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Frank gets surprise in the morning.

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Molly's P.O.V
"You try that outfit on again and I swear to god, I will burn it! you look fine! now get your make-up on and can we please go? we're going to miss the best bit, the adverts!" with that he snatched my floral playsuit out of my grasp and threw it in my wardrobe.

20 minutes later we were arguing over what sweets we should get, obviously it should be Skittles but he insisted on Minstrels. After buying both sweets and popcorn we set off to find seats. Normally we sit at the back, but this time there was a dodgy looking couple who looked like they were about to jump each others bones at anytime. So we decided to sit 3 rows from the back and on the opposite side of the creepy couple. "So what was you supposed to be doing tonight? Anything good?" I asked, he always has a busy schedule, I actually feel kind of sorry for his flatmate, when he brings all the women back.
"Well my best mate, Frank, asked me to come watch this with him cause of this chick he likes, but I was coming with you and we've not done this since we..." I knew what was coming next. Me and Gerard hadn't spent proper time together since we dated that once. To be fair we had been shopping and gone out for drinks but it was never the same. "True, but you could of brought him with you, then you wouldn't of been letting him or me down" I said looking round.
"Yes but then it wouldn't of been us, and I’ve kind of missed this if I’m being honest. Why did we ever date? It made us all ... weird." He said between eating popcorn, looking at me.
"Well we thought it would be a good idea, we'd known each other for awhile so it seemed a good idea to, however knowing how you treat girls I should of said no" I said giggling "you never ring them back and leave most of them at your flat so your poor innocent best friend has to get rid of them for you" I said giggling more trying to stay quiet.
"First off, you changed your number the day after!" he whispered harshly "and secondly I let them down gently don't I? And you never know Frank might find a girl this way, which helps us both" he said as if he was doing a good thing.
"What your seconds? sure he will be thrilled with that" I said just as the film started.

All through the film we flicked, poked and threw popcorn at each other. I was sat with my head on his shoulder crying again now though. God they wasn't wrong when they said it was a sad film. "your crying again?" he said turning his head so he could see me "you better not be staining my shirt with your mascara tears. I like this shirt" he said with a hint of amusement in his voice.
"I can't help it, it's so upsetting. But have you seen that William? he's quiet dishy" I said giggling into his top, where a little black spot had formed.

After the film was over we decided to go and get food and stopped at the chippy where he got two curry and chips and I got my usual of chips and gravy and we drove back to his flat. "You know I'm sick of this" he said suddenly.
"Sick of what? Curry and chips? I don't blame you it's disgusting" I said giggling.
"No not chips and curry, you could never get sick of that, but not having a proper girlfriend" he said not taking his eyes off the road "I mean Franks always been the sensible one when it comes to girls and I've seen how happy he is when he has a girlfriend and I want that." He continued leaving me speechless. Gerard had the looks every girl fell for, that’s why he gets so many girls and he's always expressed his feelings towards settling down, and now here he is wanting to settle down. "Well I'll tell you what I'll set you up on a date with someone and see if you hit it off with her" I said smiling.
"Deal, I'll set you up if you want?"
"No thanks, I'm good" I said, "to be honest I'm not looking for anyone at the moment." I said when we pulled up at his flat.

Frank's P.O.V
I walked out of my room when I heard the front door bang meaning Gerard was home, wonder where he's been. "Hey dude, you ok?" I asked noticing he had chippy.
"Yeah, you? I bought you chippy" he said giving me the little paper parcel.
"Yeah, where have you been? Your home earlier then usual, thanks for the chippy though" I said getting a fork and walking to my bedroom door.
"Its ok, and just had a catch up with an old friend that's all, anyway I'll see you in the morning, night" and with that he went in to his room and left me to go in mine.

Next morning.

Making coffee in the kitchen it was very clear Gerard wasn't alone in his room from all the girly giggling going on. He's probably brought home another weirdo. Great.
"Hmm I smell coffee" he said sticking his head round his bedroom door, only enough so that I could see him and not the girl he spent the night with. "Yeah you want some?" I said while filling the kettle more, Gerard never turned down coffee.
"Hmm you want a coffee sweet cheeks?" he said turning to the mysterious girl. It's funny I didn't see or hear a girl when he came home last night, which is weird he's normally attached to her lips and steering her to his room.
"No thanks, I've got to get home and get sorted for work, my boss will kill me if I'm late, I'm sure he doesn't like me you know but it's not my fault I go into random thinking spurts and stare." That’s when I realised who he was with. It was her. I could tell by her voice, it was Molly. Gerard and Molly. Great.
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