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Gerard believes somethings going to happen and Frank reveals a truth

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Gerard’s P.O.V
Looking at my watch I realised something was wrong. Frank kept texting Molly asking what was going and where they were. Today was my wedding day and I was stood with my back to door, to the aisle scared of what was happening. Why wasn’t she here? Suddenly I felt a tug on my arm and I saw Molly crying. “What’s up? What’s happened? Is she ok?” I asked quickly.
“No, Gerard I couldn’t hold back I had to tell her about us. About how we love each other.” She looked up smiling “we can be together now babes.” Both our faces bearing massive smiles and I went in to kiss her.

I swiftly woke up when that was about to happen. Why did I keep dreaming about this! I looked over at Ella to see her sleeping peacefully. Looking at the clock it flashed half seven, reasonable time to get up I suppose. Had so much to do today, me and Frank had suit fittings then we was having our stag night while Ella was having her hen night. I really don’t want this, I want to spend my last night with her but no we have to do the stupid tradition thing.
“I thought I heard you get up” she smiled hugging me from behind “you got your suit fitting today?” she asked pouring herself some coffee.
“Yeah I have, Frank’s dead excited” I smiled “think something’s going on between them, but something good he’s been so smiley and I don’t think it’s because I’m getting married.” I smiled telling her, it’s true we’ve been talking on the phone every night and he’s just been so happy, I want to know what it is.
“Oh what? Do you have any idea?” I shook my head no “going to ask Mol then” she giggled cutely “I will get it out of her.” She smiled missing my cringe of that name. I shouldn’t be feeling like this, she is my best friend and my other best friends girlfriend and I love Ella not her.

Me and Frank went for our suit fittings and all went well. We was currently sat in a pizza place with everyone drinking except for me and him. Well this was lovely, an ex alcoholic not getting drunk on his stag night. Tonight I wasn’t even sleeping in my own bed, we was staying at the hotel where the wedding reception is.
“You know my nipples are really sore.” Frank moaned.
“Maybe your chick’s pregnant, in Amy’s magazine it says men get sympathy pains and there nipples are really sore when there other half is bearing a bun in the oven.” Mikey slurred.
“You read Amy’s magazines?” Ray laughed “oh man that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.”

“Remember where we first met?”
I texted Molly, I needed to make sure of something.
“Of course I do. It used to be my house? Why?” She text back straight away.
“I need to see something, meet me there, everything the exact same, bags and kid please. It’s important. And don’t tell Ella where your going.” I quickly replied
“Dude I’m just popping out somewhere, don’t worry I’m not seeing Ella I’ll be back in about half an hour.” I said and walked out before he could say anything. Walking down the street, there was no traffic or wind, it was calm and I hated it. How is it everything is calm when your not? I could hear my heart thumping in my chest realising that this could be the make or brake of a brand new situation. I stood at the top of the street waiting for the taxi to go past with her in it and it did a while later. Walking down just like I did that night and seeing her getting out, back to me, with the shopping and a cute little girl. I felt nothing. The bags broke and tins went rolling everywhere.
“Here let me help you” I said walking over and picking up the stray tins of soup rolling around.
“Oh thanks” she looked at me with her bright blue eyes and smiled. I still felt nothing.
“No worries” we quickly walked onto the pavement and stood there in silence. “Thanks for doing this Mol.” I said looking at the floor hoping she wouldn’t push the matter further.
“Why did you need this?” she asked picking the child up and putting her on her hip.
I waited for a while thinking of how to word it “I keep having these dreams.”
“About the wedding?” she guessed.
“Yeah, but you keep coming over and telling me that Ella’s not coming because you told her that we love each other and that we can be together …… I thought maybe I had something for you and hadn’t realised.” I said looking at the floor. “I thought maybe doing this again might make things clearer and it has. I don’t feel anything for you. Just friendship.” I told her looking in her eyes.
“Gerard I can reassure you, I aint going to do that. Ella’s my best friend and she loves you and you love her, and plus I have Frank who I’m mad about. I don’t feel anything for you either. Just friendship.” She told me staring back. I don’t know why something was making me not believe her.
“I know you probably wont. So to be sure, I don’t want you coming to the wedding. I can’t afford to have this day messed up and I’m taking no chances. I’ll tell the security guys not to let you in. I’m sorry Molly.” I said looking up at her seeing her face shocked.
“Your uninviting me to your wedding, to my best friends wedding because your having some dreams and you believe them?” She shouted at me. “I set you both up Gerard, why the fuck would I do that if I “loved” you!” she covered the little girls ears when saying fuck.
“I don’t know, I just want to be safe.” I told her hoping she’d understand.
“What am I meant to tell Ella? Hey?, oh sorry I’m not coming to your wedding cause your husband to be is paranoid about a dream that I’m going to confess my love for him to you? No Gerard. She’s my best friend and you’re my best friend and I’m maid of honour.” She spat out at me.
“I don’t know what you tell Ella but I know you wont be aloud in tomorrow.” I told her feeling my anger rising. How selfish is she?
“I’m banned from tomorrow, well you can come and fucking tell Ella.” she told me straight before flagging down a taxi and dragging me in it and telling him to go to where they were.

