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It Had To Be You

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When blind dates go right.

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Molly's P.O.V
There he is. Stood bold as brass, laughing and being the usual comedian he is with his circle of friends. He doesn't know I'm here, he doesn't even recognise my existence. Instead I'm just another face in the crowd, a face that doesn't fit for his liking.

The day drags, it always does when the weathers miserable and even though there's nothing remotely exciting about being here everyone knows that going home proves that there's not enough hours in the day. Looking round you can see people thinking about their lists; pick the kids up from after school club, stop to buy the shopping for tea, tidy the house so it looks presentable as relatives are coming over, cook the tea and bribe the kids to be nice to the aunt with the hairy chin. The list just goes on and on.

Sat at my desk thinking about the ever growing to-do list realising just how impossible it is going to be, I didn't realise that I was staring at him it's only when I'm brought back to reality by the pinging indicating that I had a new email
Hey. Is there a reason your staring at me? Or is it just cause I'm simply gorgeous?

Ok so maybe I'd got too into thought that I didn't realise he had also sat down. Now another task added to my to-do list, how to reply to his rather modest email.
Hi. No it's not cause your 'simply gorgeous' as you so humbly put it. I was thinking.

With that I logged off and took a break. My 4th break of the day, god I was on a roll normally it's 2 by this time. Taking the free time I just granted myself I rang my best mate "hmm yes that sounds good, it means I don't have to cook" during the conversation we decided to go watch Ps. I Love You. I must admit even though I've heard it's a sad film however, the thoughts of watching Gerard Butler was what swayed it for me. Well that and the fact whenever I go out I decide to treat myself to chippy.

Frank's P.O.V

Dude do you fancy going then? Please you owe me, that ghastly chick you brought back the
other night well she came back yesterday and I had to spend two and a half hours
listening to her going on about how perfect your night was and how wonderful you had
been and then I had to explain how you won't be calling her back DUDE "HE'S GOT AMNESIA"
ISN'T GOING TO WORK ANYMORE!! so to repay me I want you to come to the movies with me.
Not as a date. And we're watching Ps. I Love You.

That should do it. I know it's going to seem weird two guys going to watch a love movie but hey it might not all be bad, I mean it's not as if there isn't girls in it is there? And anyway it's not as if she can talk she's going with her friend, who is a girl. Same sex. So there's no problem is there? It's not weird is it?

Ok it's weird. Maybe I should just take a girl I mean she probably won't see my anyway so it wouldn't make a difference anyway would it? Why do girls have to be so bloody awkward!? Would she think that if I took a girl that she was my girlfriend and when I flirt with her she thinks I'm trying to cheat therefore untrustworthy? Or should I take a guy which will look like he's my boyfriend, especially watching a chick flick which judging by these reviews it is. If she did think he was my boyfriend then when I tried flirting with her do you think she'd think I'm trying to experiment? Maybe. She'll think I'm a creep! Urgh what do I do? I could ask Gerard to bring a girl so it looks like their the couple and I'm the gooseberry and then we would have a reason to be watching the film. But I know Gerard's type of girls and do I really want to be listening to them checking everything’s ok down each others throats? Not really. Not only that but the girl probably put her off even looking at me again know I'm friends with Gerard's girlfriend.

He always goes for weird ones, I mean there was Ellie who would only start eating at one minute past the hour so when you was with her, all happy to tuck into your stir fry and she wouldn't eat because it simply wasn't one minute past the god damn hour you simply feel guilty and decide to wait with her then your stir fry goes cold and you quiet simply wonder why you did that. Sure I believe in superstition but I'm more of a mirror breaking and knocking the salt pot over kind of guy not eating at one minute past the hour. And the thing is Ellie wasn't even the worst one! Oh no that award went to Amanda do you want to know why? Because she thought it'd be great if her and Gerard moved in ... One hour after meeting each other! So half and hour later she was knocking on the door suitcases in hand, full of clothes, which she neatly placed in Gerard's wardrobe, which in turn lead to the turmoil of his routine which is getting up 2 minutes before he has to leave for work. So Gerard puts on the first thing he grabs from out of the wardrobe, on any normal day would most likely be jeans and a t-shirt but not with Amanda, instead he grabbed a pair of leopard print hot pants and a silver tank top with the Barbie logo on the front. Now as hilarious as it was to see him toddle out in the rather fetching outfit someone had to stop him so when he went to get changed the first thing Amanda shrieked was "That top doesn't go with them shorts Gerard! Here let me show you!" this is when we found out Amanda had a fetish. Drag Queens. Needless to say Gerard and Amanda quickly went their separate ways. Gerard to a psychiatrist, Amanda to Las Vages.

So this proves my point and rules out the option of Gerard is to under no circumstances bring a date. Maybe we can just invite all the guys make it look like we're interested in this film and get in touch with our feminine sides. Now that does sound gay! Hmm think ... Wait where's she going? She took a break like 30 minutes ago ... Oh she's going home, perhaps that’s the best idea considering the fact it's home time.

Sort out Mr. Jackson’s file tomorrow ready for his meeting on Thursday.

And with my little note left where I will see it I leave for somewhere hopefully I can solve my dilemma.
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