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I Love You

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Christmas Day and a surprise guest.

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Molly’s P.O.V.
I was happily lay in bed about to get my sleep so I could get up in the morning early to open my presents, then Frank started moving.
“Will you stop it” I whispered with my back to him.
“I can’t help it I can’t get comfortable” he said fidgeting again.
“It’s like you’ve got ants in your pants, lie on your back or something” I said giggling a little and rolling over to look at him just as he lay on his back. He was still for a matter of ten seconds then was back to fidgeting. “Frank stop it I can’t sleep” I moaned with my eyes closed.
“I can’t get comfortable” he resulted in cuddling up to me. “Nope that’s not working either, you cuddle up to me” he said, which I did, by this time putting the pillow over his head seemed a wonderful idea. Me cuddling up to him didn’t work either it was only when Gerard came in did Frank find a comfortable position. Thank you god.

Christmas Day Morning, 6 Am
I ran into Gerard and Ella’s room and dived on their bed
“Get up, get up, its Christmas, get up!” I said jumping up and down and Frank quickly followed doing the same and we was both giggling.
“Get off the bed before I make you” Gerard moaned rolling over and switching the light on to which Ella squealed ’to bright ‘and wiggled under the cover.
“You have 15 minutes to get up and be downstairs otherwise I start cooking” I said smiling and walked out holding Frank’s hand smiling. We repeated this procedure to everyone in the house and the threat of me cooking quickly got everyone downstairs.
“It’s 6:20 Am and never have I been up this early before in my life” Gerard, who was sat with his sunglasses on because he said he felt like he was asleep. We all opened our presents but I gave mine out last.
“You better like this it took us 5 hours to get all of these” Gerard said sipping his coffee.
I was actually proud of my presents this year, I thought to myself, I’d gotten Ella a Mark Webber Helmet that was signed, what can I say working for Frank had more than just one advantages. I got Amy a years supply of coke zero and a You Me At Six goody bag, she really does love them. I got Gerard some new Ray Ban sunglasses as he moaned so much about his breaking. I didn’t really know what to buy Mikey, Ray and Bob but Gerard helped me I got Mikey a years supply of coke zero just like Amy and some Dawn of the Dead guitar picks, they really did suit, and I got Ray some Xbox games that I’m sure Gerard only suggested because he wanted to play them and I got Bob some drumsticks signed by his favourite band, I can’t remember who.
“What about me?” Frank said looking at me.
“Well I can’t carry it downstairs its too heavy” I said blushing and throwing him a little package just as Gerard went up and got the present he always knows my hiding places, “that’s not heavy though” I said giggling. I got him some skeleton gloves because he was forever going on about them when he saw I had some and some matching bed socks.
“Aww we’re going to match now” he said giggling and kissing me.
“Here you go dude” Gerard said passing him the very identifiable guitar case shape wrapped up awfully. Oh yeah I can’t wrap either. He quickly unwrapped it and opened up the case.
“Wow, thank you” he said and kissing me longer then last time resulting in everyone making sick noises. I’d got him a plain white guitar he saw when we was making out our Christmas lists.
By the time we all opened our presents it was like half eight in the morning.
“Babe I can’t give you two of your presents yet, its to early” he smiled at me “but I can give you this” he handed me a small box shaped present just as everyone was walking away and into the kitchen. I opened it slowly and it was this cute little bracelet that fitted me perfectly, it had little stones in it “I know you don’t really like your birthstone so I just got mixed ones and your so awkward no where had your size because your wrist is so small!” He laughed and I just stood there staring at it, it was beautiful all I could do was pounce and kiss him and I only pulled away when I knew we needed breath.
“Thank you” I whispered scared of letting the tears overflow out of my eyes.
“Its ok your worth it” he said wrapping his arms around my waist and walking in to the kitchen to help out with the cooking.
Ella and Gerard made a beautiful breakfast, she’s really rubbing off her good traits on him which is good. Me and Frank thought it was only fair that we cleaned up as we didn’t do much just messed around hitting each other with the towels.
“Frank, Gerard wants to talk to you” Ella informed him just as he was about to smack my bum “I’ll clean up here” she said smiling and taking the plate off him.
“Oh thanks” he walked out and to Gerard.
“He likes you a lot you know” Ella said to me loading the plates into the dishwasher. “When we was shopping he just kept making sure everything was perfect for you.” she looked at me “he’s going to treat you right, not like the others where they’d rather go out.” She smiled, she really did care.
“Molly you have to come see this!” Amy ran in “Frank’s up a pole!” Now when you hear the words Frank and pole in the same sentence its not good as he gets hurt easily, so I ran to the front door to see him sliding down the flag pole in my front garden, with a microphone in one hand and a CD player on the floor near the pole “your just to good to be true … can’t take my eyes off you” That’s when I realised what he was doing “you’d be like heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much…” He was doing a Heath out of 10 Things I Hate About You! Oh my. “I love you baby and if it’s quite alright I need you baby. To warm my lonely night I love you baby, Trust in me when I say. Oh, pretty baby don't bring me down I pray oh, pretty baby now that I found you, stay and let me love you baby…” he sang straight in front of me and looking straight at me “let me love you…” Well how could you say no to that? He’s just acted out my favourite chick flick and he despises them!
“I love you” I said smiling and pulling him to me by his cheeks.

