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Getting to know you

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All is revealed about Frank and Molly

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Molly’s P.O.V
Sat at my desk at work, god I felt rough. After we left the restaurant, purely because we wanted to give them space, we went back to my house where we had a few glasses of wine, well more like 3 bottles! I am never ever drinking again. Ella is right I can’t handle my drink. Why do I never learn? Anyway I don’t remember much after that, and when I got up this morning I was late so I have to explain that to Frank when he comes out of this meeting with Mrs. Spare, that should be some fun. Anyway that date last night I’m going to kill Gerard! I mean my boss of all people! And then we kissed, oh god! I might as well go get that box now for my desk accessories! And if I remember correctly he walked out with his hand on my bum!! Oh no, I’m never going to be able to look at him in the face anymore. Oh looks like the meetings over, time to go get my excuse out of the way. Is it bad I hope he fires me? Yes it is. It’ll be fine. Your overreacting.
“Molly can I see you in my office a minute?” he announced after what felt like forever. God I feel sick and nervous. I nodded to him and locked the computer and walked to his office. I’ve never been fired before. He closed the door after I walked in and told me to take a seat, which I was grateful for as the room was spinning so fast that I felt like I was on the waltzers. “it’s about last night” he said he was taking his seat at the back of the desk and looking me directly in the face before continuing “I just want to say thank you, I had a really good time” he said smiling at me. I was gobbed smacked; he thanked me for going on a fake date with him? I Must have been sat there for several minutes silent until I realized he was probably waiting for my response “oh, that’s fine sir I had fun too” I told him truthfully.
“Good” was all he responded but he seemed to look at me for ages “oh erm that’s all, oh and well done for them letter responses, I completely forgot about them.” he said gratefully, I took this as the dismissal I’d been waiting for so I just nodded and walked out and to my desk. Wow he was hot.

The day dragged nothing good was happening in the office and I had no work to do after I wrote the address on everything that was until I saw this email pop-up:

To: Molly May
From: Frank Iero

Molly this has been bugging me for so long now, why are you shy all the time? And especially around me? I mean I heard you giggling when you stayed in Gerard’s room the other night and last night on our date. Please don’t be shy, you seem like a really great girl.

Well what could I reply to that? I can’t help being shy! It’s the way I work especially around the guy I like!

To: Frank Iero
From: Molly May

I can’t help that I am shy, it is just the way I am around people I do not know all that well or see that much of.

That should do it, I thought proud of myself.

To: Molly May
From: Frank Iero

Trust me, I saw a lot of you last night and got to know you well last night ;)

That’s when I realised what had happened last night. The drinking lead to us kissing which lead us to more! Oh no, now I really do wish he’d fired me! I decided that I’d done enough work and went and phoned Ella, well I needed help!

Yes, I swear that’s what he said! Ella I had sex with my boss! Oh my god, I’m a ho!” I said wishing I hadn’t promised her I’d stop biting my nails, I needed comfort!

Your no ho and you must like him cause you never do that on the first date your normally ever so precautious. So he must be special” She said trying to reassure me.

Yeah it’s called wine, Ella what am I going to do!? He’s my boss and I can’t fancy him, its wrong! But I do fancy him!” I never noticed that he was stood behind me until I felt the phone being took out of my hand. I quickly turned round hoping it was Ella playing a prank but no it wasn’t it was him. Frank. My boss.
“You fancy me hey?” he said hanging up on my phone and closing in on us
“well erm.. You shouldn’t be listening to my phone calls!” I gave the lame excuse
“you shouldn’t be making phone calls in my time” he said smirking and shutting me up instantly with his lips.

Gerard’s P.O.V
THEY’RE KISSING IN PUBLIC!!!!!!!! AND IN CASE YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME I’VE ATTACHED A PHOTO!! X I text Ella smiling. My super stalking skills got me her number. Well Molly’s unattended phone did, but she didn’t need to know that.
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