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Molly’s P.O.V
It was Saturday and I was ready on time, proud of myself – I’m never on time. I was wearing my black body con skirt with one of Ella’s tops that she made especially for me, apparently it made me look ‘tapable’ and my flat floral dolly shoes, I must admit I did feel good. Looking at the clock I had a couple of minutes to check everything was ok no lipstick on my teeth or anything, nope I was good to go. He arrived early then he said – good job I was already ready – when I opened the door he was stood there in the tightest black jeans I’d ever seen, and trust me I’ve seen Gerard’s pulling pants, white shirt; which was see through may I add! And a red tie with some black converse; a very pleasant change compared to his office suits and boring shoes.
“Hey, you look amazing” he beamed to my blushing face which soon turned into a smile. Ever since he hung up on Ella that day we’d been much more talkative and smiley, oh and flirty; catching quick kisses in the stock cupboard or quick pinches of each others bums when reaching for files in the office. It was good though. We’d been getting close and it felt good. Well it felt better then good. It felt amazing.
“Clean up well yourself” I smirked grabbing my keys and locking the door. As soon as I turned round to walk down my path he was attached to my lips where I could feel his smile. Smiling myself I put my arms around his neck “down boy you have to take me to this mystery date” I said smiling and stealing another quick kiss.
“I guess, come on” he grabbed my hand and walked down the path.
“So I have to ask” I said looking up at him, as I was shorter then him – not by much though – “where are we going? I blew off going out with my best friends for this and you should know I don’t like surprises!” I moaned and pulled my best cute face hoping it’d work.
Giggling kissing my nose he said “you mean Gerard hasn’t told you?” he looked over at me seeing me shaking my head “well we’re in a band, called My Chemical Romance and tonight we have a gig” he said flashing his massive smile again “and that’s where we are going” this time opening the car door for me. Driving to the venue he had one hand on my thigh and the other on the steering wheel we was randomly chatting about everything and anything, it was good I was feeling more confident around him.

We walked in and he said that he had to go to the dressing room to see the guys so I figured oh I’m not a guy I’ll go to the bar so just as I started walking off I felt and pair of hands on my hips pulling me back.
“Woho running out on me already? And you’ve not even heard us play yet” he said laughing at my reaction “you look so adorable when your confused” he said laughing more.
“Where am I going?” I said sounding and looking confused
“Well I want you to come meet the guys there’s no point you sitting in there on your own, so come on” he said pulling me backstage and into dressing room.
“Hey Frank” I heard someone say, I didn’t see them as I was stood behind Frank “oh and friend” he said seeing me, I recognized him, he had the faint look of Gerard and I’d seen him in so many pictures at his house, he must have been Mikey. “Mikey this is Molly, she’s a close friend of mine” he paused for a moment “and Gerard’s.” I smiled politely and gave a little wave not really wanting to say anything.
“Hey Molly, you must be the Molly he’s been going on about in emails” Mikey smirked at Frank before turning his attention back to straightening his fringe which had steam coming off. There was also another man sat there playing on a video game, he had strawberry blond hair which was cut short except for his defined fringe. He had a cute look about him I must say, and he looked like somebody who’d take no shit and stood up for himself, his beliefs and his friends. He did look like he had a caring side though. “That’s Bob, he plays drums and a lot of video games” he said grabbing us two cans cokes, diet. I looked at him quickly “what?” he asked casually.
“I don’t do diet, it tastes like drain water” which was joined by a chorus of ‘oooh’s’ from the rest of the band. I looked at them and blushed and looked at Frank again who was giggling.
“I can’t believe you’ve just said that in front of these, surprised their not lynching you.” He said and got me a normal coke. “That’s all we all drink” he said taking a big drink and making a dramatic ‘ahh’ sound.
“Well Frank used to drink normal coke, but we banned him he got to excited and giddy which lead to him causing destruction to everything and everyone” A guy said walking in through the door. He had very curly and big hair which was brown and he looked older than the guys sat down. “I’m Ray” he said taking my hand and shaking it.
“I’m Molly” I said smiling and moving to the side so he could fit in to the boxed sized dressing room.
“Jeff said that the interviewer and her friend is due soon so we have to make ourselves look beautiful. Where’s Gerard?” he said looking round.
“I’m here” Gerard walked wearing tight black skinny jeans with a white shirt and a blazer resembling that of a school boys. But he stunk of smoke. “Molly hey your not with Ella and co?” he said looking surprised and chewing on a stick of gum, which is as always a noisy event.
“I’m not no, Frank asked me first so I explained to Ella and Amy and they understood completely in fact your love interest made me my top” I said smiling and giving him spray “please you stink of smoke and if your planning on seeing Ella later you should know, she doesn’t smoke” I said giving him a handy hint. Where he sprayed himself with his deodorant and went to the make up chair where his brother did his make up.
“I’ll be back in a minute babe” Frank said looking up at me and kissing me for what seemed forever, I forgot all about the guys being in the room until one of them said ‘Jesus Frank she needs air you know’ causing me to pull away and giggle “I’ve just got to make myself beautiful” he smirked.
I paused for awhile “oh this is where I’m supposed to say you don’t need it is it?” I smirked back
“You know it’s a good job I really like you” he said smiling and walking off.

