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Chance meeting

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Gerard's P.O.V
"You've remembered what I’ve told you right? Her name is Ella and you dated her once and you said you were called Logan. Be nice she's one of my best friends and I think she's the girl for you." Molly told me sternly showing me the picture of Ella. I can see why I dated her she was beautiful. She wasn't to tall and wasn't to short, just the right height for me, her style reminded me that off Blair Waldorf's vintage, in the picture her huge green eyes stand out and she has a swept fringe which is perfect with the rest of her chocolate shoulder length hair.

"It’ll be fine. I swear I won’t hurt her. I’m a changed man ... I can't believe I was a dick to her she's so pretty and from what I remember very interesting, she was trying starting up her own business, did she?" I asked surprising myself.
“Yes now I have to go, I don’t want to anger Mr. Iero.” She said quickly collecting the three coffee’s she’d bought and thrusting one in my hand while quickly running out. Looking at my schedule today was going to be a long and boring drag. At least I had Molly’s plan to look forward too, even if I was the tiniest bit anxious.

I waited until the time had come and I went to visit Frank for dinner, he’s not having any of me trying to set him up with Molly, truth be told I think he believes that I’m doing things with her, which I’m really not. I'm a changed man. “So you like her, and you’ve hired her and your not dating her? Why not, as some would say; you have the power!” I said singing the last bit amusing myself more than Frank I think.
“Because I’m not like you Gerard” He replied looking at her through the glass in his office door. I looked at him shocked. “We all know you got it on, well more like got it off, with your secretary and she agreed because a) she thought you might fire her and b) so if you get big she can tell her story” He said with that you-know-I’m-right look, but I’d tried so hard to hide that girl from him! Damn I must have been losing my touch. So after that I decided I didn’t want to hear who else he knew about so made me excuses and left, quickly. And that’s when I saw her.

Ella’s P.O.V
Walking up to Molly’s office with her usual cheese, onion and cucumber sandwich, how anyone can eat that is beyond me, she always has weird taste though. Anyway she said that she has a proposition for me, god I hope its something good normally its I’ll help you stalk Mark Webber if you do something for me and trust me it’s never a fair deal, never. Just as I was about to walk up the final flight of stairs bang!
“Shit I’m sorry” I heard as I looked at the squashed sandwich than up at the mystery man. It was him! It was Logan or Dexter or whatever he was called! “Oh Ella right?” he asked flashing that sexy smile of his. Well he can get that sexy smile away; I’ve been on that boat before and let me tell you that ice berg did more then sink it.
“Oh I don’t think I’ve ever met you? I’m not called Ella” I said putting on my best performance since my high school play. He looked confused for a brief moment before quickly regaining composure and going back to his sexy smile “Oh sorry, you just look so much like this girl I’ve been trying to find, looks like my search continues then” he said handing me my dropped stuff “sorry for banging into you and squashing your sandwich” he giggled pointing at the now pancake style sandwich and walking off slowly quickly stuffing his hands in his pockets. Continuing my walk this time more confused then I was to start off and completely forgetting about what Molly wanted me for.
“Hello!” she beamed up at me, she’d been feeling anxious these past couple of days at work, ever since her boss, who she fancies the pants off, saw her leaving his best mates bedroom. Awkward.
“Hey” I said handing her, her sandwich and sitting down.
“What happened to my butty?" She inspected the damage that, that unknown named man had done when he came barging into me.
“Well … I was minding my own business walking up the stairs and at of nowhere BAM! I was nearly toppled backwards” with my speech accompanied some drastic hand movements, “and your sandwich kind of took the brunt of the blow, but that’s not the important bit, guess who it was that banged into me, you’ll never believe it” I said unloading my bag on her desk and giving her what was hers, mainly her usual 3 gingerbread men.
“Hmm, Billie Joe?” she asked knowing the answer would be no.
“Yes! Oh god you’re so good at guessing! He’s really hot Molly!” I said with that smirk that gave me away “no but that guy I was emailing you about the other day, Logan/Dexter! And he was like Ella? And I was like no. But he did that smile Molly! The lovely smile! I hate to admit it but well … he‘s gone hotter” I told her all the while she was looking down with what I think was a smile on her face “anyway what is this proposition you was telling me about?”
“well this guy has asked me on a date but he’s bringing his friend because I don’t actually know why, and well I’m scared there some weird people who want a threesome with me and I know if I bring you, you will know I am safe, I can find my way home and you stand your ground and say no there will be no threesomes in my presence.” Her reply just rolled off her tongue like she’d practiced it.
“But..” just as I was about to protest, I thought about her last boyfriends and how she always got lost and got panicky and if I go I can encourage her to talk to them instead of just staring! And who knows the guy might be nice “ok I’ll come with you, but if they’re weird we leave when I say understand?” she nodded smiling her head off. Well that’s one good deed for the day.
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