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Dinner party with the parents

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Ella’s P.O.V
Me and Molly was currently in the dress shop. Gerard said to me to order which ever dress I wanted, price wasn’t an object but I wasn’t going to be like one of those girls who go for the big posh dresses just because someone else was paying for it. I’m not like that. I have morals.
“What do you think of this one?” I asked holding a really awful dress up, working out if Molly would tell me the truth or not.
“It’s nice … but no.” She giggled and carried on looking through the bridesmaid dresses. There just wasn’t anything tickling my fancy, I didn’t want a big puffy Barbie dress, I just wanted a pretty dress. “So why aren’t you making your own?” mol asked not looking at me.
“Because I don’t want to slave over something so special for me not to like so I’m getting one I like so that I can work on other things” I paused before adding “like the dinner party tonight.”
“You still want me and Frank to come?” I quickly span round to look at her.
“Yes! I can do the dating part, I can do the saying yes part, I cannot do the parents part! As chief bridesmaid you are not, I repeat not aloud to leave me otherwise it’ll be passed down to Amy.” I shot her a warning look.
“I wasn’t going to leave you anyway what kind of best friend do you think I am? She giggled “who’s cooking for it?” she asked looking through the brides dress now.
“Not you.” I quickly added “me and Gerard are. Why?” I asked sounding a little worried.
“No no no, text Gerard saying you wont be going home, you’ll be getting ready at mine. I’ll arrange for someone to cook and I’ll get somebody to serve. When meeting parents its important the only time your not spending with them is when you’re powdering your nose. Get me?” she looked over at me sitting down on the little sofa enjoying the free strawberries and champaign.
“Yeah but why can’t I see Gerard? I’m not getting married tomorrow?” I asked texting Gerard anyway.
“Because when he sees you tonight he’ll be happy cause he’s not see you all day and the parents will see this.” mol said, which made me wonder how she new all this so I asked.
“It doesn’t matter.” She brushed it off quickly. Too quickly for my liking.
“Tell me, I want to know now please.” I moaned.
“Fine, Spencer asked me to marry him when we was dating so I went and met his parents, which caused me to say no, cause they told me about you.” she said with no emotion in her voice. That explains so much now.
“Oh… I’m sorry.” I said feeling guilty that I brought it up and because I was the other women that stopped them getting married.
“Don’t be, I wouldn’t of met Frank if I’d of got married.” she said turning to me smiling. “do you trust me?” she suddenly asked scaring me.
“Well I wouldn’t of asked you to be my maid of honour would I if I didn’t?” I smiled and she held out the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen, it wasn’t puffy or princessy or plain it was just perfect “how did you find that?” I asked annoyed I went past it.
“I reserved” she said biting her lip “when I came and booked your appointment I saw it and thought of you so I booked it for you so no one else could see it.” she said looking at the floor “I hope you don’t mind.” she sounded nervous.
“Mol thank you , it’s perfect,” I said filling up causing her into a big smile.
“Now go try it on” she said holding it out to me. I went and got changed in the posh little changing room while listening to mol chatting to someone.
“You owe me, remember? Good yes, 7 o’clock tonight sharp. I’ll text you the address.” I smiled she was so into this and helping me so much.
“You ready?” I asked looking myself over, wow I loved it.
“I am let me see” she giggled sounding excited. I opened the curtain slowly and stood in front of her where she had a shocked expression on her face . “It’s perfect.” she smiled with genuine happiness in her eyes. But she quickly looked away “Your making me fill up” she giggled. “I’m going to look for my dress.” she said getting up smiling and flicking through the bridesmaid dresses.

At the dinner party.

Me and Molly walked in slowly, Frank noticed Gerard’s parent’s car in front of us so sped up so we got there before them. He must of got about 6 tickets from the speeding camera’s.
“Ace, is that you?” His voice travelled from the kitchen, he called me Ace first off because of Gilmore girls and because he said I was ‘the Ace of his heart.’ I loved him. He just makes me all happy and smiley and warm.
“Yeah, along with Frank and Molly!” I said seeing him run down.
“Dude do my tie!” You could tell he was freaking out, I walked over to him and tied his tie for him.
“I’m going to go see how Jack’s doing” Molly smiled and walked in the living room quickly followed by Frank, who can I add was eyeing her up and down. Yes we’d done Molly up because it was their first event since she’d been back.
“You need to breath darling” I told Gerard “it’s going to be fine trust me.” He held my hand smiling.
“I love you” he kissed me gently just as there was a knock at the door. It was Gerard’s parents stood there smiling holding out a big beautiful bunch of flowers.
“Mum I’ve told you, I prefer pink flowers!” Gerard said smiling.
“There not for you.” She said looking at me “now Gerard remember your manners.” She smiled.
“Mum, Dad this is Ella. Ella this is my mum, Donna and my dad, Donald.” He smiled as Donna handed me the big bunch of flowers and hugging me.
“Welcome to the family Ella.” She smiled brightly. She was a pretty women and you could tell where Gerard got his looks from.

After all the family was here we was all sitting down to the meal which Molly’s friend, Jack, had prepared for us and the waiters served it, I don’t know how she knew them but they seemed lovely.
“So how did you both meet?” Donna asked us tucking into her tomato soup. Which was beautiful I must say.
“Oh” I smiled “Molly and Gerard set us up” she smiled “Molly said that she had a double date but there was no one else for the other guy so I came along.” I smiled and taking his hand in mine which he stroked with his thumb softly. “But I’m so happy she did, I’ve found my perfect guy.” I smiled my head off.
“Aww, well on behalf of me and Donna, thank you for changing Gerard for the better.” Donald spoke smiling.
“Why what did Gerard use to be like?” My dad asked quickly.
“Oh it’s nothing, he never liked the idea of settling down” I quickly said knowing my dad would then question Gerard’s motives.
“No it wasn’t, Gerard used to date a different girl each day, he’d even have to change his name so that women wouldn’t find out.
“Oh really?” My dad asked looking directly at Gerard who nodded.
“But I’ve changed sir I have. I dated your daughter back when I was like that and when I set the plan up with Molly I realised I’d missed a huge fu-” he stopped himself just in time “fat chance, I really messed up with your daughter. But I had this second chance and before now getting married would of freaked me out. But now I wake up and I see her sleeping next to me and I feel like it was meant to be. I have this little image in my head of our life together.” He looked at me then back at my dad “I see myself waking up every morning next to Ella Way, and our little girl named Madison helping me make breakfast in bed for her mummy and us being a proper real family just like I had when I grew up and just like Ella had. Molly and Frank have known me for so long now, especially Molly, who I know hurting Ella is the last thing she’d ever want to happen and you can ask her how much I’ve changed since meeting Ella again. How hard I worked to prove to Ella I’d changed and just how much I love Ella” he smiled brightly. “And believe me, I’d never stop any of them.” I’d never heard have as much as I did then but I knew it was all truth, I looked up at my dad to see him glaring at Gerard before turning to Molly who nodded smiling.
“I made sure he changed before anything happened” she smiled “and if he goes back on his word, he’ll be eating a lot more than his words” she giggled causing everyone to laugh in the room, she always lightened the mood, sometimes when its appropriate sometimes not. But now was one of those times. My dad smiled a little before turning to Gerard.
“Your going to support her? Stand by her through everything life throws at you? Never hurt her or allow her to be hurt?” He said seriously.
“I promise I will support her and stand by her through everything, I will never hurt her and I will protect her from everything that can cause her pain and suffering.” He took my hand slowly and looked me in the eyes smiling “I’d die if it meant she was safe.”
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