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Did he just say that?

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Tensions rise in the house.

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Frank’s P.O.V
“You bastard, what the fuck did you do to her!” I screamed in his face pinning him to a wall, I don’t know what came over me, this guy was massive compared to me but he’d hurt Molly and no one hurts her.
“She deserved it, she broke us up! I love Ella!” he shouted back. Not that I was listening all I was trying to do was to stop myself from killing the bastard.
“No she fucking didn’t Spencer. You did that by dating them both. You hurt them both and used them and I swear you lay a finger on any of them again and you wont even get down the first stair.” Gerard said calmly behind me, but his tone was chilling and threatening. Something told me he wasn’t just saying this to protect Ella but Molly too. “Come on Frank lets make sure Molly’s ok. He‘s not worth it” He put his hand on my shoulder gently pulling me away. I kneed this Spencer in the groin and ran back. When I got there Ella was hugging Molly and all I could see was the glass of the light smashed next to them.
“Is he gone? Where’s Frank?” she asked breaking my heart with the way she sounded, her voice betraying her by displaying the upset in it. I immediately rushed over hugging her to me. I don’t know why but I asked who he was, even though Gerard had explained some of it. Ella explained fully to me about what he’d done and Molly sobbed in my chest.
“Lets get you cleaned up babe” I whispered in her hair not knowing if she heard me or not and helped her up and into the bathroom slowly. I sat her on the toilet seat and looked at her face for the first time and god I wish I’d done more to him. She had a massive gash in her head, presumably from the lamp, a black eye which was quickly closing up, her nose had stopped bleeding but her lip hadn’t, it was busted and swollen just like her cheek which had a visible bright red hand print on it.
“Calm down babe.” I said stroking her other cheek causing her to flinch. Please don’t let her be scared of me, I’d never do anything to hurt her. I couldn’t. “What happened?” I asked filling the sink up and get everything I needed ready. There was a long pause until she spoke.
“He asked for Ella and he stunk of booze so I said she wasn’t in, like we do every year… and he just barged past me and went up the stairs. I tried to stop him…. but he’d gone in my room and he must of seen your stuff and he just flipped” she sobbed a little “he pushed me to the wall and slapped me asking who you were, he wouldn’t even give me chance to speak and he just picked the lamp up and threw it at me” she looked at the floor “and it was my favourite lamp” she said trying to make the mood a little brighter. “I can’t remember anything after that though all I remember is being slumped against the wall and Ella hugging me” She said trying to remember.
“It doesn’t matter now” I said kissing her head “this is going to sting and I’m sorry ok babe?” she nodded and looked at me with her one good eye as I started cleaning her cuts making sure no glass was in them, she squirmed a lot but I just gave her my hand and soothed her. Looking at herself in the mirror she didn’t react the way I thought she would she just went
“Can I have an eye patch?” which caused us to giggle.
“We don’t have to go downstairs if you don’t want we can sit up here and cuddle up” I said with my arms around her waist.
“You can’t possibly fancy me when I look like this?” she asked turning to face me.
“I fancy you no matter what you look like” I spoke the truth to her and she kissed me softly.
“Thank you for taking care of me” she whispered on my lips “you know I can’t actually see, when he slapped me my contact fell out” she giggled, it was true she couldn’t see a thing if she didn’t have her contacts in or her glasses on.
“Well you look beautiful but you’ve got blood on your clothes so lets get you changed yeah?” she nodded and I led her to the bedroom where she got undressed and I helped her get redressed into a little blue dress.
“well this is a first” she said giggling as I was buttoning her up “you dressing me, your normally undressing me” she smiled. I’m glad she was ok.
“Yeah well there’s plenty of time for that” I smiled and kissed her gently careful not to bust her lip again,
“I still want a eye patch” she stated trying to find something to tie around her, in the end we made her an eye patch. When we walked downstairs everyone laughed at the eye patch and everyone had finished their dinner,
“Nice its cold” she said trying her mash “oh well looks like I’m having some chocolate cake” she smiled and cleared everyone’s plates up.
“Mol we don’t have chocolate cake, we didn’t make a dessert remember?” Ella shouted to her, to which she popped her head around to us.
“No you didn’t but I did” she beamed “I can’t cook but I can bake” she giggled and went back in to the kitchen. Now I don’t know if anyone else noticed but there was defiantly tension coming from Ella and Gerard, since we’d been downstairs they’d not talked to each other, or even looked at each other for that matter. She was currently talking to Amy and the guys and he was just sat there looking into his glass of coke.
“I’m going to go see if Molly wants some help” he announced and walked into the kitchen swiftly. Ella didn’t even budge in fact what she said shocked me.

