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Sickly Sweet

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New Years Eve!

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Gerard's P.O.V
I really didn't want to be like this, I just wanted to take her into my arms, hug her and tell her I’m sorry for shouting but I just couldn't she accused me of loving my best friends girlfriend and not her. I needed space, maybe I was just being optimistic maybe I’m forever going to be the guy who sleeps around all the time. But I don't want to be like that. I want Ella all happy and nice and us being together. I took the bag from her hand gently, I may be pissed off but it's not right to be rough towards a girl.
"Gerard, please" she cried, breaking my heart "please don't leave, please I’m sorry, I love you! I’ll do anything." She looked up at me. I was just about to break and give in.
"I have to, maybe we've spent to much time together and we need a break, I don't know, all I know is that it hurt to think you thought that of me." I said not looking at her cause I wouldn't stick to what I’ve just said, I just packed my bag instead.
"So that’s just it? We're just over, just like that? Over something so stupid?" She sounded so pissed off.
"Maybe it's just best we have a break" I said and walked out slowly. I didn't even bother saying bye to anyone I just needed to get out of there. I drove to my mum and dads, I couldn't go back to mine Frank would come home and she knows where I live. She doesn't know where my parents live. Normally I’d go to Molly’s but I cant for obvious reasons.

Molly's P.O.V
I looked out of the window to see Gerard leaving with his bag, guessing they didn't sort it. "It's Gerard going." I announced and cleaned everyone’s plates up. I decided on leaving it until everyone had settled down to watch the horror on TV to slip upstairs to check on Ella, she hadn't been down since Gerard left which was about an hour and half ago. I saw the door open slightly so I peered in to make sure it was safe to go in and she was just sat on the bed with her back to the door.
"Ella" I walked over slowly and that’s when I saw his jacket she was holding.
"I've screwed up so bad" she whispered "I'm sorry" she looked up at me, wow she was a mess her "waterproof" mascara was all down her face, I’ve never seen her this bad over a guy.
"Don't be sorry" I said hugging her "I get it, what did he say?" I stroked her hair trying to calm her down as she was crying when I asked.
"He thinks we need a break, we've spent to much time together apparently. But no guy comes back after a break do they? A breaks a nice way of saying we're not ever going to get back together but I’ll give you false hope. And all this because well I thought he wanted you. How stupid can I be? you set us up why would he go on the date if he wanted you?" she sounded angrily and I knew the anger was towards herself and no one else.
"Hey me and Gerard do talk alot most people would of thought the same, and trust me I bet Gerard will come back" I said looking at her "he's never talked so much about someone in his life, his comic book company rang Frank the other day asking him if he will get Gerard back into shape and he loved nothing more than his comic until you came along." I said getting up off the bed "I’ll be back in a second, we need the essentials" I smiled and walked downstairs and got the ben and jerrys, sweets and drinks. We chatted and sorted shit out just like we did when we was in high school and college.

A week later.

Ella's P.O.V
It's been a week since Christmas, more importantly since I last saw Gerard, and it was now New Years Eve and we was back round at Molly's tonight, it was a party and there was fireworks. I decided no point on getting dressed up Gerard probably wont show up anyway. I best get ready now I decided on my white jumper with the black spots and my black leggings finished with my black flat dolly shoes, I did my make-up so I convinced Molly I was fine. Truth was everyday he didn't call or text or even tweet I was losing hope. Truth was I wasn't fine.

The party just seemed blur all I could see was happy couples everywhere. they we're sickly sweet. Frank came over, which I didn't expect, I expected him hating me. I mean Gerard's his best friend and I accused him of wanting to get it on with his girlfriend.
"He's missing you, I thought you should know. You might think your fooling Mol but your not, she's not stupid. She's had me driving past your house to see if you were ok. You were just sat there every time I saw you. She's invited him and there’s where she's gone." He looked at me "he loves you and I know you feel the same." he said passing me a shot of Jack "Dutch Courage" he said nodding to Molly's car pulling up, with the tall, pasty black haired beauty sat in the front. “Good luck" Frank said patting me on the back and walked over to Molly embracing her. I saw Molly shoot Gerard a look and point to the kitchen. Shit Shit Shit. He was walking in slowly, he got a drink and walked back to me, I noticed he was on just coke again.
"You look good" he said looking at my face blushing.
"Thanks, its nothing special, didn't think it needed to be" I said looking down at my cup which I wish was full.
"I'm sorry. I acted like a jerk. I miss you" I thought I was day dreaming. "I understand if you don't want to give us another try" he nodded, looking at me hopefully.
"You have no reason to be sorry, its me who should be and I am. You have no idea how guilty I’ve felt this past week and how much I realised I love you" I said determined not to cry.
"I could of acted differently" he held my hand. "I love you" he stroked my hand with his thumb.
"There lighting the fireworks!" Some random guy shouted and Gerard pulled me out.
"5..4..3..2..1!" Everyone shouted counting down to midnight and just as the first firework went off Gerard pulled me into the best passionate kiss I've ever had.
"I love you" I whispered on his lips which housed a perfect smile to match his perfect face.

Cliché I know sorry.
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