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Date night.

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Gerard’s P.O.V
Molly had debriefed me and told me to be at the new Italian in town and to bring someone she called her date, so no one better then Frank. Well Molly was setting me up so why don’t I set her and Frank, who fancies the pants off her, up? I can play matchmaker too, I thought smiling to myself. Anyway I could of swore I saw Ella before, well I did more then see I nearly sent her flying but still, if not she has a twin, I swear it! Just as I was checking that I looked fine in the mirror Frank came running in
“What’s the matter?!” He said panting; he really does need to go to the gym. Mind you I did tell him he needs to come home and fast
“Oh we’re going on a date so go get your glad rags on” I said smiling then suddenly after seeing Frank’s horrified expression “not together! This girl wont date me unless I bring a date for her friend and she told me a bit about her and she sounds like a you kind of girl” I said deciding on the black shirt “and before you say anything this is my way of saying sorry about Molly and my way of proving I’m a changed man, cause this girls giving me one more chance” applying my eyeliner and talking at the same time is not a good trait I’ve ever learnt.
“Don’t ever do that again, I thought you was hurt or the flat was on fire or something!” He screamed like a drama queen “and fine, but I bet you, you blow it” he said walking out. Normally he would have been right but ever since I banged into her on the stairs, and I know its her, I cant get her out of my head, she’s gone nicer and well I’m determined to make it right, even if its not with her, which I hope it is.

After what seemed like forever Frank finally came in and he was dressed smart casually
“I’d tap that” I said winking at him giggling “ok, so heres the debrief. The girl won’t date me unless you say you asked her friend out ok?” He looked so confused “basically its your date and you just invited me along ok?” He needed slowly. “Ready to go?”
“You owe me Gerard” He looked at me before turning out “big time.” He walked out and to the car, guess he was driving tonight.

Ella’s P.O.V
After putting my pansy dress with my precious Louis Vuitton shoes I was almost good to go just had to work out where I’d put my keys. Molly said she’d drive but the odds of us getting there on time and in one piece are slim to none. Aha found them now time to go meet her and go see the next weirdo she’s dating.

“Molly what time are we meeting them?” I said sat on her bed watching her adding clothing to the ever growing pile around her room.
“Meeting at half past” she said adding her shoes to the pile and heading for her flats.
“Molly it is now twenty five minutes past! You look good now lets go!” I said dragging her out, she’s always late. Always. We got there, after I put my foot down, by 33 minutes past, it was finding the car parking space which proved difficult; and Molly didn’t help, she kept directing me into disabled parking “No Molly that’s disabled parking to hence the yellow wheelchair drawing on the floor” I said after nearly turning into the 14th space.
“If we’d of brought my grandma we could of parked there” she said just as there was one free. Thank god for that.
“So who’s the guy then?” I said getting out of the car slowly and locking it
“Well don’t be angry…” she said avoiding looking at me “it’s Gerard… he was the guy who called himself Logan and that’s because he was a womanizer and unfortunately you was one of his other girls” she explained whilst I was glaring at her intensely. “and well that’s a bad thing because I was until I changed my number that night, anyway the point is he remembered you and well he’s changed, or at least trying to, and well you like his smile so I figured I’d put 2 and 2 together and hopefully come out with 4?” she asked looking at me as though she was really nervous. Well that’s just great the guy who lied to me wants to see me and my best friend helped to set it up?! Charming. “Please don’t be mad Ella” she pleaded with me. How could I? I knew she had my best intentions at heart.
“Don’t pull another stunt like this again” I said walking towards the Italian with her at the side of me.

Frank’s P.O.V
I can’t believe I agreed to this, one of Gerard’s plans. I’m so stupid at times. We we’re stood outside for ten minutes in this awkward silence because he wasn’t giving anything away about who the girl was who I was supposed to of asked on a date. He didn’t even give me an excuse as to why I had to bring Gerard. So it’s going to be think fast if I’m asked. Let’s hope I’m not. Just as I was about to speak that’s when I saw her. Molly and another girl with chocolate length hair and big green eyes. I’m guessing she was molly’s friend because I’ve seen her come up to the office every so often and I’ve seen her IMing her so it’s probably this Ella. She sometimes says her name when I do get the occasional conversation out of her. Please tell me this wasn’t the two we were meeting. Please tell me they’d gone out for a girl night, please don’t let it … oh no she’s just waved at Gerard and noticed me; oh look they’re stood with us. Cracking.

