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Happy Birthday

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8 Months on and it's Frank's Birthday

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Frank’s P.O.V

It had been 8 months since I last heard from Molly and all that had been was a “I’m here.” text. No kisses no nothing, yet Ella got a text off her which had kisses on the end. I realised she was pissed off with me, it was obvious, I just didn’t get why until about 4 months ago. You see Skeleton Crew swiftly became successful, not just here in the states but across the globe so when an English paper realised one of the owners was in England they wanted an interview with her, making me realise that leaving her in the airport was the second biggest mistake, the first being listening to my dad. Anyway in this interview she talks about the business and how well it was going and how the idea started but then it got on to her disorder.

“We hear you suffered from a eating disorder but your recovering from it now, how have you done it? And was it hard?”

“I did it through the support of both family and friends. My best friend back in America had been ringing and texting me checking my progress and filling me in with all the gossip every week. Which was good.”

This is where it hit me, I promised she’d never lose me and I’d be there to help her, but I wasn’t. I left her when she needed me the most.

Today was my birthday so the band and the girls were all at Starbucks, they’d bought me a cappuccino and a banana muffin with a candle in. I wasn’t in the mode for celebrating though “Any news?” I asked Ella like I have done for the past 8 months.
“She’s moving house today and she’s put half a stone on in a month, the dietician is very impressed, said she’s getting better quicker than anticipated.” Ella smiled, obviously proud of her. “Happy Birthday!” she said in attempt to lighten the mood.
“Thanks” I smiled politely.
“So what we all wearing tonight?” Gerard asked, we was all going to a club for my party as it was Halloween I’d decided on going as Frankenstein last year I was a ghost. Not just any ghost though, oh no, a ghost in Zebra print sheets.
“I don’t know, Mikey wont tell me!” Amy frowned at Mikey.
“She’s going to look hot, that’s the important part.” Mikey smirked back at her “and I’m going as a hunted ring leader.” He smiled.
“No, no, no, all your costumes suck” Ella gave a toothy grin “me and Gerard have the best costumes” she winked at him “Gerard’s being a French maid” she giggled “and I’m being … wait for it … a green crayola pencil!” she exclaimed excitedly that everyone in the shop looked at us. They did sound good costumes, even if I had to admit it.

After we chatted for a while we decided to all go our separate ways. I went back to mine and Molly’s and started to carve out my six pumpkins all with different faces on, finding it soothing and relaxing until I looked at the clock and it flashed 18:45. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” I quickly darted outside with the pumpkins and ran back to clean the mess I’d made. The party didn’t start until 8 but I had to go help Gerard and Ella out at half 7, as well as have a shower and get my make up done. Just as I was about to climb the first stair there was a tiny knock at the door. I ran back grabbing the candy bowl and opened the door to a young girl in all black with 8 pairs of stuffed tights coming out of her back, acting as legs, and her hair in little pig tails on the top of her head. “Hello there spider.” I smiled bending down to her level “you scared me” I giggled a little, looking around, she must have been about 5 why was she on her own?
“Trick or treat?” She said sweetly smiling. Just as I was about to tell her to take whatever she wanted. I heard the voice. It all came flooding back. The morning she was in Gerard’s room and I heard her. It had to be her.
“Milly!” Molly ran up the path and hugged the little girl tightly to her panting. “Don’t ever do that again! I was so worried!” she said finally releasing the poor little girl and standing up. “Sorry, she was with her friends and their mum but they didn’t -” she paused as she looked at me. Fuck she’d changed, her jet black hair now a dark blue, her weight gain had given her more defined body shape and ‘love handles’, kissing goodbye to her previous boyish shape and her English accent thick and broad. “Oh” she blushed looking at the floor.
“You still blush.” I found myself saying with a stupid grin on my face. I gave Milly the candy bowl who went and sat in the corner of the porch; Molly nodded before saying “you still live here” she messed with the bracelet I bought her for Christmas.
“Yeah, I couldn’t leave it’s all I had left of us” I told her but she stayed silent messing with the bracelet still.
“Happy Birthday” she said after awhile reminding me of my party.
“Oh thanks.” I smiled not caring I was going to be late, caring more that she’s at the door.
“We best go anyway, you probably have a party to go to and her mum will be panicking” she said more quietly this time.
“Who is she?” I stepped forward slowly making it look like I was looking at Milly who was engrossed in choosing her favourites.
“She’s my baby cousin, Milly, but she calls me auntie” Molly smiled watching her before turning back to me.
“I’m having a party tonight at the cherry tree at 8” I stepped even closer, feeling her breath hitch on my neck I was that close. “Please come.” I whispered on her lips before claiming them with my own, my hands on both of her cheeks stroking them softly with my thumbs. We stayed like that for a good couple of minutes. Each minute my smile getting bigger and bigger.
As soon as I’d stopped kissing her she pulled away. “Milly come on, we have to go.” she quickly said turning to face the young girl.
“But he has all his favourite sweets!” she said “just two more minutes please!” she looked up at Molly with the most adorable look I’ve ever seen.
“No. I’ll buy you some come on.” I understood she just wanted to get away so tipped the bowl in to Milly’s bag smiling.
“Thank you!” she shouted her eyes wide with excitement and happiness. She looked a little like Molly I must say. Next thing I knew she was hugging my thigh.
“It’s ok” I smiled patting her hair “Happy Halloween!” I looked down at her smiling. She was adorable.
“Happy Halloween too!” she replied and held her arms up to Molly, who picked her up and started off down the path.
“Molly” I said waiting for her to turn around, which she didn’t. “I really would love it if you came tonight” I paused before adding “if not for me for Gerard. He’s worried about you.” Without speaking a word she made her wad down my path and out of sight with a sleeping Milly in her arms.

