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Stuck with me

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The guys have some exciting news

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Frank’s P.O.V
It’d been two weeks since new years and it was the first day back at work, I thought today would all run smoothly; everyone talking about Christmas, not much work getting done, the usual. But no. walking in noticing Molly looking at the floor, she looked upset then I saw my dad.
“Dad what you doing here?” I asked surprised being an understatement to say the least.
“I need to talk to you” he said looking at me then at Molly “both of you.” We went into my office, dad never really comes to the business because he thought I should of took over his, but I didn’t. when safely inside with the door closed I was about to ask what was up but he got in there first.
“Stop fucking about. Someone has seen you both together and before you come out with the business meeting shit, kissing is not a business meeting. You stop this before a) you get in shit when she goes to the police and says its harassment Frank, that’s the only reason she’s doing it, that’s the only reason they all do it, b) one of them office girls who is obsessed with you and finds out and c) because you don’t throw away your business for some slut! I thought I’d told you all about this! This is why you should of come to my company. I could of kept my eye on you there!” he shouted glaring at Molly, whenever he took his eyes off me.
“Dad let me introduce you to Molly.” I said sternly “she’s my girlfriend and we’ve been dating for a month and half, probably two, and I love her. Molly this is my pig ignorant father. Introductions over? Good. Dad a) Molly is in the room “ I said taking her hand “and can still hear you. However she is not like that and you can’t even say stuff like that because of the mistakes you made. You don’t know her like I do. B) them office girls can find out because in fact I was about to have a business meeting with Molly, which you can stay for if it is your wish. And c) I wouldn’t work for you even if I had shit. You do so much to seriously I’ll be grey, smoking more and most likely have a heart attack before even reach 31. And finally do not call my girlfriend a slut.” I said spitting out the last part while staring at him all the way through. He just stared at us and did that long exhale he does when he’s unimpressed.
“Business meeting, oh please you mean a quickie? Frank wise up and stop thinking with your dick.” I just decided to ignore him and I looked at Molly
“take a seat” I smiled down at her hoping I was reassuring her, I know she takes peoples comments to heart. “I need your help. You know that I’m in My Chemical Romance, well we’ve finished the new album and its really took off and well we have to tour” I said looking at the desk. Don’t get me wrong I was thrilled that we was touring it’s just that I knew what I was going to say meant she couldn’t come with me if she choose it, and it’s not exactly how I wanted to tell her, but I know it’ll be good for her. I’ve been talking to Ella and she’s mentioned how Molly’s saving up to own her own business. “Well I … I want you to take care of the company while I’m gone.” I just beamed at her just as my dad spat the mouthful of water he’d helped him to out. I did notice her change of expression though, it went from nervous to scared to hopeful.
“Are you sure? I mean you don’t know if I’m capable or anything and I know how much this means to you.” she said going back to the nervous look.
“At least she talks some sense. Don’t be stupid Frank” my father butted in.
“Yes I’m sure and I know you can, I mean I’ve left you in charge before and we did better over them times and I know it’ll be good practice for when you do your own” I smiles looking her straight in the eyes “please I want you to do this, I believe you can do this.” I said and she nodded slowly. Perfect.
“I can’t believe how stupid your being. On your head be it though when you realise I’m right.” dad said sounding so sure of himself he turned to Molly “just remember what I said” and with that he left. It was silent for a while after he’d gone until she coughed clearing her throat and looked at me
“You didn’t mean that did you?” she looked at me with and obvious mask of emotions on hiding the disappointment. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about Molly is that she can hide her emotions in her facial expressions well, that’s probably from learning it in psychology, but she can’t hide her feelings from the tone of voice. That’s always what gives her away.
“No. I did, I just didn’t want to tell you like this. The band have be called to do a two year world tour, we’ve all had to put everything on hold. Business and families and everything” I said standing up and closing the blinds “you don’t have to accept what I’m offering, in a way I wish you wouldn’t so that you could come tour with me, but that’s unfair of me expecting you to pause for two years.” I said sitting on the edge of my desk and holding her hands. “Ella’s been telling me that you want to own your own business, and I need somebody to take care of the business and you need experience. And it wouldn’t be like this every day, week in-week out. I’d give everyone more holidays and then maybe you’ll be able to come join me and see me.” I said hopeful to her, but unlike Molly I can’t hide my true feelings from my facial expressions.
“What’s up?” she asked stroking my hands with her soft thumbs.
“It’s nothing. I’m just going to miss you” I lied.
“It’s obviously not that, because your eyes still have sadness in them, I can see through your fake smile Iero” she smiled “now tell me.”
“…. I’m scared” I whispered not looking at her.
“Why? Is touring really that scary? You’ll get to see cute French boys. Oh my you will see gorgeous Germans!” She said lightening the mood, when me, Gerard and Ella all have our Takeaway Tuesdays they’ve frequently told me off this German boy she met, but didn’t talk to, on the London Eye. Oh yeah Molly was British but from Manchester. Ever since then she’s obsessed over ‘Gorgeous Germans’. “Anyway I’m being serious now, why?”
I smiled appreciating her fun side but also her caring side. “….. well what if you find somebody new while I’m gone?” I whispered feeling pathetic.
She stared at me. “You honestly think that I’m going to find someone else? Well” she said wiggling in between my legs so she was very close to me “I’m going nowhere. Weather you like it or not your stuck with me. How could I find anyone else anyway? You took care of me when Spencer turned up, you told me I looked beautiful when I honestly didn’t, you sang me Just The Way You Are to help me sleep as well as sliding down a unsafe flag pole in my garden to sing I Love You Baby to me and to top it all off I’m truly madly deeply in love with you” she smiled and Eskimo kissed me.
Pulling her to me I couldn’t stop myself from kissing her “I’m truly madly deeply in love with you too” I smiled and stroked her hair kissing her again and again.

