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It's Party Time

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The girls go to Avenged's "party"

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sorry for the long wait for an update. I bet most of you guys forgot about this anyways so it doesn't make much difference anyways xD
okay so here it is! Enjoy!


When Eva pulled up to the house where the band had told us to go, I was a little worried. I was expecting a full-blown A7X party, including lots of beer, cigarette smoke, strippers all over, drunken people on the lawn, and music blasting, the whole frickin’ shebang. But as we walked inside, I was very surprised. Yes, there were beers, but not quite as much as I had imagined. No strippers were anywhere, and no one was drunk – yet at least. And the music was really quiet, so you could still hear the people directly around you.
Honestly, it didn’t seem much like a party, it felt more like friends hanging out.

It had been a few hours, and I was enjoying myself. The guys talked to us like they had known us for years and we weren’t just insane fans.
Now I am sitting next to Zacky – Zacky! – on the couch and watching Synyster and Johnny duel in Guitar Hero. Eva is next to us, having a beer; M. is with Valary in the doorway to the kitchen, talking with a couple other people they had invited. Allison and Rev, well, I think they went upstairs…and they’ve been up there an awfully long time...
“HA!” I snap back into focus. Synyster is grinning smugly as Johnny scowls and throws down his guitar. “The Guitar-MASTER wins again!!”
Johnny walks away, mumbling what I’m sure aren’t mommy-approved words, and goes into the kitchen.
"Who dares challenge the AWESOME Synyster Gates? Or do none of you have the balls?!”he slurs.
Yep, Syn is definitely drunk.
And then I notice Eva totally down her drink and toss the bottle onto the couch, stand up, sway a little, and say, “I’ll take you on!!!!”
And, Eva is drunk too.
“I hope you don’t cry when I crush you!!” Syn yells, pointing at her.
"Oh don't worry Guitar Mister, I won’t be the one crying!” I chuckle. Guitar Mister.
And they started playing “Eye of the Tiger”, both of their guitars set in hard mode. Both of them are singing along, sounding a little...drunken and off-key.
Then I suddenly begin to feel dizzy. The noise and the beer...ugh...
Usually I’m alright, Allison makes me her chauffer whenever she goes out and parties, so I’m used to the smell of beer. But that stupid bruise is giving me a headache...
“You okay?” I hear Zacky next to me, but I’ve shut my eyes so I can’t see him.
I shake my head a little. “Not really, the smell, the smell is...”
But I don’t finish, for Zacky takes my hand, makes me stand, and leads me out to the front yard.

“Better?” he says, releasing my hand.
I nod, taking a deep breath of cool air. My headache begins to ebb away, and I gaze up at the night stars. “Whoa...”
I notice Zacky sit on the porch steps, and pat the seat next to him, so I sit next to him. “Yeah, “ he says softly, “when do you ever see stars clearly in L.A.?”
I smile, and look up again. It’s absolutely beautiful. I guess a perfect end to a perfect day. Well, almost perfect. If I hadn’t gotten slammed in the head...but if that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have met Avenged it’s good?
I’m thinking this over and staring up, when I feel someone looking at me. Very slowly, I look down and turn to the left, to see Zacky staring at me with perplexed eyes.
“What?” I ask, a bit nervous.
He keeps staring at me. Finally, he says, “What color are your eyes?”
That question caught me a little off guard. “My...My eyes? Umm...well, they’re supposed to be gray...”
He blinks. “In the starlight, they have a hint of blue...It’s beautiful...”
Holy shit cakes I must be blushing. Hopefully the light isn’t too bright that he can see it.
Suddenly Zacky begins to ask me a whole bunch of questions, about my past, what I’m doing now, my interests, hobbies. And we find out we actually have a lot in common, and we were laughing together, when his cell beeps, and he pulls it out to check it. I glance at the time: 4:38.
“Omigod!” I say, standing, “I’m sorry, but we really should get going!”
He stands as well, looking confused. “Why?”
“I have this family birthday party for my niece tomorrow, and I have to help set in up in the morning. I really need to get some sleep. If I don’t get any, I get really cranky and I’ll be out of it the whole day.” He nods, understanding. I’m extremely tempted to scream “PSYCHE!!” so I can stay. “Alright, I’ll help you get your friends.”

We go back inside. Syn and Eva are still on the couch, and they’re laughing hysterically. Eva waves her hand at me excitedly as we come in. “HEY! hey, you gotta hear this story it’s HILARIOUS!!”
She’s still slurring, so she’s not driving home. She’ll be mad though, she hatesother people driving her car. “Later, honey, we gotta go. Gimme your keys.”
She stands up, then freezes, narrowing her eyes suspiciously at me. “Why...”
“I...I wanna hide them from the invisible people. Only I can see them, and they wanna steal your keys. I’ll keep them safe.”
Her mouth goes into an “o”shape. “Those invisible people, they bleatnum arkilu numma...” she slurs, becoming more incomprehensible. I begin to wonder how she got this drunk in the first place.
She tosses her keys at me and I catch them. “Okay, go to the car and hide from the invisible people. They can’t go in cars.”
“Okay, okay. Bye Guitar Mister!! Bye Zuuky Venpants!!” she wobbles out to the car.
“Now Allison...”

