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Take me home

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Frank's dad opens up.

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Frank’s P.O.V.

We both decided we wasn’t going to tell anyone we was going, that why my dad wouldn’t find out and cause anymore problems. It wasn’t that we couldn’t trust anyone it was just sometimes things slip out, we’ve all been guilty of it and we just didn’t want to take any chances. We discovered it was my dad who sent these pictures, he sent us more a couple of days later, these we’re of Spencer with another girl, our only guess was he was trying to create jealousy in Molly so we’d argue but it didn’t work. We’d agreed to go to England, I said I wanted to meet her family and see where she grew up, so that’s what we’d done, booked a open ended flight meaning we could come back when ever we felt was best. Mol was out getting the last bit of shopping we needed like toothbrushes and stuff when there was a knock on the door.
“Oh, what do you want?” I asked seeing my father stood there.
“I need to talk to you, I know I’ve hurt you and Molly but this is serious.” He said sounding slightly concerned. I didn’t think it was in his nature.
“You have 5 minutes, I don’t want you here when Molly’s here. You’ve caused enough worries for her and she’s trying to get better.” I warned him to which he nodded and stepped inside. “And we’re not going in the living room we can talk here.” I said after realising that our cases we’re in the living room and the last thing I wanted was for him to find out I was going to England.
“I know I’ve hurt you both but I can’t hold this from you son, please think about what your doing. Your taking her back to where her families are. You know where she misses and where she comes from. Frank she’s not going to leave and she’s going to make you stay. I know I’ve not always seen eye to eye with you I just don’t want you to feel pressured by a girl into leaving everything behind.” He looked at me “I don’t want to lose you.” He looked down at the floor. I’d never heard my dad say that before. He’s never even referred to me as son before.
“Dad, we’re going away to get away from the mess you’ve caused, she’s told me what you’ve said to her while I’ve been away and your one of the reasons she’s ill. I just want to know why? Why did you do this? Why say I’d cheated? Why make Molly tell me she was ill like that? Because if you cared you wouldn’t you’d of supported me, my decisions and her.” I said biting my lip searching his face for some sort of clue as to what he was going to say.
“Because I thought it’d split you up, I thought you’d put everything behind you and come back to the company you rightfully owned.” He looked me directly in the eyes “the company you loved before you loved her.” He scratched his eyebrow, something he did when he was nervous “I had and still have so much dreams for you and she’s just going to ruin them Frank and its through no fault of your own, just because you fell for the wrong girl.” He looked at me and hugged me tightly, just as Molly walked back in.
“Oh” she looked at the floor and walked back out closing the door.
“Please son, think about what I’ve said, it was hard for me to try and split you up, I knew it’d hurt you but I don’t want to see you hurt and heartbroken. Trust me it’s nasty shit.” He turned to leave.
“Dad” I croaked out “how else do you know her? And don’t say you don’t because its obvious, one of my previous workers told me the other day that the way you both talked to each other sounded like you knew her.”
“I did know her, when she first moved over I found her going through each shop on the strip trying to find a job. I pitied her and gave her a job working for me as a coffee girl and paper pusher.” I knew there something he wasn’t telling me, but I wanted to know.
“Go on…” I urged.
“This one time it was just me and her working late and we’d been talking she’d told me about her family and how they didn’t support her coming over here and what she wanted to do. I made a mistake, I felt sorry for her and made a move on her. She left the company as she was disgusted. I had to do something to shut her up. She could of gone to the police and got me in trouble, she was still a minor.” He looked at the floor
“W-What did you do dad?” I asked my voice shaking, doubting I’d done the right thing asking.
“I got her threatened. I know this guy who needed money, got him to follow her home and trash her house, scare her a little. The point is I don’t want you falling into the trap I fell into, and I know that with all the trouble I’ve caused it’ll be a matter of time she asks you to move to England or you get heartbroken. I don’t want to see that happen.” He put his hand on my shoulder.
“Goodbye … Dad.” I spat the last part out harshly and opened the door for him. Molly was sat in the car waiting for him to leave and she came in a couple of minutes after he left.
“Everything ok?” she asked quietly seeing me stood at the back door.
“It will be when we get to England sweetheart” I kissed her passionately, my lips feeling good against hers. I felt reassured.
“Ella and Gerard saw me with the tickets.” She looked at the floor “they don’t agree with what we’re doing but they understand. They’ll be around in half an hour to pick us up and drop us off” she whispered against my lips and kissed me softly before going back to sorting out our cases.

Gerard’s P.O.V

“I can’t believe it either babes” I said to Ella as we was driving to Molly and Franks. “I know what there doing is running away from their problems, but maybe that’s what she needs? I know she’s not talked to her family in a while but maybe she needs there support?” I asked, more myself then Ella. I don’t know why I just felt sad that they wasn’t going to tell us.
“But we’re her family Gee, this is going to make them say to her, you can’t cope on your own out there. She’s going to end up moving back there I’m telling you.” Ella responded just as we pulled up.
“Well its not up to us, it’s there lives and relationship we just have to support them, so bite your tongue.” I kissed her hoping to calm her down.

The drive to the airport was long, painful and awkward. None of us knew what to say treading on eggshells whenever we mentioned something. Me and Ella decided to go to the coffee shop because we was hungry and wanted coffee. We waved them off and watched them go through the check in, not knowing when we’ll see them again.
“This sucks, I’m not going to be able to just go round and us have our girly chats” Ella bit her lip. Ella’s a strong character but even she was filling up and I didn’t like it. Swiftly pulling her to me and stroking her hair trying to calm her down, but she just sobbed in my chest. If I knew one thing today it was just how close Molly and Ella were.
We’d just got in the car and about to drive off when we heard a tap on the door. Looking we was surprised to see them putting their suitcase in the boot and getting in the back.
“Take me home.” Frank said.
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