Gerard’s P.O.V
“Oh how long for?” Ella said looking up from her dinner.
“Two years. With breaks here and there” I said holding her hand, more for reassurance for myself than her.
“Oh” she nodded “have fun” she smiled kissing me.
“You can come with me if you want, I know it’s a long time but it’s up to you and if you don’t I will fly out to see you as much as I can, whenever I can. I promise.” I wanted her to understand that I wouldn’t just not see her for two years.
“I can’t come with you, I mean I have my shop and Frank’s going to be asking Molly if she can take care of his business for him and Amy’s going to be going home, I can’t I’m sorry.” She looked back down at her food.
“Babes it’s fine” I stroked her hand slowly “I’ll ring you though and we will talk whenever we can won’t we? I mean the time difference wont bother me. Ring me whenever you can even if it’s like 3 in the morning wherever I am.” I quickly said.
“Your talking like your leaving soon” She said looking up at me.
“…… We are, we’re leaving on Wednesday.” This time it was my turn to look at the food.
“Well I have 48 hours with you” she brought my hand up to her mouth and kissed it slowly “and I’m going to make the most of it babes.” With that she paid the waiter and dragged me out holding my hand and giggling.

2 days later.

Amy’s P.O.V
This must be one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Me and Mikey have spent so much time together, more than I have with Molly and Ella in fact. And now I have to say goodbye to him as he’s going on tour and I also know that whenever he comes back I wont see him cause I have to leave to go back home. I wonder if I will ever see him again. I doubt it but you never know.
“I’ll text you” he said wrapping his arms around me and kissing me “and see you when I can” he smiled looking at us.
“Ok, I’ll miss you” I kissed his neck “have a good time” and then all I can remember is me pulling him into a passionate kiss, the best I’ve ever had to be precise.
“Goodbye babes” He said and walked off slowly. I looked over to see Frank and Molly getting so into there make out session I thought they we’re just gunna strip there and then. Ella and Gerard were looking at each other with their foreheads on each others. When everyone said goodbye we turned to walk out. I heard these hiccups coming from one of us and both me and Ella looked to see Molly not so silently crying. Aww she really does love him.

A Few months later.

Molly’s P.O.V
Guess what Mol.. I have a fashion show in Paris at weekend and I’ve got you a ticket :D! x Ella’s text flashed. Frank had given the workers two weeks off. I didn’t see why Ella was excited then it hit me like a tonne of bricks. They we’re in Paris!
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