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It Was One Time

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It was one drunken night that turned into a lifetime of responsibility. (frerard)

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Screaming fans, dripping in sweat, drunk as fuck. This was my prime. My moment. I could have any little bitch I wanted. But, Nooo. I had to go onto the bus and drive for god knows how long to the next city. “Frank, get your ass on the bus, NOW.” Bob scream at me and I sighed and climbed on obediently. I was so horny and I just wanted to get laid. I sat down and sighed. Everyone went to bed to sleep through this long night, except the sexy singer. I had no feelings for him, but he was sexy. He was drawing and had the tv on even though he clearly wasn’t watching it. I walked over and sat next to him on the couch and rubbed his shoulders. I had an idea.. ‘now, Gee, baby just go along with it’, I thought. “Hey sexy.” I said and he leaned back. “Hello you horny little bitch.” He said back, still drawing. “Comon, you know you want it.” I said leaning in and kissing his neck. “Mm.. Mabye..” He said smirking. He put his drawing down and faced me. I pulled him into a kiss and begged for entrance. He opened my mouth and soon I was straddling him.

It was just one, horny, after-concert night.

-Three months later-

Damn, I’m getting really fat. I thought as I looked down at my growing stomach. I was really craving chocolate. I walked out of the bathroom and rummaged through the tour bus cabinets. “Where’s the damn chocolate!?” I scream. “Someone’s on his man period.” Ray said smirking as he grabbed a Coke from the fridge. “Shut the fuck up, dick!” “Whoa, calm down man!” He said backing away, slowly, hands up. I glared and turned around to run right into Mikey. “Awwwww!!” I said cooing over a picture of his cat, Bunny, that he was holding. “D’aww!” I said again. “She’s sooo cute!” Mikey smiled nodded. I sat down on the couch, suddenly happy. I leaned back and put in my ipod just.. relaxing. It was nice until, Cancer came on. No one I knew had really been effected by cancer but I started balling. I could not stop crying. I was fucking devastated for no reason! I grabbed some tissue and wiped my eyes. Gee came over. “Frankie, Could I .. Uh.. talk to you?” “No.” I snapped. “For the love of god Frank!” “Fine.” We walked over to the bunk area where we were alone. “What?” I spat. “This is going to sound totally insane but-“ “Nah, if it’s insane I don’t really wana hear it.” I cut him off. “Frank, do you think you might be.. pregnant?” I stared at him blankly. No, just, no. I’m a fucking GUY. This couldn’t happen it just .. it couldn’t! He held up a pink box. I read the label, home pregnancy test. I snatched it and angrily stormed to the bathroom. I locked the door and leaned against it, sighing. Oh my god. What if I was pregnant? How would that affect the band? And it would be Gerard’s kid!! Oh my god… He’s my friend, but nothing more! I don’t have those kind of feelings for him, at all! I was just horny! It was one night! What am I thinking? I can’t be pregnant.. this is all in my head. Ya, in my head..
Well there’s only one way to know. I followed the instructions on the box and waited. I sat on the counter my arms around my knees. Tears streaming down my cheeks as I stared at the tiny little pink plus sign. Oh. My. God.
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