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Invade my privacy anyday.

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Ella and Molly surprise them

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Gerard’s P.O.V
The show was intense, it was an outside show and we was playing right next to the hotel so the first thing I did after we got off the stage and spent an hour with the fans was ring Ella. I rang her on my way up to the room.
“Hello you, how was your show?” she said on the other end of the line making me smile so much I probably looked like Wallace out of Wallace and Gromit.
“It was good, the fans went wild, I’m just walking in my hotel room now” I said opening the door greeted by the blackness, the only light coming in was from the flashing lights off the Eiffel tower. “What are you doing now?” I asked looking round, something was different, I don’t know what I just felt not alone.
“Why don’t you come out on to your balcony and find out?” I heard her say to which I instantly hung up the phone and ran outside and there she was stood in her little silk dressing gown, phone in one hand and a drink in the other.
“You suit the feather bower” she said as she placed both items down gently and walked over to me. I just had to touch her, I felt like I was in a dream and that if I did she’d disappear, but I did and grabbed her and pulled her to me and kissed her like I’ve never kissed before. She didn’t pull away she did the exact same. I’ve missed her so much.
“What are you doing here?” I asked tucking a piece of hair behind her ear breathless.
“I can go if you want me to” she giggled “I had a fashion show here and Molly was getting depressed cause she’s not seeing Frank. She started cutting short their phone calls cause she keeps crying” she said stroking my arms “so I decided that I missed you and we should visit.” She came in for another kiss which I was more than happy to grant her.
“I’m so glad you’re here, I’ve missed you so much” I mumbled on her lips kissing them softly every so often.
“I’ve missed you to” she said pulling me into the room and sitting me on the bed, “your very sweaty lovely, lets get you in the bath” she giggled and started walking to the bathroom,
“How did you get in my room by the way?” I said following her with my hands around her waist making it impossible for her to walk.
“We saw Worm, he didn’t remember us but Molly started crying so he felt guilty and let her into the lobby then she saw the cute French guy behind the desk and went and flirted with him and he told us your room numbers and gave us the maids card” she giggled “she has some talent Molly” she turned round in my arms and hugging me.
“Oh so much for security protection” I giggled “but you could invade my privacy any day” I watched her pull away and fill the bath up putting all the products she could find in it. “I’m going to smell like a prostitute if you put anymore in” I smiled enjoying the view of her bum.
“You wont now get undressed like a good boy and come get in the bath” she giggled taking the dressing gown off and sitting on the edge of the bath in her underwear. I quickly did as she said and got in and she put her legs in and started cleaning my back for me.
“So tell me about your tour I’ve been you tubing you every night” she said whilst massaging my tense muscles. I told her all about it whilst she was cleaning each part of me. Helping me out of the bath she then dried me as she was telling me about what she’d done. After she’d finished she stood up and kissed my on the lips, lets just say it was more then I could take and I didn’t stay clean for long.

Frank’s P.O.V
That must have been the show of the tour so far. I was currently walking up to my room, I’d showered before I got there cause my plan was just to simply get in and ring Mol and as we video call I wanted to look good for her, not sweaty. I swiped card and noticed that there was light, not the usual spooky glow but a warm orangey glow coming from the bedside lamps. I’m sure I didn’t leave the lights on, feeling slightly creeped out I walked further in the room to see her facing away from the door asleep and lay on my bed. I walked over and just sat on the chair watching her. I’m guessing she was trying to surprise me but fell asleep. After deciding it was creepy just sat there watching her I started getting undressed trying to be quiet.
“Oh no your back” I heard her soft voice say sounding disappointed. “I fell asleep, I’m sorry I was suppose to jump out at you and surprise you” she looked at the floor.
“Hey, I like nothing better then seeing my girl asleep in my bed, it was a big enough surprise as it is, you’d of jumped out I’d of had a heart attack” I giggled bending down and lift her face up and kissing the tip of her nose softly.
“I know but, I did watch you play, I saw you going crazy baby” she giggled and reaching up and kissing me softly and she just kept going, I’m sure she could feel my smile on her lips.
“Well I was excited” I whispered sitting her back on the bed “I was ringing you afterwards” I carried on moving her so she was lying down and slowly I got on top off her “but this is better I get to see you.”
I can honestly say I J'adore Paris after tonight.

Next morning.

Me and Mol we’re cuddled up in bed giggling and kissing every so often.
“So what did you do to get in?” I asked stroking her hair and looking down at her lay on my chest.
“Well erm … we saw Worm but he didn’t remember us so I started proper crying and he felt sorry for me and let me and Ella in the lobby” she giggled “and then the guy on the desk kept looking over at us so I went over and flirted a little and you know when you asked would you ever flash to save me, well I didn’t flash I just leant over a bit” she giggled again “he soon gave me the maids card and numbers” she kissed all over my chest, “I told you that you was lucky you got to meet cute French guys” she smiled.
“Well I suppose your flirting went towards something good” I smiled and leaned over ordering room service “how’s running the business going?” I asked her and she tensed a little. “What’s up?”
“It’s nothing” she paused for what seemed like forever before carrying on “your dad’s been coming around every day, he says I’m doing it wrong.” she said tracing patterns on my chest.
“Do you think your doing it right?” I said, pissed off that my dad was bothering her, all she did was nod. “Then do it your way just ignore him” I kissed her hand, something was telling me that wasn’t the only thing wrong. “So what else then miss Molly?” that was one of the many nicknames I had for her.
“The office workers know.” She said quietly “they think it’s just because I’m ‘fucking you’ that I’ve got this” I could feel my chest getting wet slowly “I’ve got enough money for my business now, so I’ll work until you come back but this is my notice, they hate me.” She didn’t look up once.
“Babe look at me” I found myself saying which was greeted by her shaking her head so I wiggled her off me and wiggled down the bed and under the covers to face her. “Ignore them, their just stupid, you got that job because I saw potential it had nothing to do with us, but I understand and I knew this time would come and I’m proud of you for doing it, so don’t worry I’ll find another assistant go do what you want to do” I smiled stroking her cheek. “I’ll still be here for you.”
“I love you” she whispered kissing me.
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