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Hello :) I know I've mentioned it before; but I really do love it please check out BeccaBAM's Abused Hearts Stick Together, it is such a lovely story, Thank you so much :D x
Amy’s P.O.V

It’d had been just over year since Mikey had left, and it had been about a year since Molly and Ella went to Paris to see them. I was gutted I couldn’t join them, not only because I’d of got to see Mikey but because I missed Ella’s fashion show. I’d just tided my desk up getting ready to leave for the weekend, which was my first weekend off in months, and walking to my car which was parked directly outside the office when I saw him. It had to be him. Mikey was leaning against drivers door, big bunch of flowers in hand and an even bigger smile placed perfectly on his lips.
“Please tell me this is the right car , I don’t want some old women thinking I did all this for her” he smiled and kissed me so softly I didn’t think it’d happened. “I’ve missed you” he whispered softly on my lips.
“Why isn’t my car alarm going off? This is my main issue at the moment” I giggled looking up at him and making no attempt to hide my pathetic smile that was taking over my head.
“Oh well I got the cleaner lady to rob your keys for me so it didn’t go off.” He smirked obviously proud oh himself. I couldn’t contain myself I just had to kiss him, so I did. It was dark already and cold so I suggested mine, which Mikey quickly accepted the invitation. We stopped off at the chippy and got chips and gravy and all the way home we talked about his life on tour and all the shows.
“Sounds like it was fun” I smiled finished my last chip off.
“Yeah it was, it could have been better though” I thought for a moment before looking up at me “you could have been there with me, I felt like it was the end of us that I wasn’t going to see you again” he looked sad for a moment “I just wanted to be reassured and Gee’s been wrapped up with Ella and Frank with Molly cause she’s been sick or something and they’re the only two who I really turn to with girl problems and I didn’t wanna bum them out so I’ve just been troopering on.” He moved closer and wrapped his arm around me. That’s when I realised I liked him a lot. Molly told me how she realised with Frank, she described it as a moment when you forget about everything and just think about you and him and how everything seems to stop. She said how she was cuddled up to Frank and he was singing Just The Way You Are to her and that’s when she realised. Ella said it was when they was at the cabin and Gerard was cooking her breakfast in the nude cause she’d been saying how that’d never happened to her, it was freezing but he did she smiled when she was telling me. Now I finally have my moment and its over chippy with his head on my knee and me stroking his hair. I must have been smiling awfully big and day dreaming for a while because next think I knew he was poking my arm asking if I was ok.
“Yeah sorry, I’m fine just lost in a world of my own then. What was you saying?”
“I was just saying thank you for the perfect review about the show. And thanks for saying I was gorgeous” he winked up at me “yeah I read it.”
“You wasn’t supposed to, I made Frank promise he wouldn’t let you” I instantly felt the heat rushing to my face.
“Well he forgot and when I read it that’s when he remembered” He smiled leaning up to kiss me softly “I think your gorgeous too.” Well it wasn’t just my face that was red after that.

Molly’s P.O.V.
As soon as I got home Frank told me to draw up the contract so we could go into partnership together and own what we’d already called Skeleton Crew, which I did and faxed to him. On the Monday I had to go get my stuff from the office which felt so good, all the girls coming out with, what they must of thought were hurtful, comments under their breath and Frank’s dad was stood their smirking. He was just as bad as them, he must think he’s fired me but he didn’t I left on my accord.
“Watch the door doesn’t hit you on the way out” he smirked at me. I thought silence was the best policy, he obviously didn’t “I can’t believe Frank’s going into a partnership with you. I researched you, got to make sure you’re good enough for him. College and High school degree in business I see, moved over just before college, ex-boyfriend named Spencer? Oh he’s the one that hit you right? on Christmas Day?” he beamed at me “so glad your not my secretary if you come in with black eyes, not attractive is it?” He moved closer to me just as I put the last thing in my box.
“Oh I like it, act like the doting father your not? Well let me tell you” I snarled up at him “your not as good as you think you are, think your going to get all them girls out there?” I looked over to the girls “well your not, they all know what your like, they all know you’re a walking STD, they’re going no where near you.” I smirked “I don’t know what your problem is with me, but you need to deal with it. Me and Frank love each other and we don’t need your blessing one bit, but if you was any dad you’d pretend to be happy for him and be there when pieces need to be picked up, but there wont be any jigsaws that need to be rebuilt in this relationship. So back off” I warned him. “Oh we got you a replacement secretary by the way” I smirked and walked off just as Jim a bald ex security guard walked in. Lets see if he tries getting it on with him.

I was currently stood in the Skeleton Crew shop. Frank told me not to work to hard but I wanted it done before he got back, he’s letting me do everything as I wanted and I liked that, in a way, but I felt bad I mean he should have say too. Anyway it was all done, even the till was in and had the money in. We was just waiting until he was settled back home to open the shop. I was so excited not just because of the shop but he was coming home today, he’s been on the phone to me every night because I’ve not been well and he’s been worried about me. I just did the finishing touches and was stood admiring my work when I felt arms around my waist and rest on my stomach.
“Well hello sexy bum” he whispered in my ears and I instantly recognised him. He smelt of banana and smoke. He had a thing about banana smoothies at the moment.
“Your not suppose to be here” I smiled leaning into him “I wanted it to be a surprise, you always wreck my surprises boy” I giggled and tried to turn around but he wouldn’t let me. “Why can’t I turn around you boob?” I stroked his hands.
“Because just warning you, I’ve changed my hair.” he giggled and let me turn around. Wow he looked hot. He’d had it shaved on the sides and died red. Just like he did in Three Cheers year. Yes I’d been finding out about him since he’s been away.
“You look hot” I smiled and kissed his neck softly.
“Why thank you, I have to ask you something” he said as we walked out and towards the car and getting in, he looked at me when I started up the car “move in with me” he smiled grabbing my hand. I was speechless, he wanted me to move in with him and Gerard? He must of realised that I’d got the wrong end of the stick. “I mean we both get a house together, not with Gerard, he’s not like a child that comes with me.” he smiled. Just as I was about to answer my phone went off. “Ignore it” he said looking at me as I looked at the name, it was Gerard. I looked back and Frank because he’d stopped ringing but just as I opened my mouth again it started going off again.
“I better answer, he never rings twice” I said and rang him back “Hey, what’s up? … Yeah, she will probably will, it’s up to you. I don’t know. Okay text me, bye bye.” She said in the matter of two minutes.
“What’s up?” I asked wondering why he didn’t ring me.
“Oh it’s nothing, yes I will move in with you” I smiled “but why don’t you live with me in my house? There’s me in a four bed roomed house cause my mum and dad bought it me, we could have two rooms each” I giggled. “You can even decorate your own room.”
“I’d like that” I smiled pulling her into a passionate kiss.

Molly’s P.O.V
Me and Frank and just pulled up at our house with his stuff when I got the text I’ve been waiting for.

I’ve done it. And she said yes. x
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