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Lets do it.

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Last full day with the boys.

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Frank’s P.O.V
We’d decided that we should go downstairs to see if we could see Ella and Gerard at the dining room. Not only that but Molly had to give the guy the card back, who instantly apologised when he saw me, I waited until Molly started walking and gave the guy 30 Euros for helping her. We sat at the table near the coffee because that’s the first place Gerard will head.
“So what business you going to go into?” I said, looking down at Molly who was underneath me arm smiling.
“Well I’ve always wanted to do music but have like a clothing label with it but I can’t draw to save my life, to be honest I’m better at the business side of stuff, so it looks like just music.” she sat down at the table after getting her coffee and adding many sugars in to it.
“You see I’m the opposite, I’ve always wanted to own the same as you but I can’t do the business side that’s why I don’t do the business side now, but I can draw” I smiled taking a sip of my coffee. We must have been on the same wave length because we both looked up at the same time, smiling.
“Maybe we could help each other out?” I said smiling holding her hand.
“Yeah maybe we could” she smiled “but you have like the band, your business now and then part of this business? To much you think?” she sounded concerned.
“No. I rang my dad while you was in the shower and he wants to buy my company out, I don’t really like working there and well you wont be there much longer so I’ve accepted his offer.” I said smiling, feeling it was truly the best thing I’ve done, in a long time. She was shocked though, this time she didn’t’t hide it from her facial expressions.
“You’ve actually done that? But your dads a” she paused contemplating weather to say it or not “dick” she looked down biting her lip.
“Yeah he is, but if I’m truthful I don’t actually enjoy it, I would though if it was something like that.” I smiled.
“Let’s do it” she beamed looking up at me just as Gerard and Ella joined.

Ella’s P.O.V
We went and saw Molly and Frank and announced that we was off to go look at art galleries because Gerard was highly interested in them. So we was currently looking around our fourth one which had fashion in it to, we had just looked at the Mona Lisa when I realised that I had to go tomorrow and I didn’t know when I’d be seeing him again. He must of noticed my sudden change because he stopped walking around.
“Hey, you bored? It’s not thrilling no more” he said smiling.
“No no it’s not that. I just I .. I’m leaving tomorrow and I don’t know when I’ll be seeing you.” I looked down then back at him.
“You’ll see me very soon. I promise. We’ve cancelled the tour down to a year now, because we hadn’t finalised anything and we all agreed it was to much.” he said walking outside with me smiling “how about we go get some dinner?” He looked at me
“I’d like that a lot” I smiled and he led me to a little café on the river bank where we decided weather we should get on the luxury boat or to sit in the café, we decided on the boat as no one else got on it so we could have some privacy. We had a wonderful meal of spaghetti bolognaise, not very French but oh well. We did the lady and the tramp thing and we laughed and giggled all the way through. We decided maybe not going up the Eiffel tower as it was so busy however Gerard did go to the women at the desk, I don’t know why but I saw him slip her some money. Well not just some, a lot. Which had me wondering all day. We finally got back to the hotel and we was so tired from all the walking around we did we decided on sleeping for awhile.

I woke up to find the bed empty, Gerard was no where in the room, just as I was about to ring him there was a knock on the door, it was a worker carrying a big white box with a big red bow wrapped around it.
“Mr Way asked me to deliver this” he said handing me the box and a note. “Good day miss” and with that he was gone. I quickly ripped open the little envelope containing the note and read:

Hello beautiful,
Sorry I’m not there but put this on and come down when you are ready
I'm in the lobby and we have a very special date, hope I choose well
Love you, Gee xo

Looking in the box there was a dress I saw earlier today, I’m guessing he’d gone down to buy it, there was also some new Louis Vuitton shoes and another box inside I opened that one and it was the most beautiful jewellery set you would ever see. I must admit he had good taste in accessories. I got ready, making sure I looked stunning and walked downstairs to see him in a suit with a little bow tie, which I presuming Frank tied for him as he can’t tie ties.
“What’s all this for?” I walked over smiling.
“Firstly, you look beautiful” he blushed “and secondly, like I said a date” and with that he took my hand and led me outside and to a car that was waiting for us. “I’m just going to slip this on you, because I don’t want you seeing where we are going until we are there.” He smiled and put a soft, silk blindfold over me. When we pulled up he helped me out and into where ever we was going. We’d got in a lift because I heard the ding and we was outside because the wind was cold against my cheek. Slowly I felt him behind me and I felt the silk slowly being slid from my eyes I looked around and realised we was on top of the Eiffel tower and there was cute little fairy lights and a table set up with two places and candles on it. This guy spoilt me.
“Wow, this is why you paid that women?” I asked turning my head to the side to trying and look at him.
“Well yeah, but you wasn’t supposed to see that” he smirked but blushed.
“You spoil me. You don’t have to do all of this” I kissed his cheek softly.
“Yeah I do, I want to make you feel special and I want to spoil you, what’s the point of having a girlfriend if I can’t spoil her?” He kissed my neck and walked over to the table linking me, then pulling the chair out for me. That’s when I saw the little heater positioned directly facing me because it was cold. Bless him. There was one waiter who served us all night, made sure our glasses we’re never empty, made sure we was ok and brought our food whenever Gerard gave the nod. It was getting later and chillier just as the dessert was being served and Gerard must of noticed because he put his jacket around me and sat there in just his shirt. Bless him. So far all of my favourite food had been ordered, we had chicken and sweet corn soup for starts, lemon chicken for mains and now we was having strawberry cheesecake all served with Malibu and coke, well mine was Malibu and coke at least. I knew Gerard didn’t drink and every time I said that I wouldn’t drink he told me to stop being silly and he didn’t mind. I had a wonderful evening and we was stood looking over at a quickly quieting Paris and I realised more then ever right now, that I was in love.

Molly’s P.O.V.
Me and Frank was currently lay in bed, today we hadn’t done much. He’d arranged a picnic for us under a beautiful weeping willow with a little blanket and a vegetarian version of French cousin. It was more like cheese and Quorn ham. We cuddled up and just lay there doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the peace and tranquillity. I can’t believe I have to leave tomorrow and I won’t see him for awhile. But at least our last day was perfect together. Then he said, what I thought he’d forgot.
“Happy Birthday babe, I Love you.” causing me to smile so much. Anyway I’m going to enjoy my last night with him before I have to leave tomorrow morning, early flight 8 am.
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