when you saw me!” whines Jake, hovering over us.
I roll off and sit up. “'Cause I hate you.”
He gasps, then turns up his nose at me dramatically and model-walks out of the room.

Seth helps me up, and I take a chance to look at him, since I haven’t seen him since...since I opened the store two years ago I think. I keep in touch though, but he lives in Oregon so I don’t see him a lot.
He smiles, brushing his emo-ish black hair out of his blue eyes. Allison used to have a crush on him when she first met him, but she moved on to The Rev a while ago. He has on a plain long sleeved shirt, and skinny dark jeans.
He chuckles. “Are you checking me out?”
I smack him. “Dirty boy. I was looking, but not in a perverted way!" I add when he gives me a weird look. “You look different.”
“Well, thank you milady sister. You look good yourself.”
Suddenly my stomach roars and immediately quiets the room.
“Jesus, Kiera! Come on, let’s steal some of Sam’s food.” He leads me to the kitchen and we grab some coffee and some little chopped fruit packages out of his fridge, then Seth takes me through a few more rooms and outside.

The backyard is HUGE. I swear you could build another mansion on it. There’s a huge pool to the right, a little patio-thingy to the left, and the rest is grass and trees and flowers, all of which are of course in perfect bloom. Holy Shit Cakes my brother is frickin rich!!!
“Kiera!!” I hear another voice yell.
I have way too much family, I think to myself as my mother and father come up to me. My gray-eyed black-haired mother and my blue-eyed brown haired father. Both of them give me hugs and begin asking me about how I’m doing and about Allison and Eva and all that.
They’re still talking to me when Sam comes out, pouting. “You guys ditched me!”
I instantly pulled the blame card. “Jake made me!”
Sam smiles, instantly forgiving us. “That’s alright. Paige says sometimes I talk too much.
Well, not sometimes, more like all the time and she’s constantly – “
My mother raises an eyebrow at him. “Sam, honey, you’re doing it again. Alright! Let’s start setting up, I want this party to be good for my little Annie!”
We immediately get to work on getting the cake and setting up and adding some balloons to the lonely ones my brother tried to put up.
We manage to finish all the decorations and everything by the time the guests start showing up. Most of them are family, either Paige’s or ours, and a couple of Annie’s friends and their parents. Everyone is having a good time; I talked with some of Paige’s family that I hadn’t seen either since Annie’s last birthday or even from the wedding seven years ago.
However, one person I thought maybe would get off her pompous ass and come was my younger sister Maysa. She didn’t though. Not yet, at least. Maybe she’ll waltz in late with another one of her player boyfriends.

Maysa, well...Maysa and I used to be close. She used to be cool. Up until she was seventeen and I was twenty, I was as close with her as I was with Seth or Eva and Allison. But suddenly when she hit 18 she turned into a totally different person. She dyed her dark brown hair platinum blonde, started dressing like a hooker, and began hanging out with the bad crowd. And not the bad crowd that old people think is bad just because they have tattoos or piercings or wear all black. I mean the bad crowd. Whenever I tried to talk to her she’d act like a total bitch and pretend like I was some piece of crap she could toss into the corner. So I stopped trying, and we haven’t talked in a long time. I yelled at her last year after she showed up at Annie’s birthday drunk and high and who knows what and practically making babies with this trashy boyfriend she brought with her. I wouldn’t have cared as much if I hadn’t had to see poor Annie and Simon wondering what the hell was wrong with their aunt.

But someone who I was quite happy to see from Paige’s family was her younger sister Caelynn. She is 23, has blondish-brown hair, brown eyes, and is one of the loudest and most sociable people I think I have ever met. She was living in Arizona, focusing on getting a master’s degree, but is off school for a while so is will be spending a few weeks with Sam and Paige.
I was talking to her when suddenly Sam comes out of the house and yells, “Everyone, she’s coming! She’s coming!” he says so excitedly, smiling widely.
Everyone quiets down and waits as Sam runs back in, and a few moments later he comes back with Paige, Simon and Annie with him.
When we see Annie, we all scream, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” so loud, that she gasps, shocked.
We have her come over and we all sing to her and have her blow out her candles, then the kids go off to play games out in the grassy part of the yard while the adults talk.

I walk through the crowd to go say hi to Paige, who is talking with Sam. When I first met Paige when I was I think 13 or 14, I was a bit skeptical of her; I thought she was only using Sam to make her family mad. She was very pretty, model pretty, had blonde hair, rich brown eyes, and was extremely wealthy, unlike my middle-class family. She was never mean to me, she was always polite, but never really bothered with me I suppose. I always doubted her until suddenly she got pregnant at 18. Our family knew, but she was scared to tell her family because they were very conservative and didn’t like the fact that she was dating Sam.
We started to become friends when she told her parents that she was pregnant, and they kicked her out so she was staying with us. And then, her relationship with Sam was hanging on a thread because she wanted to keep the baby but he wasn’t ready to be a father at 18. But through all that she was still going to college and working towards her degree and getting things done. Sam eventually figured out what he was gonna do, and that was marry her and make her a part of the family. After that, things worked out for her. She reconciled with her parents and they came to the wedding, and she had her baby with no complications or health issues. She also kept going at her degree, and eventually got pregnant with Simon. I had newfound respect for her, and though becoming friends with her I realized that she is a valuable sister-in-law and I could count on her for anything.

Just as I reach Paige and Sam, someone bumps into me and nearly knocks me over.
“Oops!” It’s Jake. “Sorry Kiera – Ooh! What’s this?”
Just as I look down to see what he’s looking at, he ducks and snatches it up.
I see it’s some kind of paper, but I don’t know what it says. Until he opens it, reads it, smiles, then pulls out his cell phone and begins dialing. Then it hits me. That’s the paper Zacky gave me. It has to be his number.
“GIVE ME THAT!” I reach over his shoulder to try and grab his phone but he swiftly dodges.
“Uh-uh-uh!” he says mockingly, “I wanna see whose number this is. I wanna see what guy thinks he can give his number to my precious little sister.”
I scoff. “Since when am I your precious little sister, now GIMMIE!!” I try again, but he moves away.
Paige and Sam look over. “Jeez, Jake, Kiera can’t get a guy’s number? She is single, what do you care?” she says kindly, smiling at me.
“What’s going on?” Oh, great. Now my mom’s here.
“Nothing - I’m – Just – Trying – To – Get – HA!” After five missed swipes I finally snatch his phone and immediately cancel the call, then delete the number from his memory.
Of course, being the annoying butt he is, Jake holds up the paper for our mom to see and like a frickin four year old tattles on me. “Kiera’s flirting with guys and getting their numbers!”
My mom gives him a confused look. “What?”
“Nothing, mummy, nothing.” I say, taking my phone number back.
My mother looks from me to Jake, and then says, “Whatever happened to Sean? Why did you break up with him? He was a good boy.”
I only see Paige give my mother a look – yes, she gave my mother the look – before I roll my eyes and walk away. My mother always brings up Sean. Every chance she gets. But I guess because she doesn’t know the truth about Sean. Lemme tell you something: Sean is not a good boy. But I’m the only one who knows the truth about him.

After that comment I’m officially ruined of my party-happy mood. I say my goodbye’s to everyone, making up an excuse about having stuff to do for the store, and I wish Annie a happy birthday and hand her my present. It’s almost 4 when I grab my things, go to my car, and zoom out the driveway. But as I’m driving back, halfway there, I pull over, rest my head on the steering wheel, and completely break down in tears.

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