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Zacky Vengeance Story

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Once again, no A7X caregory. Some lucky fans get their lives changed after an A7X concert

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THIS IS NOT WRITTEN BY ME! all credit goes to my best friend Noelle...who doesnt have an account. I'm posting it for her. Also, it doesnt have a title, so it may just stay 'Zacky Vengeance Story'

As of characters...I'm Allison, Noelle is Kiera, and our friend Brianne is Eva

Day 1

I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me, Papa-Paparazzi!
I groan, turning over and trying to cover my ears with my sheets. But the song is persistent.
Baby there’s no other superstar, you know that I’ll be, your Papa-Paparazzi!
Reaching out I throw my hand against my nightstand, finding the source of the noise, and sending it crashing across the room.
“PROMISE I’ll BE KIND,” begins a more off-key and pitchy version, “BUT I WON’T STOP UNTIL SYNYSTER IS MINE!!!”
Despite my anger I can’t help but laugh at the person I know is standing in the doorway and singing, the same bitch who changed my ringtone AGAIN.
“You know,” says an amused voice, “I think this time you actually broke it.”
I finally pry open one eye and look to Eva, who tosses my phone back to me. Half of it is hanging off the hinges, and the “M” button is missing from the keypad.
I glare at her. “You owe me a new phone bitch.” I grumble tossing the remains towards the nearby trashcan, horribly missing.
She laughs as I sit up. “My aren’t we cheery this morning! Don’t worry, I’ll totally make it up to you I SWEAR. But later. Now, you gotta get up. I’ll go open up the shop. Get your lazy ass down in like…”she glances at her phone, “twenty minutes.”
And then she leaves. Squinting I turn the alarm clock on my nightstand towards me. 8:43 read the glowing green screen. The store doesn’t open until 9… I’m going back to sleep.
Just as I fall back into the bed my door bursts open and someone leaps onto the bed then bounces on it and goes flying off the other side, screaming the whole time.
Absolutely terrified, I stare towards the spot where the person bounced off. A few seconds later, I hear “…wicked…”
I let out the breath I was holding. “Jesus frickin’ Christ Allison, you scared the shit out of me!!”
I hear rolling giggles, and very slowly two hazel eyes appear at the edge of my bed. “Rrrrwar…” she growls, adding a clawing hand gesture for effect. She then stands up, straightening out her shirt. “I’m the backup.”
“The backup?” I ask, “For what?!?”
“To make sure you get up, DUH. Eva made me do it.” friends know me too well. Defeated, I finally heave myself out of bed. “Okay, I’m up… Now get out.”
Allison makes a pouty face. “Why?! YOU DON’T LOVE ME?!?”
I just stare at her. “I have to get dressed…”
“Oh. Okay. I’ll go bug Eva then. EVAAAA!!!!” She cries at the top of her lungs, racing out of my room and stomping down the stairs.
So, I should probably take a chance to explain a couple things. My name is Kiera. That’s pronounced KEE-ra. Kay? Good. Eva, one of my best friends, and I run a little book/music store and live on the second story of that building. Usually I’m the only one here because Eva works as a forensics/police/special investigator- I always forget the name – and she has crazy long hours. But she has weekends off, so today, Saturday, she’ll be working here. As for Allison, she is my other best friend who lives a few blocks down in her own apartment. She works as...well, I don’t know right now. Allison changes jobs more than she changes her hair color. And she does that a LOT.
I shut my door then quickly change into skinny jeans and a purple plaid jacket and vans, then walk over to the bathroom. I glance in the mirror and sort of brush through my black hair with my fingers until it looked a bit more presentable. I didn’t bother with makeup, I wouldn’t be going anywhere fabulous today.
Yawning, I come down the stairs to see Eva and Allison talking excitedly with some emo-looking boy. He was pretty cute, he had gorgeous eyes – what I could see through the wild hair – but he was more Allison’s type.
As I reach the bottom stair the guy leaves and the other two are yelling. “THANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!”
When he leaves they start squealing and jumping up and down.
“Umm...” I say, walking up to them, “What’d I miss?”
They turn to me, grinning so wide it scares me a little.
“Kiera, Omigod, “ starts Eva, “You are not gonna believe this!!”
“What?” I ask, then looking to Allison. “What??”
“Remember how I said I would totally make up the phone incident to you? Well, turns out I can make it up for you right now!!”
I narrow my eyes in suspicion. “Go on...”
She raises her hand, waving three concert tickets in my face.
Confused, I swipe one from her and read the name of the band. My mouth drops open. “HOLY CRAP!!! EVA I FRICKIN LOVE YOU!!!!!!” I scream hugging her.
“Hey...” whines Allison, “I helped...”
“How...Why...” I say, not sure where to start.
“Dude, it doesn’t even matter, we’re gonna see Avenged Sevenfold! I’M GONNA SEE MY FUTURE
HUSBAND!!!” screams Eva.
“But you can say, these," Allison waves her hand over the tickets, “are all thanks to me.”
Eva whirls around at her, glaring. “WHAT?!? YOU WEREN’T EVEN DOWN HERE WHEN THE GUY CAME UP TO ME-“
“Are you guys seriously arguing about this?!” I cry over their escalating voices.
Allison points at me. “You’re absolutely right. Come on!” she grabs my wrist and starts dragging me out the door.
“Where are we going?!”
“We gotta get me some hair dye! AND COFFEE!!!!!”


“Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee I LOVE COFFEE!!!!!” Allison screams, sticking her head out the open window.
“Damn it Keira, you should NOT have given her coffee!” Eva says, taking a hand off the wheel to drag the hyperactive Allison back into the car. Allison is giggling madly and her newly dyed bright red hair blows in the wind streaming through the car window.
“Don’t worry, she’ll be out like that,” I snap my fingers, “as soon as the concert is over and her adrenaline rush wears off.”
“Nooooooo,” says Allison, shaking her head, “After the concert I’ll be chasing down the Rev and making him fall in love with me!!! AND THEN WE’LL GO GET COFFEE!!!!!!!!”
I snort. “Hey, what do you like better? The Rev or coffee?”
Allison stops, really thinking about it. “Oh man...that’s a hard one...I would have to say...the Rev!!! Just because he’s so HOT!!! But, but, if you don’t make a move on mister Zacky, I WILL NOT hesitate to steal him from you!” She turns to Eva, “Same for you! You gotta hit on Synyster! I COMMAND you!”
“Yeah, I’ll get right on that.” she says, amused. The car suddenly stops. “Kay we’re here FINALLY. We could have gotten here earlier if SOMEONE hadn’t decided that – HEY!”
But Allison already is out of the car and racing towards the venue, arms in the air, yelling, “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo......”
Eva and I get out of the car. “I wonder if she’s realized that I have the tickets.” she mumbles and we walk up to the front door.
Allison’s there, arguing with one of the security guards.
When we walk up, she points at us. “SEE, see, I’m not lying! I have a ticket! I have a ticket!”
The guy gives her an odd look as Eva hands him the tickets and he quickly checks our bags then lets us through.
“YES!! VICTORY! Take THAT security man!!” Allison begins to speed off again but this time Eva grabs her arm.
“Oh, no you don’t. You are staying with us.”
We go to one of the venue workers – whatever they’re called – and she takes us right up to the front where there already is a huge crowd of fans.
“We’re here!! Omigod I’m so excited!” Allison begins jumping up and down wildly and a few people look at her with confused expressions.
I take a second to steal her purse and glance at her phone. By now we’ve missed Papa Roach for sure and probably Buckcherry...I really wanted to see Papa Roach too...
“When’s it gonna start Whensitgonnastartwhensitgonnastartwhens –“
Eva puts a hand on Allison’s shoulder. “If you don’t calm your hyperactivity for at least a minute you will never be allowed to have coffee ever EVER again.”
Allison becomes deathly silent, but not for very long. For literally seconds after that the lights dim and “Beast and the Harlot” starts up, and Allison is screaming loudly. Everyone is singing along and headbanging and moshing and just going crazy. And the band looks hot. Especially Zacky. He. Is. Gorgeous.
They play a couple more songs and somehow Allison slowly gets us pretty close to the front and they begin playing “Unholy Confessions.” A mosh pit starts up to the right of us but I’m not really paying attention to that. I’m so into the song that I barely notice when the mosh starts expanding and heading towards me, and all I hear is a sharp “Keira!” before something whacks me on the back of the head and I black out.


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