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Mikey's secret, that's not really a secret

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Hey do me a favour and check out BeccaBam’s Abused Hearts Stick Together story it generally is such a wonderful story. All of hers are though. And thank you for reading this by the way :).

Amy’s P.O.V
The show was amazing, you could tell that they we’re one of the genuine bands where they didn’t care weather or not they’d just made enough money to buy the expensive cars or the latest phones, but they just wanted to play their music and generally make a difference. During the interview I learnt that Gerard started the band up when he saw the 9/11 attacks and he wanted to make a difference in the world then the others joined and they formed My Chemical Romance. Well they sure was making a difference in this bar. Its normally so quiet and relaxing however not today there was teenage fans clad full of their merchandise all jumping up and down and just looking like their having the most amazing time, and as for the band you have Gerard running around and doing chicken impressions with a pink feather bower, Frank who is either jumping around or lay on the floor, Ray who's amazing afro was head banging even though it's owners head was dead still, Bob who was putting his all into each and every song and trying to dodge the camera flashes and then there was Mikey, who stood there with a smile plastered on his face and if I must say looking at me through 95% of the performance. They played a packed and exciting forty-five minute set with each song have its own twist but the set instantly being stuck in your head. I have to admit that they looked reluctant to leave the stage, they well and truely owned the stage.

After about half an hour of me, Ella and Molly talking about the gig the three of them joined us ordering two beers and a coke.
“Well what did you think?” Frank asked Molly instantly putting his arm around her waist
“Eww get your sweaty arm off me” she giggled wiggling “and I thought you was very good but you didn’t stick to the bet!” she looked up at him smirking.
“What bet?” Ella asked before kissing Gerard,
“Well I said I bet he couldn’t stand still for at least one song and if he did he got to chose what we did tonight, but he didn’t so looks like we’re watching 10 Things I Hate About You” She beamed, that was her favourite film and she’d seen it that many times she could recite the words. So after a minor discussion they left all smiles and hands on each others bums. They we’re cute together.
“So where you want to go on our date then?” I suddenly realised Mikey was stood close to me all clean and showered though. “We could go to the cinema? If you want?” He said sounding nervous.
“Oh why’s that Mikey, cause its dark and you can have your wicked way with her?” Gerard said smirking but quickly shut up by Ella’s lips.
“Cinema sounds good lets go” I replied finishing my drink and taking Mikey’s hand that he’d offered to me and we walked out smiling.

Mikey’s P.O.V
We’d decided on watching The Proposal, Amy’s choice not mine. All the way through it she allowed me to have my arm around her and she sat and messed with my fingers and fed me pop corn. Every so often we’d have a giggle about what we was talking about and even though we we’re supposed to be quiet I’d found out that her full name is Amy Grace, she’s a journalist and she’s into rock music, very much like me. I also found out she’s a sushi girl, I’m sure she’s my perfect match. The film was over and I’d not seen much because I was too distracted by this beautiful girl cuddled up in my arms. We decided after ten minutes of sitting there without any film we should leave. I pulled her outside with my hand tightly clutching hers.
“Well I’m going to get a taxi to my hotel” she smiled up at me, her eyes glistening in the street light
“You sure? I want to make sure you got home alright” I said knowing full well what this city was like.
“Give me your number and you will” She smirked up at me. She was smooth with that. After writing my number on her arm in her eyeliner I found myself just staring down at her and taking in all of her beauty.
“Well I best be off” she said after a while, probably getting creeped out. I don’t know why but I moved closer to her and just as the gap was closed between us I heard “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…” oh no, Gerard’s changed my ring tone again! Having lost the moment she pulled away giggling cutely. I quickly got my phone out in attempt to stop all the unwanted attention my ring tone had given me, when I saw the name flashing; Amber. Realising I should probably answer it I connected
“Hi, sorry we all went out” I said walking away slowly “listen I need to talk to you tomorrow though, it’s to late tonight, yeah night…. I love you too” I said disconnecting and turning around to see Amy staring at me.
“Your mum? No thought not.” and with that she’d flagged a taxi down and drove off. Damn she’d heard me.

Molly’s P.O.V
I can’t believe he’s actually sat there watching a chick flick with me, and all while I go on and on and on about Heath Ledger. He was lay in between my legs with his head on my chest.
“Would you ever flash your boobs to get me out of trouble” he said looking up at me smiling.
“Would you ever slide down a pole and sing I Love You Baby to me? with a band playing?” I said smirking at him knowing the answer would be no.
“That could be arranged” he said kissing me in a needy way. Lets just say he never did see if the girl ended up getting with Heath or not.
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