I head up the stairs and into a hallway. There are two doors to the right, and one to the left. The first one on the right is an empty bedroom. The one on the left is a bathroom. I come up to the last door, which is closed, hearing noises behind it. I take in a deep breath, and put my hand on the doorknob. Please let them not be doing anything dirty please do not let them be doing anything dirty please do not let them be doing anything dirty...
I slowly open the door, to find Allison and Rev sitting on the floor with their backs against the bed, facing a TV. that’s playing Star Wars, the fifth one I think.
“Allison, time to go.” I say. But after a few seconds there’s no response. “Allison?” I walk in further to stand in front of them.
Aww...Both of them are sound asleep, Allison resting her head in Rev’s shoulder, and his head is resting on hers. I guess her coffee adrenaline rush wore off.
Deciding to have some quick fun, I sneak her purse away from her and dig out her camera, and take a pic of them. Smiling, I tuck it back in her purse, then lean down and shake Allison’s shoulder. “Allison...” I say in a sing-songy voice.
She scrunches her face and swats a hand at me. “ went in a puddle and ...died...” she mumbles.
I shake her for a little longer, but she won’t get up. Finally I aim a kick at her skinny legs, and she jumps awake. “WHAT?! WHAT??? I CLEANED THE COUNTERS I SWEAR!!!!
Her screaming wakes Rev, who loses balance and tumbles over.
By now I’m laughing to the point of tears, while the other two are looking absolutely befuddled. I manage to pull myself together to say, “Oh, sorry Allison. Come on, time to go.”
“What??” Rev sits up again, then hugging Allison from behind. “Noooo... You’ll never take her from me!”
“YAY! I’m LOVED!!!” squeals Allison, showing a wide smile.
“Don’t worry Rev, I’m sure you lovebirds will meet again soon. But she’s gotta come with me.”
Rev pouts. “Finnee...uh...”
He lets her go and stands up, and I pull up Allison.

They follow me down the stairs, to where Zacky is waiting.
When I go up to him, he takes my hand and puts a something there, a small piece of paper. “For later,” he says.
I smile, putting the paper in my jacket pocket. “Bye.” I say.
“BYE M. AND VAL AND SYN AND JOHNNY CHRIST!!!!!!” Allison screams, hearing three regular “bye's", one high – which was not Valary by the way– “bye” as we step out the door. I smile at Zacky one last time, before Allison leans against my shoulder, exhausted. “This, was a Frickin’ awesome day.”
Hell yes it was.
I help her in the back seat, Eva bragging about how she had escaped the invisible people’s wrath on her way to the car.
I start the car, Zacky, Rev, and Syn standing in the doorway, and I see a face looking pouty-faced through the blinds, but as soon as I look he disappears and I’m left looking at swishing blinds.

When we get back, Allison and I help a swaying and cranky Eva inside and up to her room. She just plops on the bed and falls right to sleep.
Allison decides to stay here for the night, since it’s so late. She takes the couch in the little living room, saying a quick “goodnight,” before she’s sound asleep.
Yawning, I prepare for bed and change into a t-shirt and loose shorts, then fall into bed.
But unlike Eva and Allison, I don’t fall asleep right away. I toss and turn, an odd knot in my stomach keeping me awake. At about 7:30, I give up, and instead put on my iPod and start listening to “Remembering Sunday” by All Time Low for whatever reason. After a few songs, my door opens, and a very sour Eva scoots in, dragging her feet against the wooden floor.
The expression on her face is so funny I giggle, and she frowns. “Shut up...” she mumbles, a little childishly.
I sit up and take my earphones out. “Rough night?” I ask.
She plops on the bed so hard I bounce a little, and it brings back memories of yesterday morning when Allison flew off it. “Ugh...don’t remind me...”
“How did you even get drunk? You don’t really drink that much in the first place.”
She closed her eyes, and then uttered one three-syllable name. “Allison...”
I snort then laugh. “What? What’d she do, spike your drink?”
She fell back to lie down on the bed. “No...I wish she had cuz then it wouldn’t have been my fault... No, she was having a beer, and I was saying ‘why do you drink that stuff, it doesn’t taste that great,’ and she was all, ‘yeah it is! you just aren’t strong enough to stomach it,’ and then I got all competitive and I challenged her to a drinking war, and I’d only had like three beers and then everything was fuzzy and swirling”
I pat her shoulder, and sigh for effect. “You and your competitive side...”
“Well, that is never happening again. It feels like my brain is trying to shoot its way out of my skull.”
She turns and glances at my alarm clock. “7:49...what time do you have to go to set up your nieces party?”
“I’m supposed to get there at nine.”
She raises an eyebrow at me. “Doesn’t your niece live like an hour away?”
“Shouldn’t you get going?” she says slowly, waiting for me to have an epiphany.
“Right. You coming with me?” I smile widely, holding my arms out to her.
She stands up, yawns, and says, “Hell no. I’m going back to sleep. Have fun.” She steals a hair-tie thingy from my nightstand then shuffles out, tying her hair up in a ponytail.
I stretch for a second, then take a hair tie and also put my hair up, leaving the shorter parts hanging to the side. With no time for a shower, I quickly change into a casual dress and tights with converse. My eye catches my purple plaid sweater thrown onto my dresser, and smiling, I put it on. Then I spray a little perfume, and apply a little black eyeliner so I don’t look so tired. I grab my purse and head out, fishing out my car keys.

...I’ve completely forgotten about the note Zacky gave me...

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