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Next morning

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Molly’s P.O.V
I felt awfully warm as I woke up the next morning. I’d been drinking again I could tell that from the headache that was forming rapidly and my lack of memory. I remember going to Frank’s party and I remember kissing him but that’s it. Deciding coffee and macaroni cheese will cure my hangover I rolled over and instead of being welcomed but the hotel wardrobes I wasn’t I was greeted with the most beautiful pair of eyes I’ve ever seen.
“Good morning beautiful.” Frank said smiling and stroking my hair out of my face.
“Good morning you.” I smiled hiding my confusion, or so I thought I was.
“You don’t remember coming home do you?” he smirked “well we talked and you said you was moving back in with me as long as we take it slowly.” He pulled me to him “then we noticed everyone wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon, and you was very tipsy and giggly so we came home.” He kissed my neck causing me to involuntarily moan which intern caused him to smirk “and you seemed to sober up and well we came upstairs and we - I can show you this bit if you want” he said giggling and quickly getting down with his task.

After the morning antics Frank went and got in the shower to get all off his make up, which was mainly on the sheets. I went and cooked breakfast in his boxers and top. I made eggs and vegan bacon which beans and mushroom, I must say it looked lovely. Just as I was about to pour the coffee his hands wrapped around my waist holding my hips and span me to face him.
“Your not aloud near the cooker remember” he said smiling and kissing my lips softly.
“I’ve got better at cooking, I got taught how to properly from my dietician” I murmured against his.
“But still I don’t want you going near it, I want you to sit down and relax and let me look after you.” he kissed down my jaw.
“Your eggs are going to get cold.” I said trying to push him away giggling “and I’ve slaved over them so your eating them” I smiled and after failing to push him away ducked on his arms and went and sat on the table smiling and eating my breakfast. He followed suit and we was washing the pots hitting each other and flicking the bubbles at each other giggling. It felt so good to be back.
“What you doing today then?” he asked drying the bubbles off my cheek.
“Well I was going to go catch up with Ella and see if Gerard wanted to go to the cinema like we used to, he said last night that he’d missed me and I feel bad.” I scrunched my face at the thought of Gerard feeling like that, not because I felt anything for him but just because we’d always been there for each other.
“That sounds good” Frank said kissing me softly “how about tonight we doing something?” We could go out for a meal or we could -”
“Stay in and cuddle up?” I suggested “I just don’t want a fuss, I want us back to normal and the plan of us taking it slowly failed because well of last night and this morning.” I smiled slightly.
“You don’t regret it do you?” He asked sounding a little hurt.
“No no no I don’t” I stroked his cheek and kissed him softly “I just I thought that we wouldn’t be back to normal this quick, I thought you’d still hate me and I’d still hate you and that I’d be coming round to box the rest of my stuff up and to sign the house over to you, but we’re not. We’re back to normal and truth be told I’m glad. I’ve not had normal for a while and it feels wonderful.” I spoke truthfully to him, deciding honesty is the best policy.
“Darling there never was any hate just hurt” he whispered against my lips and kissed me the way I’ve missed. “Well tonight I’m going to cook us a slap up meal and we’ll cuddle up and watch your stupid chick flicks.” He giggled.

Gerard’s P.O.V
I couldn’t stop smiling. Molly’s back and she kissed Frank! So there back on! And to top it off this means I can get married now! Ella said she didn’t want to get married until Molly was back for three simple reasons. A) she set us up B) Ella wanted her as chief bridesmaid and c) She’s our best friend and it wouldn’t of been right. “So we can get married now right?” I asked Ella who was busy tacking up her new creation “I mean Molly’s back now” I asked her smiling “your flapping on the left by the way” giggling at my choice of words.
“Your so dirty you, Way.” She said with a smile in her voice “and yes it means we can get married, as long as your speech isn’t dirty, remember my dad’s going to be there.” Ella had told me about her dad, he sounds like any typical dad only strong. She said that her dad said to her the first boy she brought home he would brake his legs, which I quickly asked if I was the first one. I wasn’t. Thank god.
“I won’t I’m not silly!” I smiled “I was thinking maybe we should have a little dinner party, I mean I’ve never met your parents and you’ve never met mine and they’ve never met each other.” I carried on, going on about how I thought it was right.
“Babes your rambling. We will have a mini dinner party, we can have the best men and the bridesmaids there as well though so it wont be awkward.” She smiled just as she’d finished tacking. I was about to say good when there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it” Ella spoke walking to the door where I heard her talking to someone and giggling. “Gerard flick the kettle on!” Ella shouted just as her and Molly walked in.
We was all sat around the kitchen table with our coffee’s. “I’ve missed you both so much.” Molly said filling up “but thank you for all my updates, they made me smile.” She giggled at Ella which led to my confusion “she kept telling me how you was like a lost puppy cause no one was giving you girl advice” Molly said noticing my confusion.
“Shut up” I blushed “I thought you was never coming back. I was panicking that I’d mess up.” I smiled. “Anyway we don’t care about that, we care about the goss on you and Frank.” I smiled dunking my biscuit in my coffee.
“Well we went home and we - you know” she said blushing and looking down “then this morning he filled me on what we did and we just made breakfast and washed up together, then I said I was coming seeing you two and asking if Gerard wanted to go to cinema so I could give him love advice” she giggled “and tonight he’s cooking us a meal and we’re cuddling up watching chick flicks” I saw her smile and I’ve never seen her look like this before. She’s glowing. “But if your both busy then it doesn’t matter about us going out we can go another time.” She quickly added.
“We’re not busy” Ella said smiling “but keep the rest of the week free” she looked at me holding my hand then at Molly “we’re getting married.” Molly’s face lit up even more as she squealed hugging us both with one arm.
“Yeah, Ella has something to ask you.” I smiled looking at my fiancé.
“Will you be my chief bridesmaid?” she squealed just like Molly had done moments ago. Now you know people say your face was priceless. Well Molly’s was. She just sat there and started at us both until she jumped up and hugged Ella.
“Of course I will.” she burst out crying “I didn’t think you’d want me to be it, cause I knew you didn’t agree with me going England but you’ve asked me! Oh my god!” she cried still hugging Molly. “Do I get to threaten Gerard?” she giggled turning to me “you hurt my best friend and I’ll castrate you” she tried to do a serious look which led us all to giggle.

Mikey’s P.O.V
Amy looked amazing last night. I knew she would. I got her a sexy lion tamer outfit to be part of my circus and trust me it was circus when we got home.
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