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Choo Choo

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Christmas tree's and a surprise for Amy

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Gerard’s P.O.V
Due to an unfortunate event of work not being met, it was decided that me and Ella would go to the cabin the weekend after. Meaning we’d get back on Christmas eve, a perfect way to start Christmas. Not all bad then. Anyway I was currently at band practice. Oh yeah we we’re also working on our third album, but I’m getting ever so distracted I mean I want everything to be perfect and wonderful for our weekend. Must ring mother and check that it is. Just as we was about to get down to the recording everyone pulled their phones out.
Hey, I know your all busy and what not but just to let you all know, Ella and Amy normally stay at my house over Christmas and well your all invited! J so bring your presents and sleeping bags and shit and see you there (if your coming that is) xx” Molly had texted us all, since the show she’s been chatting to all of the guys and I’m guessing Frank mentioned we all spend Christmas together as usually the girlfriends are with their family or their friends. We all agreed that we would go I mean I bet it’ll be fun and all I could think of was extra days with Ella, long weekend with her. Frank was obviously thrilled because him and Molly are now boyfriend and girlfriend. This only happened because she overheard him on the phone to his mother who was asking why he wasn’t calling her and that would be because he was at Molly’s anyway he described this and said he was with his girlfriend. It was so funny Molly thought he was cheating and then he had to explain it was her he was talking about. Anyway the point of this was Mikey wasn’t thrilled in fact it was only because Frank sat on him and refused to move that he agreed to come. I don’t know what happened on his date but whatever it was needs to be sorted, he said he was having a wonderful time when Amy had to gone to the toilet and he had sneakily texted me but ever since Saturday he’d been down, unsocial able, unapproachable and to top things off he’d dumped Amber! Told her it wasn’t working out he’s met somebody else but according to Ella and Molly, Amy hasn’t said anything about the date and she said “he’s not the one”. Wish I knew what was going on! I hate seeing Mikey like this. Well we best go recording.

Ella’s P.O.V
“You know what I love about Christmas?” Molly said as we was decorating the tree, a girly tradition every year.
“The presents your going to get?” Amy asked sounding more chirpy. It was true Molly always said she didn’t want presents but deep down we knew it’s the only reason she got up at 6 in the morning. She was a big kid at heart.
“No. But I do love them” she said giggling and snatching the angel off me. “But decorating the tree, it’s the most artistic I actually get and it also means that you two are going to be staying in 11 days” she said turning to us and smiling. “Oh and the guys now” she said smiling even more. Oh yeah she’d invited the guys making Christmas dinner harder for me to cook every year.
“I think the tree is decorated enough, anymore and it will fall over and Molly you will have a scare in the middle of the night and I don’t think Jon next door will appreciate you knocking on his with your pillow and cover again.” Remembering the memory of getting a phone call off Jon because she thought someone was breaking in and got scared when in truth it was the Christmas tree because she thought the phrase ‘you can never have to much’ actually was relevant.
“Ok, oh I got a new thing” she said running to her cupboard and pulling out a massive box. “It’s a train set that goes around the base of the Christmas tree and blows bubbles when you press the button!” She was more excited then I’d ever seen her.
“Oh god save us” Amy said. However I quickly jumped off the and to help Molly set it up, not because I was excited but because she’d mess and brake it and I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

Three hours later and the train set was in a big crumpled mess with bubbles everywhere and it going “Choo choo” from the stupid train.
“What happened here?” Frank asked laughing to himself “women trying to put things together again” he said shaking his head and sitting down sorting the train set out “this should be illegal” he said mumbling to himself.
“How did you-” Molly was about to ask then realised the answer for herself. “I gave you the spare key” she blushed and went back to putting presents under the tree.
“Anyway I came to ask Ella to come shopping with me tomorrow?” He said looking at me.
“What why Ella why not me!?” I moaned at him.
“Because it’s for your Christmas present silly” He said kissing her on the forehead “so will you Ella?”
“Of course I will” I said smiling. This will help me get to know Frank more. He seemed very nice he was currently holding Molly up who was trying to stick the angel on top of the tree, oh yeah and he was getting a sneak peak up her skirt.
“I’m going to go out, see you tomorrow” Amy announced grabbing her stuff and walking out.
“Oh ok” me, Frank and Molly replied all in unison.

Amy’s P.O.V
“What can I get you miss?” The bartender looked down at me messing with my bar mat, I really thought Mikey would have been my good date but no. I know he said he had a girlfriend but I don’t want to be the one that breaks them up and that dawned on me when I heard him say “I love you”.
“Erm… give me a second” I said looking up a little at him and going back to messing with my bar mat. When he came back I’d decided on a vodka and coke, only one though, just as I was about to pay he said
“no need, the guy at the end of the bar has paid” deciding it was only far I at least looked him, I looked up at him slowly and it had to be him. It could have been anyone but him. And now he was walking towards me oh no oh no.
“I’m sorry, I hope you’ll let me explain” he said quietly. I nodded deciding on at least hearing him out.
“I had a girlfriend when I dated you and I know everyone uses this excuse but it really wasn’t working out she was more interested in Gerard than me, and I stayed with her to make myself look good and because my mother was comparing me to Gerard, but then we went on our date and your more my girl, you like everything I like, we have the same sense of humour and your just amazing. And if I can say that all from just one date then imagine how I’m going to feel if you agree on a second date or even if you agree to speak to me. I’ve not got a girlfriend now. In fact I told her I had to speak to her as soon as you left and I broke it off with her then. I’m sorry I hurt you please forgive me.” Wow I was blown away. I knew I should hate him but how could I? have you seen how adorable he is?
“Ok, one chance” I smiled. We stayed talking all night and he dropped me off at mine and didn’t try no funny business. Aww how sweet of him.
“Thank you for a wonderful night” I blushed at me.
“It’s ok, I really enjoyed it” I smiled then decided on not letting the moment slip away again I stood on my tip toes and kissed him just as a snowflake fell on my nose. It was snowing!
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