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The Search Begins...Again

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Molly realises just how difficult finding a blind date for Gerard.

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At work.

Molly's P.O.V

I know, I can't believe it! The cute boss as well! Gutted!

I emailed back my best friend Ella. Ella's a upcoming fashion designer, she had a little shop therefore was her own boss, meaning she could email whenever she wants to, to me on the other hand had to check for the boss walking past. Well when I say boss I mean Frank - who is sat facing me and can probably tell I’m not arranging his interviews for him. You see I work as his secretary I file, ring, arrange, email and plan Frank's, I mean, Mr Iero's, work schedules for him, while he sits munching on his starbucks muffin which I bring him every morning along with his coffee, with the exception of this morning where he made me coffee while I was in his best friends shirt and clean boxers.

Well what was his face like when he saw you? Wow bet that was awkward. What you doing tonight? Ella emailed back.

Hmm what was I doing tonight? Probably catch up on my episodes of friends that I have sky plused.

Well he stared and looked shocked -obviously- and well upset, I don't know I was too busy trying to hide behind Gerard who just kept laughing. And nothing I don't think why? I did say I'd try and find Gerard a date, so probably go through my address book, you?
I replied realising that I’d been concentrating awfully hard on "work". He must know by now anyway that I wasn't working properly. I decided that maybe I should crack on with a bit of work, so I decided on addressing the letters he needed sending out. I'd wrote this address on so many times on letter, I know the postcode off by heart SK12 4ZA. I wonder what this Mr. Robinson looked like after all I have emailed, rang and wrote letters to him so many times. It'd just be nice to put a face to the name I guess.

Just as I was about to make a coffee for myself the phone rang
"Hello and welcome to Smiths and Co. Your through to Mr. Iero's office, how may I help you?" I said in my fake, posh, work voice, instantly regretting talking like that when I heard who was on the other end of the line.

"Hey it's me Gerard put me through to Frank he's not answering his mobile" He said in a rush, just as I was about to reply in my normal voice I remembered that the calls are recorded

"One moment please sir." I said hating how I had to call him sir and talk like this, he wont let me live it down. I buzzed Frank to let him know he had a call.

It's been 15 minutes and Frank and Gerard are still on the phone looking through Frank's two glass panels of his office I realised he looked angry. He had Mr. Thompson in the waiting area who was slowly becoming impatient after two cups of tea. Realising how important this deal could possibly be I decided to go and tell frank, why was I so anxious?

Frank's P.O.V

"No Gerard, nothing's wrong... I SAID NOTHING'S WRONG! ..... Ok ok that girl you brought home Molly well she works for me and well I ... I kind of like her and knowing that you was with her well kind of annoyed me, but it doesn't matter now anyway and it wasn't your fault you didn't know how I felt so I'm sorry I blanked you. No I don't want you to set me up with her because one she works for me and two you've been with her which means she's a) weird or b) your friends with benefits or c) a prostitute. Either way it won't work out good, so thank you but no." Just as I said that, she appeared at my office door looking so nervous she's only been doing this job for about a year, but she's not changed one bit. She still has those long eyelashes which frame her eyes perfectly and when she looks up at me through them makes my smile, the still has the same style hair in a messy just-got-out-of-bed look which really suits her. She is still really nervous though just like she was back then and my guess is this morning didn't really help the situation but she sounded so confident giggling like a school girl with a crush. "Dude I have to go, see you at home!" I said quickly hanging up and giving Molly a signal to come in.
"Erm Fr- Mr. Iero your three o'clock appointment Mr. Thompson is becoming very impatient, I've given him refreshments and offered to get him food however he is threatening to leave and not reschedule an appointment. What would you like me to do?" She said fumbling and messing with her hands and looking at the floor all throughout what she was saying.
"Send him in straight away and Molly could you please bring me a coffee and a sandwich from the canteen? I've not eaten all day and well a cheese sandwich would shut the groaning from my stomach" I moaned to her for sometime then off she went and in came the fat bald Mr. Thompson.

The meeting was long and boring but I did manage to secure a long term contract which half way through I thought was going to be impossible and I just cannot wait to go home and relax but then again I have to see Gerard. I don't actually know why I'm angry at him I mean he didn’t know I like her but I am angry I don't want him hurting her like he has hurt girls in the past. I mean she's the only girl I've liked that well he's been with.

Molly's P.O.V

What's this Gerard like then? Looks and personality I mean..
This was my 5th email about Gerard from Ella, I get the feeling she kind of wants to meet him, in fact I think they'd quiet suit she could ... tame him I guess and after all he said he wanted to settle down and well Ella's fun and amazing and they have stuff in common so they'd suit. Maybe she could be the blind date for him, just have to convince her.

Well he has black hair that looks like he's never brushed it, but it suits him, he has a cute baby face with hazel eyes that make you get lost in them and he's about average height and weight, he's a comic writer and a real gentlemen.
I emailed her back with an exaggeration of the truth. He does have them looks and he is a comic writer but he may not be a real gentlemen. But we can work on that.

Oh forget it. I once dated this guy who looked like that and I vowed to myself never again. He was called Logan and trust me he was no gentlemen. The date was a disaster, we we're sat in the restaurant he chose and this girl came over and started going mental at him asking why he never called her back and why was he here with me and she was calling him Dexter! So when I asked him about it he just came out with 'she's got the wrong guy, I'm called Logan' but that girl was pretty sure but I let it slip and he said he'd call me and I'm still waiting for the call a year on. Great is there anyone Gerard hasn't messed around? or not called back? he'll be going onto the guys next.

Aww maybe your not Gerard’s blind date then. I replied. This is a bummer I actually thought she could be the one for him. Now the search begins again.
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