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Christmas is approaching

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With many thanks to BeccaBAM for helping me with the chapter.

Gerard’s P.O.V
Looking at the clock half ten flashed in bright red numbers. I was currently in bed with Ella, who was fast asleep, with her adorable face scrunched up and her little nose twitching every so often. I’ve found that for these past couple of days I’ve feel like I can’t get enough of her. I’m forever checking my phone which has lead to me getting late on demands for the comic, but I couldn’t care at the moment; as long as I’ve had my Ella fix I’m happy. I don’t think Molly’s ever been this right, she has found me the perfect girl and I’m not going to ruin it. I mean any women that I dream about and in a none sexual way must be special right? Yes she is. Well I’m going subtly ask her if she would like to go away for the weekend, I mean its nearly Christmas and I think it would be nice, I’m just so scared of asking her because it’s like what if she think’s I’m just trying to get in her knickers, if she’s still not convinced that I’m a new Gerard. Just as I was about to nod back off I heard “If your out on the road, feeling lonely and soooo cold. All you have to do is call -” yes my ring tone was Gilmore Girls. I tried so hard to shut it up before it woke Ella up but to late she was already singing along with it against my chest, her breath sending the familiar shivers down my spine. Mollywas the name flashing and I knew if I didn’t answer she’d ring the house phone and then come round.
“Hey Mol, what’s up?” I said stroking Ella’s soft hair smiling.
“you know because you love me and I set you up with the girl your in bed with now” she said and I could hear the smile in her voice “well pretty please will you come shopping with me? Its like two weeks away from Christmas and I’ve bought no one a present” she explained, Ok Molly’s never been able to buy for anyone at Christmas.
“I thought you started last weekend?” I remembered she’d told me she was doing
“I did! And then I got distracted because well … Thornton’s have a chocolate fountain and H&M had a sale on and by then I was to tired to and my feet we’re hurting so I came home and watched my gossip girl boxsets and before you lecture me I know I should be motivated and not done it but I’m going to have grey hair if I don’t go and this time I have to buy for Frank and I have no idea what to buy him I’m in turmoil and feel like I’m going to hyperventilate your probably going out with Ella I know I know but I sense that there maybe a starbucks and new outfit and advice on Ella’s present coming your way if you come with me so please?” you could tell she was panicking she never took a breath once throughout her little speech. Well how could I say no to a new outfit starbucks and advice on the girl I was crazy about
“Well you must know what I’m sacrificing for you, I could be going out with a beautiful girl and instead I’m shopping with you.” I said hoping it would shame her. Plan successful. We arranged on meeting at half one at our usual starbucks.
“you better get yourself a few outfits” Ella said looking up at me with her big green eyes that make you get lost in them.
“What you mean?” I asked with a hint of confusion in my voice, did she not like my clothes?
“Well if we’re going away for the weekend” she looked up at me and smiled “I know I will be getting new ones” and she kissed me to make sure I knew she meant she wanted to come. I realised that I Must have been talking in my sleep again, that’s the bad thing she’ll probably know more then I want her to.
“Oh and for the record, I do think you’ve changed your so much more gentleman like.” with that she got up and started getting dressed. “Where we going by the way for the holiday?” she said straightening her hair out in my mirror.
“Well there’s this little cabin in the middle of nowhere, well not nowhere its at the bottom of these mountains and well its beautiful this time of year” I smiled “warm clothes are needed and we leave on Friday” I added so happy she was accepting. I decided on not telling her that it was my families just yet.

After she left I got ready and went and met Molly who was wearing her thick Christmas jumper with her favourite chuck (out of gossip girl) scarf, gloves and her Minnie mouse hat. Oh yeah another thing about Molly, she is always cold; even in the middle of a scorching hot summer Molly’s there crying when its cold. She does that as well, we can always tell when she’s cold she cries. It’s bizarre. “sorry, am I late?” I asked as I hugged her, she really was cold.
“No I’m just early, I have what I’m getting everyone planned just not Frank” she said sounding defeated. Bless her.
“Well we will start with the people you do know and then we will get Frank’s deal?” I said taking the Starbucks she’d just given me while nodding. I looked at her list and we went in order.

It took us until half six to get all of her presents but we did it and well I must say they truly are amazing. We we’re now sat in Frankie and Bennies waiting for our food.
“So me and Ella are going away” I told her sipping my coke. “we’re going to my parents cabin in the mountains, we’re just going for the weekend.” My smile slowly faded when she started chocking on water “What you think it’s a bad idea? Should I cancel? But she accepted” I said frantically patting her back.
“NO! Don’t cancel, I’m just surprised that’s all” she said hugging me “your settling down and I can tell you really like her and I know she really likes you and its all just perfect” she said filling up “my best friends are getting it on and I’m not freaked out. Just promise me I can be a bridesmaid, chief” she said smirking. Now usually that would of freaked me out, any thought of marriage would of but when I think marriage and Ella I don’t freak out. I think it’s love. After our food had been served we we’re chatting and having good catch ups and she kept talking about Frank. She was very smitten about him and I know he’s fell for her I mean she’s the first girl he’s ever watched chick flicks with or the first one he’s ever actually stayed over at there house with, he has this freaky thing where he doesn’t like girls houses because apparently there “too perfect” and she’s the very first girl he’s ever invited to one of our shows and watched us play. He normally says that if the girl found out she’d dump him or stay with him to try and get his money. And to be fair half of his exes probably would. Well all of them would. But with Molly he’s different and so laid back.
“I think it’s love Gerard, I really do” she said blushing but her massive smile gave away her true emotion. Maybe more than smitten then.
“Well” I said picking up my glass “to love” and with that we both clinked our glasses, happiness taking over our fear.
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