“Hey” she hugged Gerard mumbling something in his ear to which he replied with “I can’t help it”.
“Well this is Frank, Frank this is Molly as you know and Ella?” he looked at the chocolate brown hair that has now been confirmed as Ella and smiled and it wasn’t your going-to-be-in-my-bed smile either!
“Gerard, Frank this is my best friend Ella, Ella my boss Frank and Gerard my friend” Molly quickly said.
“Oh so you asked her on the date then?” Ella said looking at me with a small smile playing on her lips “and you’re her boss” I noticed Gerard give me a quick look meaning remember the plan Frank.
“Yeah I did, I thought it would be good to know her outside of work, I mean she’s always so quiet and it gets kind of awkward at time and she does seem nice” I said, not exactly lying, cause it dead get awkward and she was quiet the only lying part was I never asked her on a date. I glanced over at Molly who was looking at the floor blushing again!
“Well should we go in, I’m so hungry, Saved myself for this meal” Gerard said whilst linking Ella’s arm and walking inside. Deciding to follow suit I put my arm around Molly’s waist who instantly tensed “I honestly had no idea he was going to pick you” she whispered quickly into my ear.
“I never thought we’d go on a date, but Gerard’s told me how this is to help him to become a on women man so let’s put on a convincing act hey?” I whispered back in her ear “I’d un tense a little cause its going to look like I’ve forced you here” I giggled a little. Well I figured if I had to do this I might as well have a little fun in the process and with that she instantly relaxed and allowed me to pull her closer to me.
When we was all seated we decided to order the drinks first, because I was driving Gerard was drinking and we saw Ella drinking so I instantly presumed Molly would drink. “No I don’t drink” she said looking into the menu.
“That’s only because she can’t handle it and after a sniff of alcohol she’s on her back quicker then you can say sleep” Ella giggled while smirking at Molly.
“I do not, but you can drink if you want I can drive back” she said smiling and with a look that looked about like hope.
“Don’t let her! She crashed my car once” Gerard chirped in quickly. “I’d had a drink and decided there was no point in losing my license so I told molly to drive and well we ended crashing in to a tree, I mean how can you not see a tree?!” Gerard said giggling and ordering the drinks.
“See someone else who agrees with me!” Ella said sounding triumph like she’d been waiting to prove that point for some time.
“I don’t know what your talking about, I passed my driving test so I must be a good driver” she smirked, my god her smirk was cute. She was cute though. After a discussion about weather she was a good driver or not, which she lost this discussion we had already decided on food and was currently chatting amongst ourselves. I have to admit Gerard did seem really happy talking to Ella. Maybe I was wrong after all. I took this opportunity to have a chat with Molly after all it was our “date”.

Gerard’s P.O.V
Me and Ella had been talking for sometime and I’d learnt so much about it. She now owns a successful fashion line which Molly does the business side of it for her, which makes sense as Ella didn’t have a clue about business and Molly had studied it in both high school and college. Up until now we’d avoided the “so why was you called Logan and Dexter” conversation but it was only a matter of time before it did. “So…” she paused as if considering weather she should ask or not “why did you say you was called Logan?” she didn’t look at me when asking it instead looking at the waiter delivering our food. “Well I wasn’t exactly ideal dating material” I said receiving my plate “and well I dated and dated and dated girls and I never rang them back so in order to continue dating girls I changed my name cause one girl might of told her friends about a Gerard.” I said figuring truth was the best option. She eat her food for awhile before asking “would you of called me back if I hadn’t of stormed out?” I thought about this now I could either play it safe and say yeah of course I would you was different or I could be truthful and say honestly no but I’d of missed out. So I went with the latter hoping she would believe me. I don’t know why but I felt around her I could be truthful and she’d still talk to me. Before I could answer both me and Ella got distracted by Frank and Molly kissing. I can’t believe he’s actually kissing her! Normally he waits because like I’ve said he’s the sensible one but no he was going all out tonight to say the least. We were just about to order dessert when Molly and Frank announced they would be leaving … together. Told you he was living spontaneously, so it was just me and Ella.
“Can you believe they’re leaving together?” She asked watching Molly leave with Franks hand on her bum.
“No I can’t, I mean he’s been denying he likes her and now he has his hand on her bum! And he’s her boss!” I said giggling.
“Aww that’s naughty” She said giggling dead cute “I’m having the cheesecake, cheesecakes the best!” She said flashing that amazing smile she has. The smile that made my knee’s go weak and my heart melt.
“Hmm cheesecake sounds good” I said quickly diverting my attention to the menu hoping she didn’t notice the every growing blushing of my cheeks.
“Or we can skip this and go to mine?” she said winking and getting her stuff together. I followed suit and paid for the bill and held my hand out to her “my lady” I said which was greeted with that gorgeous giggle of hers. We left the restaurant and she told me the directions to her house, which I made a mental note of for future references. “So how’s the business going?” I asked just as we pulled up.
“Its going really good thanks, I’m actually making more money then I’m paying out” she giggled walking to her front door “so you coming in or do I not get to see you again?” she smirked.
“Well I can come in if you want me too? And trust me you’ll be seeing me again even if you don’t want to” I smiled moving daringly closer to her.
“Good” she smiled and closed the gap between us “rules of my house, no talking” and to enforce the rule she sealed my lips with hers.

Let’s just say skipping dessert may just be the best idea I have ever had.
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