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Secrets revealed, but not everything is as it seems

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Molly’s P.O.V

It was hard not to stare at Ella’s dazzling rock on her finger every time you see her. It matched the dazzling smile fixated on her lips. Yes, Gerard had proposed that night he’d texted me. I knew all along of course, I’d helped arrange it all, we got the ring when we went Christmas shopping and when he was on tour every night he’d ring me with another part of the plan.
“So how did he pop the question?” Amy asked.
“Well I knew he was due home that day and well he had special little gifts sent to me.” She beamed looking at her gold but slightly gothic ring.
“Like what?” This time Frank asked from behind me.
“Well in the morning I got a letter to say I should stay in all day. Then came a group of people who pampered me. Then I didn’t get anything until they’d gone and then sunflowers came along with a stylist who did my hair and make-up then this massive box came and it was a dress so I got dressed and escorted to a little house where he’d cooked and he was in a tux and he just got down and asked.” She held Gerard’s hand “however he couldn’t possibly of been working alone” Ella smiled at me “thank you” she said to me, and I could see how happy he made her.
“No worries, just glad you said yes.” I stated just as I saw the postman deliver letters to my letterbox. I also noticed a unfamiliar girl stood looking around then she looked at my house and at something in her hands and then walked up my path. “Excuse me a minute” I said whilst getting up and leaving everybody to eating their breakfast and talking about Ella and Gerard. “Can I help you?” I asked the girl who was slightly taller than me, with pale white skin and Orban hair.
“Are you Molly May?” she asked looking nervous.
“Yeah, why?” I stepped outside, closing the door. I don’t know why but something just told me to.
“I’m really sorry, I don’t mean to cause trouble but you should know” she handed me a brown envelope with;

Miss Molly May
18 Green Grove

Wrote on in marker. No stamp just that. I stared at it for a moment or so and looked up to speak to her but she’d already started walking off. Confused I walked back in the house and gave Frank his mail.
“What’s that?” he pointed to the brown envelop in my hand.
“I don’t know, I’m getting a bottle of water anyone want one?” I asked walking into the kitchen, they all said no thanks and went back to talking. I opened the envelop while waiting for the ice to fill up my glass and I sure wish I hadn’t. There was pictures of Frank with other girls all dated and timed. All of them either before or after a show. All of them kissing or something more. Deciding I didn’t want to see anymore I put them back in the envelope but one dropped out, this one was of me, head in a sink throwing up and on the back it said “I knew I’d find dirt on you. Pregnant or something else?” I stuffed the picture back in with the rest and into my handbag. I don’t know who this was but it was sick. I decided to ignore them and picked up my now filled glass up. The shock of the cold brought me swiftly back to reality causing me to drop it with it smashing on the floor. “Shit” I mumbled getting the dustpan and brush and started cleaning up the chards of glass up shaking.
“Babe, you ok? Your shaking again. Here let me.” Frank said from behind me taking the handles off me.
“I’m sorry, I just took a funny turn.” I said trying to hold back the tears. “I’ve got a meeting, I’ll see you later.” I got up, grabbed my bag and walked out not bothering to say bye to anyone.

Gerard’s P.O.V

I knew something was up with Molly because normally she’d of been smiley and dabbing being chief bridesmaid but she hadn’t hardly said a damn thing since we all been there. Then when she dropped her glass it affected her more than it should of done.
“I’m worried about her” Frank said after he’d cleaned up and she’d gone. “Since I’ve been back she’s been having these funny turns but she wont go to the doctors about them, she just says her sugar levels probably low, then has a mars bar and to boost it and carries on like nothings happened.” You could tell he was worried he didn’t look up from his glass until he’d finished and when he did his eyes gave his feelings away. I left it half and hour before announcing I to had to leave. I know where she’ll be and maybe she can tell me what’s up. I mean I have to admit after what Frank said it’s actually got me worried. It’s not as if Molly’s scared of the doctors she couldn’t be, she used to have to go every week. I drove to our spot - which was the cinema - whenever we was down we’d go to the screen no one was in and just sit there trying to sort it out. The cinema had got used to it by now and they even started playing our old favourite films. I got to the desk and asked the guy, Tim, which screen she was in to which he gave me a ticket. I walked in slowly and sat behind her, just listening to her sobs.
“I’m here.” I whispered in her ear and sat back down, she’d either ask me to come sit with her or she wont talk; just ignore me, either way I’d still sit there. Just so she understood I was there for her, she waited a while but walked round and sat on my knee and just cried in my chest. I sat there and stroked her, not saying anything knowing it’s what she needed.
“He’s cheating and I’m ill.” She whispered loud enough for me to hear.
I let the words sink in before I asked “What do you mean your ill?” I looked down at her, hoping she would tell me. I began to think she wouldn’t as she’d been quiet for so long.
“I’ve not been eating properly and when I have…” she bit her lip “I’ve been throwing it up.” She sobbed. It all made sense now. I’ve noticed she always has something on when we suggest going out for a meal and when we have gave her food she always seems to need the toilet afterwards. The dots were there, I just never connected them. “I thought I’d get better when Frank came back, I thought I was just depressed that he was gone” she shook her head “but I’ve got worse. I know your probably thinking I‘m stupid and I deserve but I … I just can‘t stop.” She sobbed and sobbed.
“That’s not what I’m thinking, I’m thinking how could I of not noticed and how we’re going to get this sorted.” I answered honestly. “How long have you been doing this for?” I needed to know so I could help her.
“Just after you left” she mumbled.
“In Paris? Was you like this?” she nodded and then I remembered she didn’t eat while I was around her “But Frank did that picnic, how did you -”
“I waited until we got to the bar and I said I needed the ladies room” I nodded realising she must of worked it all out.
“Come on, lets go” I told her and started standing up with her. “We’ll go to the doctors we’ll get you sorted.” I put my arm around her shoulders and walked to the car with her realising she didn’t drive here she walked as it’s not that far.
“No please, I’ll get better. I’ve read in my magazines and they send people to rehab and stuff, I don’t want to go there” she broke her heart.
“You wont be going to any rehab” I hugged her to me “I wont let that happen, but they can help you Mol they really can.” I unlocked the car and sat her inside. We drove for some while until I remembered what else she’d said. “Why do you think Frank’s cheating?” I asked just as we pulled up. She didn’t say anything, just went in her bag and pulled out the brown envelope from before and passed it to me.
“Seeing them made me realise what I was doing, but I thought he loved me” she broke down again “I thought he was the one Gerard.” I scanned the pictures there was only a couple with Molly in them but yet you could tell the difference in her weight in each of them.
“These we’re while we was on tour yeah?” she nodded “He didn’t sleep with anyone, he went and rang you after every show, then came round to mine and we stayed in each others rooms because we’d stay up and talk and work on new songs. Trust me Mol he didn’t do this.” I reassured her. “Talk to him about it. Do you have any idea who sent these?”
“No, some girl give them me, she didn’t leave her name or anything she just give them me and walked off. I don’t even think she knew who I was. I think someone paid her to do it, because I’m on them pictures and if she’d of took them she’d of known who I am and wouldn’t of asked me. And I know that he’s most likely not done it but I can’t help but think how have they got these pictures Gerard? And mines true, so why would his be any different?” She picked at her nails.
“We will sort this problem out afterwards we need to get you sorted first” I said grabbing her hand “I’ll be there with you.” I smiled at her and we walked into the doctors.