Ella P.O.V
After Frank had decided to do his song, which we all planned except her he brought in her final present. You couldn’t even wrap this two munchkins up. He got her the two dogs she’s been after for years now. Well since she moved to America. She wanted a brown and white pug which was chubby and just slept and ate and called Chunk and a tiny hyper dog which was black and white who tormented Chunk called Twigs.
Gerard gave me a gorgeous locket with a picture of me and him in it when we was at the cabin, it was my favourite picture and on the locket he had “Love You G x” engraved in it. Wow any doubts I had before had certainly gone out of the window. I loved him and that’s all that matters now, not the past but now. We all mixed in with Christmas dinner, even Molly who I must add made some beautiful mash. But none of us was going to admit that, she wouldn’t shut up about it. Just as we sat down to eat it there was a knock at the door.
“I’ll be back in a second” Molly said jumping up and answered the door closing the living room door. That’s when we heard
“no she’s not here, hey what you doing? You can’t go up there! Get out!” then loud thudding up the stairs.
“What’s going on?” Gerard was the first one to be alarmed and jump up.
“I don’t know” I shook my head
“You stay here” Frank said getting up and walking towards the living room door, obviously I followed she was my best friend and so did Gerard
“I told you she wasn’t here get out!” then we heard the crash and a bang and the thudding come back down the stairs and we saw him just as Frank opened the door. It was Spencer.
“Go check on Mol!” Gerard shouted and chased after him along with Frank. I ran upstairs and she was sat there with her cheek red raw and her nose, head and lip bleeding and a lamp smashed into tiny pieces at the side of her.
“Mol are you ok?” I said rushing to her side hugging her. Spencer was her ex boyfriend and mine. He was a full on dick. We didn’t know he was dating both of us and when we did find out we didn’t fall out to the shock of everyone. No we stood by each other and was therefore each other. He convinced us he was the one and it hurt, don’t get me wrong, to know I wasn’t and it was gross to thing think that every time I kissed him he could of just kissed her, but it was no ones fault except for his. For some reason every year at Christmas he always came around and pestered us, it was either me or Molly, only one, never both. But never before had he turned violent
“Is he gone? Where’s Frank?” she said hugging me back, shaking.
“I’m here” he said walking over and hugged her to his chest. “Who is he?” He asked mainly me as Molly was sobbing a little in his chest. I explained the story to him.
“Yeah well he won’t be coming back again” Frank nodded and walked her to the bath to clean her up.
“Are you okay?” Gerard said hugging me to him, he was stood in the door frame all the time I told the story. All I did was nod back holding on to his top.
“What did you do to him?” I asked curious of Frank’s statement.
“Frank just threatened him, I’ve never seen him that angry before.” he said stroking my hair. “Come on, lets go have our lovely dinner” he said and I looked at the bathroom door “Frank will take care of her, they’ll be down soon” He said kissing me softly on the lips to reassure me.
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