Gerard’s P.O.V
“What did you do to him?” I Ella asked again as we were walking downstairs.
“Ok I wasn’t truthful, Frank didn’t threaten him I did, Frank hit him in the balls and we walked off.” I said looking at her. “I think we should call the police though, I mean he was off his head with booze he could hurt anyone” I said truthfully.
“And ringing the police will help how?” She said sounding a little to defensive for my liking.
“Because they can put him in a cell until its worn off or something, I don’t know I just think it’s for the best.” I said looking at her curiously “I thought you’d of wanted to ring the police I mean you saw what he did to Mol, your best friend.” I said stating the obvious.
“Yeah well he was drunk, he’s not normally like this” She said glaring at me. Why did she care so much?
“Yeah well when I was drunk I didn’t go round and slap girls silly or through lights at them. Being drunk isn’t an excuse” I shook my head “and why do you care so much anyway?” I said looking directly at her. She just looked away and started to walk off. “Oh that’s it, walk off when you can’t answer, I’ve been nothing but truthful since we’ve been like this, you could do the same.” I started to walk past her
“Nothing but truthful? Why did you threaten him Gerard? Is because he hurt Molly? Is it because you can’t stand her being hurt?” She said with anger in her tone. “If that’d of been me would you of done the same? No. I bet you wouldn’t. But because its Mol its oh lets get all defensive.” She said glaring down at me. She thought I loved Molly?
“You think that’s why I did that? You think that’s the only reason I care? No. Ella your wrong, yes I love Molly but as a friend! She’s like a younger sister to me and she’s in love with my best friend. Not me. And I don’t love her like that and I’m not in love with her like that. You want to know why I threatened him? Do you! Well its because who’s to say he wont find out about us and get pissed off at you hey?! Who’s to say he sees us once and then when I’m not with you he takes it out on you!? I couldn’t live with myself knowing I’d got you hurt because I didn’t ring the police because ‘oh well it’s fine he was drunk.’ and why you so bothered anyway? Tell me do you love him Ella?” I said trying to calm myself down, the last thing anyone needed was us two having a blazing row over something so stupid. She didn’t speak for what seemed like forever and then just looked away. That was all I needed for an answer, I just turned round and carried on walking.
Molly and Frank calm down and I must say she looked happier. That’s Franks magical touch. He can always cheer someone up when their down. He used to do that with me. Anyway I’m sure he picked up on the tension between me and Ella, we hadn’t spoken to each other since we sat down and I gradually moved my chair away from her. We didn’t even look at her. When Molly said she was going getting the chocolate cake I decided I needed some conversation so I said I was going to go help her.
“Yeah that’s right, “help” Gerard.” That was the only time she looked at me.
“Right that’s it” I said slamming my glass down “I’m not the one who loves someone else Ella, you are! You couldn’t even give me a straight answer when I asked if you loved him you just looked away, you know how much that hurt me Ella! I actually thought you was the one! I thought me and you was good obviously not you want some tosser who hurt you and your best friend! He tried to play you both off against each other, and I bet there was others you don’t know about to.”
“Well you’d know all about that wouldn’t you Gerard hey?” She said standing up and snarling at me.
“Oh now I get it. That’s what this is about! If you can’t see that I’ve changed then maybe there’s no future and for your information I didn’t go out with anyone I just took them on dates.”
“How can I know you don’t love her then Gerard?! I don’t know what works inside that head of yours do I?!” she screamed at me. What scared me was there was no emotion just anger in her voice. Just then Molly walks out of the kitchen and looked at us both.
“Because I Love You Ella Rose! In fact scrap that. I’m in love with you Ella Rose.” I couldn’t take it no more the tears flooded out and I ran off upstairs. I couldn’t take everyone looking at me as intensely as they we’re doing.

Ella’s P.O.V
Did he really just say that?
“I’ve never heard him say that about a girl before” Molly said quietly as if she was scared. Shit I’d accused Gerard of being in love with her and now she’s going to feel shit about it. I looked around everyone and they all look shocked.
“I have to go speak to him” I said and ran up the stairs and to the room we was staying in. I pushed open the door and he was lay on the bed with his back to the door breaking his little heart out.
“Gerard I…” before I could even finish my sentence he cut in
“Just get out, I don’t want to talk to you” he sobbed “I’ll pack my things and leave in a minute then you’ve got the room to yourself.” He said getting up and walking to the wardrobe. I can’t believe I’ve done this. There was no doubt in my mind before Spencer came. And I can’t let him get in the way of me and Gerard. I love this guy to much to lose him.
“I don’t want you to leave. I’m not going to let you leave.” I said snatching the bag out of his hands. “I’m sorry. And I know sorry just doesn’t cut it but I am.” I chocked back the tears. “I don’t know where that came from, I mean what I’m trying to say is that I Love You to” I couldn’t hold back any longer I just broke down. “Please I don’t love Spencer and the reason I didn’t answer was because well I thought you did love Molly and I know its stupid and it sounds stupid when I say now but I don’t know, I just thought you did” I said looking at the floor.
“Yeah well I don’t” he looked at me “I love you”.
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