We’d got booked in to see the Doctor straight away and he was more than helpful. He took all her blood, which took all my might to stay in the room but she just told me to go out knowing I had a deathly fear of needles. I texted Ella what was going on and asked her to go tell Frank, but made sure they’d act like they didn’t know. When I went back in the room he gave her the results of her blood there and then, which indicated the lack of iron in her blood and the lack of vitamins she needed to be strong. He gave her leaflets and advice on support groups, along with diet plans and tons of extra. He prescribed her with four different sets of tablets and countless amount of vitamins she needed to build herself back up. He was honest and said it would be a length and challenging process but he said he would frequently check her process. If there’s one thing Molly hates and that’s being a nuisance to anybody else and failing, which I think will help her get through this. Finally the one thing I’ve been scared of asking the doctor asked.
“Molly why have you started doing this?” he asked sympathetically towards her. She looked at him, at me and then at the floor.
“I missed my boyfriend and I just, everything was getting on top of me. My boyfriends dad was constantly on at me, saying snide and bitchy comments. The girls at work were being just the same. I was sorting the shop out and on top of that I just haven’t felt well.” She said messing with her tags on her hoodie.
“You we’re depressed and seeked control and this was your way of getting that.” The doctor cleared with her “but we’re going to get this sorted and you will realise, your in control and it will feel wonderful when you succeed.” He smiled at her and gave her prescriptions.

We said our thank you’s and we went and got her her tablets that he said she needed. “Now time to sort it with Frank.” I nodded and drove her back to the house.

Frank’s P.O.V

I saw there car pull up and Ella reminded me to stay calm, how could I? My girlfriend had been told I was cheating and to top it off she was ill and I didn’t realise. How shit am I? Gerard had told Ella that he’d informed Molly about telling us because it would help me out. Gerard was the first one to walk in.
“Give me your tablets and me and Ella will go sort them out for you” he said to her taking them off her and looking at Ella whilst walking into the kitchen which she swiftly followed suit. Shit I didn’t know what I was suppose to say, part of me was angry she’d think I’d do this but part of me just wanted to hug her to me and make everything better. We was stood her looking at the floor and me looking at her for a good ten minutes until she spoke.
“I’m sorry I’ve not been open.” she looked up slowly looking scared. “I will be now.”
“What did the doctor say?” I looked up at her. I was afraid to touch her, she looked so fragile and so breakable. She told me everything the doctor said to her, and everything she said to the doctor. “Why though Molly?” I asked, trying not to cry. She told me why, sobbing every now and again. Why did I fucking know my dad would be involved? I bet that’s who sent the pictures. We sat there again in silence. “Now these pictures of me cheating?” I asked trying to control my anger, I didn’t want to scare her. She showed me them shaking slightly, I flicked through them each looking ever so believable but all being sick and twisted.
“Molly you have to believe me, I wouldn’t and couldn’t cheat on you” I grabbed her hand “I love you so much, I’ve never seen these girls before in my life and I certainly haven’t been with any of them. Each night I was on tour I rang you and went into Gerard’s room or he’d come in mine. I swear down.” I couldn’t stop myself I could feel the silent salty tears roll down my cheeks. “This is my dad, I know it’s something to do with him and you’ve seen what my dad’s like” I stroked her cheek “please I can’t lose you. Lets get away or something, just me and you so we can work it out” I pleaded with her. She sat there crying and nodded.
“Just me and you?” she broke down hugging me.
“Yeah me and you babe” I whispered stroking her hair. “Far away from here until we’re sorted.”
“Yeah, I’m scared Frank. I’m scared I’m not going to do this and I’m going to lose you.” She said shaking from the crying.
Shaking my head I whispered in her ear “your never going to lose me babe” I kissed her shoulder softly “I promise.” She just hugged me tightly.
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