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Emails between friends.

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Ella's P.O.V.

To: Molly May, Ella Rose
From: Amy Grace
Good news!! I'M COMING VISITING YOU BOTH AND I'M SO EXCITED!! Are you excited? You better be! Anyway I have this gig I have to go review anyway so I told me boss I'm not doing it unless I get three tickets so your both coming right? Its Saturday and doors open at 7:30 but I have to be there for 6 so I can interview them before hand and I want you both to come along please. So what have you all been doing? I want to know all about it :) SEE YOU AT WEEKEND!!! X

It's about time Amy was coming seeing us I’ve missed her and she always gets to interview the good bands and there normally rather hot so this should be some fun. Oh I know Molly wont tell her so I might as well get the ball rolling and drop her in it.

To: Amy Grace, Molly May
From: Ella Rose
Molly has so much to tell you ;) and I’m already there! Can't wait to see you. x

This should be some fun seeing how she replies to this. Plus she's not been emailing me back. I love this wicked side of me.

To: Ella Rose, Molly May
From: Amy Grace
Good, I've missed you guys! And oh what have I missed out on? I want all the Goss now!! Come on Mol fess up! Oh shit the boss, I will still be checking my emails though! ;) no escaping me.

It was about 3 hours until I heard the ding indicating a new email, I bet its one of the websites I’ve signed up to, knowing me it probably is. Oh it might be Mark Webber's website, yes defiantly going to check it now.

To: Ella Rose, Amy Grace
From: Molly May
Hey, sorry been erm... working all day. There's nothing to confess Amy I swear Ella just thinks there is. About Saturday I don't think I’m going to be able to make it, I have a date with this guy I really like. I'm going watching him play, don't know what he means by that though. I'm realllllllly sorry, have a good time though you two and I promise I will see you before you go back!!!! when do you go back? Sorry again! :( x

She is alive, wow thought some mysterious beast had come and ate her! oh wonder who her date is with, going to text Gerard see if he knows anything about a date. It's good she's dating though she's been on her own for to long now and I hope this guy is nice, all her others are scary.

To: Molly May, Ella Rose
From: Amy Grace
It's fine, Ella has just text me the picture though of you and that guy kissing! Is that who your date is with? See there was something to confess as well as you sleeping with him? Can't hide it from me and go you for dating! you have my number though me and Ella will come kick some butt if he gets to funny. Ella are you still up for it? Please say you are, I don’t want to go by myself. And I don't know yet I have a couple of weeks off work so whenever I feel like it.

We met Amy when we first started college, we was in the same “social groups” and we got talking and discovered we all liked the same music and we got talking more and more and now we all email and text each other all the time. Then she moved away to New York, to pursue her journalism career which she worked so hard for so we are grateful for the time we get to see her, and she loves her job. She is around average height with long dark hair and she was one of the most optimistic people I know, that’s probably why she’s always fun to be around. We all have different personalities however unlike Molly, me and Amy are never shy but the way Molly’s going that could all change. Its surprising Amy doesn’t have a boyfriend, she’s so confident and happy all the time even when her days what everyone else would call “a bad day”, she’s also very pretty too with brown eyes that most girls would die for. Note to self: find Amy a boyfriend.

Gerard's P.O.V

To: Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar
From: Jeff Watson
Hi guys, it has been confirmed Hardrock Cafe, Saturday, doors open at 7:30 but show starts at 8:30 you'll have the support act on until 8 then half an hour to let them stew and then your on! Oh and you have an interview at 6 with a girl names Amy Grace.

Oh yeah did I mention we was in My Chemical Romance along with my best friends Mikey, Ray and of course Frank and with my brother Mikey. It was great we all had our normal jobs but this was our fun job. We weren't a big band but we had two albums out and was regularly featured in Kerrang!, in fact Frank even had a big poster in it, we always told him he was the sexy one. This gig is going to be great, just what we needed not played one in ages so this should be good, and you never know maybe mikey will find a girl. Anyway I’m off to bed, well when I say bed I mean texting Ella all night, can’t wait to see her again, might see if she wants to go to the show on Saturday. Oh and I’m shocked Frank slept with Molly he’s like turning into me.
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