Molly’s P.O.V
I can’t believe he kissed me! He had no right! After I walked down his path trying not to wake Milly from crying I’d got back to my cousins and was currently having an internal battle.
“So what’s eating you up?” Emma, my cousin, asked handing me a glass of red wine. Telling her my story, we soon finished the bottle of wine, well she did.
“I think you should go!” she said merrily “you obviously still have feelings for each other because otherwise he wouldn’t of kissed you and you would of kissed back. It’s only a party and you don’t like it you leave. Simple.” I thought about it and she was right there was no contract binding me to stay. I quickly got into my cat costume making myself look good and setting off to the party.

Frank’s P.O.V
It was getting late and I doubted Molly would show up. I don’t know why I thought she would, she must still hate me. I can’t blame her though. Everyone was currently busy boding around while I was just sat at the bar until suddenly I heard Ella squeal so loud, everyone heard he over the music. Looking in her direction I saw a cat stood with her. Well hugging her and they we’re both smiling. Oh my god she was here! Molly had turned up. After ten minutes of them talking Gerard caught up with them and he hugged her for what seemed like for ever. It’s been hard for him cause he feels like he can’t talk about her around me and whenever he needs girl advice he feels bad for hassling her. He really has missed her. She was smiling so much, I couldn’t help but smile myself. She was here and she was happy. Suddenly I felt her look over at me and she started walking over. Stay calm Frank, stay calm.
“Two of whatever he’s drinking.” she smiled at the bar tender and stood behind me. “Not much of a birthday party when your drinking alone.” she laughed a little. I span around on my seat to face her smiling.
“You came. Thank you.” I looked up at her.
“I didn’t get you a present, it was short notice so this will have to do instead.” Before I knew what was happening she pulled me to her by her jacket and he lips crashed into mine sending shivers down my spine. The whole of the guests erupted into a massive cheer and she just kept going smiling on my lips. “Happy Birthday.” She whispered on them, her hands resting on the back of my neck, foreheads pressing against each other. We talked the whole night drinking and having a laugh.
“So how was England?” I asked her as she was currently sat on my knee, a little tipsy I must say.
“Shit. My mum and dad kept me under house arrest so I could ‘get better’. The only time I was aloud out was to this family party where everyone calm over and asked ‘are you dating yet? Still on the shelf? Times ticking you know.’ And all I could think was no I have Frank at home, even if I am being bitchy to him and nasty.” She looked up at me “sorry about that by the way.” She looked at the floor.
“No I’m sorry. I left you when you needed me and I promised I wouldn’t, but that’s the past. Your staying over in America right?” I asked, praying with all my might she was.
“That depends… weather or not I can move back in, otherwise no I’m not cause all the houses I’ve viewed are horrible.” She laughed a little.
“Babe it’s your house, you could kick me out” I laughed stroking down her back “but you can move in.” I smiled kissing her shoulder.
“I’m not kicking you out.” She turned to face me and kissed the side of my mouth “we take things slow though?” I nodded, just happy she was here and staying. She was back and this time I wasn’t about to fuck things up, but she added the final part which I swiftly agreed too “and I get to kick your dad in the balls” she smiled just as I kissed her passionately and wantingly.
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