Amy’s P.O.V
Me and Ella had decided to get ready at hers as the hotel wasn’t that good for girls to get ready. We were catching up on old times and one topic that was frequent in most of the conversations. Molly and Frank. Ella was telling me all about how they’d met and how her new interest saw them kissing and how they’d slept together and just how happy she is in general. This is always so good to hear because she’s not confident and won’t accept that she’s pretty. It was time for me and Ella to go to the venue and we decided on getting a taxi so we could really enjoy the night out. When we arrived we was quickly greeted by the man I talk to on the phone, Jeff and he gave us our passes meaning we had a free drinks all night and they were all so backstage passes. We got showed to where we was going and that’s when I heard Ella’s breath hitch, curiously looking at her I saw she was staring at the only guy in the room.
“Ella?” he said every second his smile getting bigger.
“Your in the band?” she asked her smile matching his.
“I am, I’m the singer” he said walking over “you must be Amy?” he said taking my hand “Molly’s told me all about you” he said shaking my hand.
“Molly?” Ella said taking the words right out of my mouth. We we’re greeted by the high pitched instantly recognisable giggle “And Frank’s in the band too?” then they both walked in her over his shoulder both giggling away
“Frank I mean it stop with the back of my legs its not funny” she said which he replied by tickling her legs, once he saw Ella and me he stopped automatically and put her down slowly.
“Sorry I didn’t realise we had company” he said turning the color of his tie. Molly slowly turned around tears running down her face from all the giggling.
“Ella, Amy?! Oh my god” she rushed over giving us both one armed hug “this is the band your interviewing?” I nodded smiling and hugging her arm back. She smiled “Well that’s worked out dandy” she said returning back to giggling. I looked at the door where the rest of the guys were walking in, that’s when I saw him. He was the tallest one and was very pale, he had think rimmed glasses on which we’re rather cool, his hair was styled that suited him perfectly and had the most kissable lips I’d ever seen. He was wearing his Dawn of the Dead top and skinny jeans which framed his slim figure perfectly. All I know is this was going to be the longest interview of my life.

The interview was coming to an end, Ella was currently sat on Gerard’s knee sorting out his hair and Molly was sat on a chair next to me but facing Frank and I can only presume pulling funny faces as he wouldn’t stop giggling. I had one last question I could ask so I racked my brains to think of one and out of nowhere “Are you single, Mikey?” came out. I was so embarrassed and speechless I couldn’t even try and hide my mistake. Nothing would come out! And everything seemed to be in slow motion - exactly like what you see in the movies.
“No I’m not, but that could soon change if you agree to come out on a date with me after the show?” He said flashing that dazzling smile he has. Suddenly I felt someone’s breath on my ear
“Say yes!” Molly whispered loudly causing me to come out of my day dream and realise that it was real what he’d just asked me, well Molly and the fact everyone was looking at me smiling.
“Sure I will” I said smiling.
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