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The girls get quite a surprise

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Here's the second chapter of Noelley's Zacky story that has yet to be named. Hope you like it =) enjoy!

Note: The Rev will be in this story to the end. This story was started before he died but he will stay in it.

Hmmm I just realized she put a few qoute of ours in here...hehheh, squirrels...ok, I'll shut up and let you read xD

Butterflies....I like butterflies....They’re preeeeeeettyy.....pretty butterflies...yayyyy.....

Whoa, what happened to her?

Wha...Who is that? Is that a guy?

She got hit in the head and – HOLY SHIT!

That voice sounded familiar...Eva?

OmigodOmigodOMIGOD I can’t believe this!

Allison? Where is she? What the heck is going on?!

And then I feel it. That weird feeling you get when you know someone is staring at you, except right now it feels like someone’s hovering over me.

Finding a small reserve of strength, I pry open my heavy eyes.
And a stunning sea of green is staring down at me.
Overwhelmed, I blink a few times, and I realize I am looking into the eyes of Zacky Vengeance.
He smiles a little, showing a gorgeous smile.

Okay, okay. There is NO way that this is happening. I must be dreaming. Yeah. I’m still passed out and this is all just a dream and I gotta wake up I gotta –

He places a hand on my arm. “Are you alright?”
Holy shit cakes.
It takes a few seconds for me to realize that I haven’t responded, and I open my mouth to explain what had happened and that I am okay but when I speak all that comes out is, “Uh-huh...”
He chuckles, but I blink slowly, and suddenly he’s gone. Some other guy is hovering over me.Whoa. Was…was that just a dream?
“Miss Velieron, how are you feeling?” the man asks, a concerned look on his face.
“Wha – Bu- wai- huh?” I stutter, trying to sit up to look around. The light hanging over me is too bright, I can’t see anything, I can barely think.
“Please don’t sit up, just lie down for a few minutes. You took a bad one to the head, lucky for you it’s only a nasty bruise and not much else.” The man gently pushes me down, much to my dissent.
I prepare to sit up again and fight him, but then two faces suddenly appear in the light. “Kiera! You’re awake!” Eva says, sighing with relief.
“Dude, it was soooo scary! I just saw you all like ‘waah!’ and then you were all falling and we were all ‘KIERA!’ and then –“ Eva gave Allison ‘the look,’ and Allison began to trail of, “- and then....and....never mind...”

I begin to believe that I had just imagined Zacky, it was probably just my bruise messing with me head, when suddenly I see the smirking face of Johnny Christ over me. “ ‘ello miss...” he says with a British accent, “ I know I’m too sexy for any woman to resist, but that doesn’t mean you have to hurt yourself to get close to me...I could–“

I couldn’t hear him finish, because suddenly Synyster Gates pops into view. “You?? Sexy?!? Ha! That frickin’ hamster that used to come to your backyard was sexier than you!!”
Johnny makes a face then screams, “IT WAS A SQUIRREL, DAMMIT!!!!”
Suddenly the two of them are in an argument over the hamster/squirrel right above me, and I’m still lying on the cot or whatever it is, and staring to feel like I’m positioned just a little bit awkwardly under them.

Finally the Rev – THE REVEREND - comes over very oblivious and nonchalant, and shoves his himself right in-between them. “Hey, which do you guys think is better? These sunglasses,” he puts on aviators, “ or these ones?” he puts on some huge black ones. He looks at them, noticing they are both glaring at him. “...what?” he asks slowly.

“OMIGOD!!” That sudden outburst causes everyone – everyone I can see at least – to jump and turn to Allison. She’s staring at Rev with an entranced look in her eyes. “The aviators...are hot...”she whispers, kinda creepily.

But Rev doesn’t think so. He smiles widely and puts the aviators back on. “Really now...” he says huskily. While trying to stop myself from laughing at him, I cough.
And the attention is all back on me.
“Right.” says Eva, “How are you feeling? Can you sit up?”
Noticing Mr. make-me-lay-down-medical-man has disappeared, I take another chance to sit up, which I manage without toppling over.

Now I can see everything a lot clearer. I’m on a cot, somewhere backstage. Medical man is off to the side, packing up his medical stuff. M. Shadows is near the doorway talking with some staff guy, Valary at his side.

Someone taps my shoulder from behind. I turn, and there, real and not a part of my dream, stands Zacky Vengeance, holding a water bottle out to me. “I thought you might need some water.”
I realize that I do, my mouth is extremely dry. “Thanks...” I say, a little star-struck, and take the water from him.

Just as I start to take a sip, he suddenly sits next to me on the cot and leans against me, and I nearly choke on my water. ZACKY VENGEANCE IS TOUCHING MEEEEE!!!!!!!! My mind screams, but I do my best to look as calm as possible. I’m sure I’m blushing a little.
“Hey. Hey. HEY!!!” whines Johnny, looking at me and Zacky. “No fair!! I saw her first!” he says, stomping his feet.
To further infuriate Johnny, Zacky suddenly slings his arm around my shoulder. HOLY SHIT CAKES I’M GONNA DIE. “Um, I don’t think so.”
Johnny gives him the evil eye, and Synyster bursts out laughing. “LOSER!!” he cries while still laughing.
“I’ll show YOU a loser!!” Johnny says.
Much to I think everyone’s surprise, Synyster screams like a four year old girl, then races out of the room past M., Johnny on his heels.
“Hey! HEY!” yells M., but the other two are already gone. “Ah, nevermind. Hey, you’re the mosh chick.” He says, he and Valary walking over to me.
“Mosh chick?” I ask skeptically.
“Yeah. You were totally rockin’ out and then all of the sudden – BAM – and I saw you go down.”
I had almost forgotten about that incident. “You saw that?”
“I think the whole band did.”
“I didn’t!” Rev says suddenly, looking away from Allison.
Eva snorts. “Well, with how many drums you have towering in front of you I’d be surprised if you did.”
Synyster pops back into the room, a little out of breath. “Hey you guys we’re having a little party you should come it’ll be fun!!! WAAH!!” He says quickly before he races out again, Johnny speeding after him.

“Yeah!! You guys should totally come to our party!!” says Rev excitedly. Allison looks just as animated. “That’d be so awesome!! Oh, please Eva, please please please pleasepleaseplease PUL-EEEEEEEEZEE???”
“It depends on whether Kiera is feeling up to it or not. Kiera?”
I was silent for a moment. Honestly, I was feeling a little out of it and woozy...but to give up a chance to hang with Avenged Sevenfold? I think NOT.
“Yeah, I’m feeling good.” I say.
Allison squeals, and Zacky smiles at me. “Great.”
“WHOOO PARTYAY!!!!!” Rev cries, “Let’s go!”

ooooo what's going to happen at the party? hmmmm hehe

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