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Cupid out of a job

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Gerard and Ella's trip and Christmas Eve

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Gerard’s P.O.V
It was now Christmas Eve morning and I was making me and Ella breakfast before we took to the road. We had so much fun and I think I’ve fell for her more. Even though I didn’t think that was possible. We got here late Friday night because traffic on the road and the snow had caused so many crashes, but we got here so we made tea together which was amazing, seen as I can only cook certain things so she was showing me what to do and we made lemon chicken which I must say was pretty damn hot; and we ate it with the blinds open cuddled up on the window top looking out at the mountains and the little lake in front of the cabin. It was breathtakingly beautiful I must say. Anyway after that we went to bed and cuddled up and chatted about our childhood and what we’d missed since the last time we dated. Back when I was old Gerard.
Then yesterday we decided we couldn’t come here and not go skiing, so we drove up to the ski slope and got our equipment and went on the carts to the top, Ella was pretty scared she said she didn’t like heights and that when she was in high school there was this teacher who forced her to do this when she was ill so she doesn’t like it and can’t do it, so I sat with my arm around her and told her I’d be a nice teacher. When we started off she was better then I thought just needed a bit of practice and we was on the baby slope so she quickly got the hang off it.
“Your doing better then me, sweetheart!” I shouted from the bottom of the hill giggling.
“I’m just trying to get to the lovely ski instructor!” she said giggling dead cute and I knew she didn’t mean it. After we’d got bored of the ski slope we decided we was hungry and cold so went to the café at the bottom of the hill, where we cuddled up on the sofa laughing and giggling. We ordered pizza, chips, which we shared, and coffee and she pulled the most adorable face ever when we realised we had to get back to the cabin because it was about to snow again and we’d get stranded.
We got back just in time as it was like a blizzard out there, which messed with the TV satellite so our plan of watching a film went out of the window. Instead we made that night the best night of my life. We decided to get changed into our pyjamas, which was difficult for me as I normally sleep nude or in just my boxers, Ella was in my top and boxers - which she rocked better than me - and we cuddled up in front of the fire. After awhile of talking about family and about what happened today and Frank and Molly and Mikey and Amy; she decided she wanted to hear our new stuff so I got the acoustic guitar I brought with me, just in case something popped into my head and I played her “Disenchanted” I really do love this song and I played it to Molly and she cried.
“Wow” she said sat behind me, with her arms wrapped around my shoulders and kissing my back “the song, the lyrics, your voice it’s all just amazing” she whispered in my ear. Well all the flattery lets just say the fire wasn’t needed to keep us warm.

Anyway we’ve decided we should head back, we’ve had breakfast and we should get back home in two hours or so depending on traffic and weather, then its go get the presents and new clean clothes and off to Molly’s. We have it all planned.

Molly’s P.O.V
I’d just finished sorting the house out and making space for everyone when I heard the first knock of the door, I answered and saw Frank stood there with presents piled up.
“Here let me help” I said taking the first couple off of him and walking in “are they all for me?” I said giggling knowing full well they wasn’t they said everyone’s name on them.
“Nope I’ve not actually got yours with me” He replied and putting them under the tree, I can’t cause I can’t rap them up he said kissing me.
“Oh can I know what they are? I’ll do anything” I said smiling and flashing him my cute look to which he just kept kissing me
“Hope we’re not interrupting anything, but the front door was wide open” with that Mikey and Amy walked in and dumped their presents.
“Oh Gerard and Ella are on their way back” Amy said giving me the heads up probably what the text I received about 20 minutes ago “they should be here within the next half an hour” she said making herself at home. Well it was kind of her home. Well one of them anyway.
“And the guys are on their way, Bob text me saying they we’re stopping off for stuff to bring with them” Mikey informed Frank more then me.
By the time everyone arrived it was half six and I was so hungry I could of kissed the take away delivery guy when he arrived with our feast. We decided on watching Miracle on 34th Street as it is like a Christmas classic. Well we didn’t agree on it I mean I bullied Frank into agreeing with me.
“So how did you meet Gerard than Molly?” Bob asked looking at me. This was interesting how did I meet Gerard? It was so long ago I couldn’t remember.
“Oh charming” he said throwing a pillow at me which I swiftly dodged and it hit Frank.
“Cheers dude” he said throwing it back at him and pulling me back in his arms.
“Oh I remember!” I said giggling “he was walking past and I was getting out of this taxi with all this shopping and my baby god daughter”
“Cause she’d crashed her car” he added quickly smirking.
“Yes because I’d crashed my car” I said glaring at him “and all my shopping fell out of the bags because they all broke. So he helped me get my shopping in the house then it was rude not ask him if he wanted a coffee because well he had helped me, so he did and we got chatting and we swapped numbers than we just texted each other all the time and became good friends” I said remembering it like it was yesterday.
“He most likely wanted to get in your knickers” Ray said causing an eruption of laughter from everybody in the house.
“Did you?” Ella looked up at him and kissed under his chin so he knew it was ok to tell the truth.
“Truthfully no, she just seemed funny and cute so that’s why I helped her.” He said more to Ella then to everyone in the room. “Then I found out I’d been with you and she was your best friend and well I felt bad cause I found out the day after we went on our date” he said looking away and like he was in deep thought.
“Is that why you never rang me?” Molly suddenly asked “you rang me like months later when you got held up at that petrol station?” He responded by nodding.
“I felt ashamed, then we went to the cinema watching Ps, I Love You and it made me realise I needed a girl, truth-be-told I wanted Ella” he looked down at her then at everyone else “and I knew you were best friends and that’s the first person you’d talk about me too …. I just hoped you’d set me up with her” He said, everyone just sat there speechless.
“Well looks like I’ve put cupid out of a job” Molly beamed at me and Ella.
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