Molly’s P.O.V
I can’t believe what I’m hearing. He’s bonkers. He can’t honestly be serious? We pulled up at the house and he looked at me “I’m not getting out.” He told me glaring at me “this is just proving me right, your going to make me do this so Ella brakes up with me.”
“I’m doing this so you realise how fucking ridiculous you sound. And its fine stay here.” I got out and slammed the door and gave the driver all my money in my pocket, which was a lot, not to move from my drive way until I said. I stormed in the house holding Milly in my arms and went and put her in my bed as she was fast asleep.
“Molly what’s up?” Ella ran to me when I was coming down the stairs, she must of heard me bang the taxi door. Gerard must of noticed me talking to her because he quickly appeared at the side of us.
“Ask him!” I said shooting Gerard a glare. Making her look at Gerard questioningly.
“I - erm - well I -” He stumbled over his words.
“He’s uninvited me to your wedding. Saying I’ll be on the no enter list! Because he thinks I’m going to confess some undying love for him to you tomorrow!” I screamed still glaring at him shaking.
“Are you being serious?” Ella asked me than looked at Gerard “is she telling me the truth?” she tried to keep the peace. He just nodded looking at the floor. Suddenly Frank appeared from no where. “He was worried about you, you told him you’d be back in half an hour, that was over an hour ago. You didn‘t tell him where you was going so he came to find Molly.” Ella explained when she saw Gerard’s confusion.
“Gerard, how can you think this?” Frank asked walking over to me and hugging me, putting his hands on my stomach which I quickly moved.
“I can’t help it, why don’t any of you understand!” He shouted angrily. “I’m doing this so I can get married because I love Ella!”
“Then let my best friend come to my wedding Gerard.” Ella said looking at him and touching his cheek softly trying to calm him down.
“Dude listen to me. Who was there when you wanted to go on a date with Ella?” Frank said standing in front of him face to face.
“Molly.” Gerard answered
“Who was there when you and Ella broke up?” Frank asked
“Molly.” Gerard answered once again.
“Who got you and Ella back together?” a third question from Frank, who was awful calm.
“Who was you therefore when she needed help the most with her disorder?” Frank held my hand not sure weather it was still a touchy subject or not.
“Molly.” Gerard looked away this time.
“You’ve been therefore each other through the bad and the ugly, why not the good?” he asked his final question.
“Because I’m scared.” he whispered brokenly “what if my dream is right, I just don’t want to take any risks.” his eyes filled up with tears.
“Gerard, I don’t love you. I have Frank and I love him. I am not going to split or ruin your wedding to Ella when I’ve planned it with her.” I said crying silently. “So please let me come.”
He waited for ages “No. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No risks.” He looked me in the eye and I couldn’t take it, I needed to get away so I ran upstairs and in the spare room locking the door.

Ella’s P.O.V.
“Dude you’re a dick.” Frank said his face in Gerard’s. “I thought you’d changed for the best, I thought womanizing Gerard was the worst you could be. But you’ve out done yourself this time dude.” he said never moving away. I tapped his shoulder slightly and pulled him away gently.
“How do you know that what she’s sayings true? Dude she left you remember refused to come home when you was going England. Not much commitment there is there?” Gerard snarled. I’ve never seen him like this and truthfully I was scared.
“Shut up both of you!” I snapped. “Molly’s up there upset and all you two are doing is bickering!” I went to the climb the stairs just as I heard Frank answer Gerard’s question.
“Because she’s pregnant with my child. 6 months and before you say why isn’t she showing it’s because of her disorder, it messed her insides up, lucky she’s pregnant really, but because she’s so tiny she wont show as much she’ll just look normal weight.” He told him truthfully “We wasn’t going to tell you both because tomorrow your getting married and it should be about you’s not with you’s thinking ‘oh Molly’s pregnant’ she didn’t want to steal your thunder. And to prove her point that she doesn’t love you even more Gerard, she’s been planning scans around your wedding timetable so that she could get everything done with Ella. So it would be perfect and so Ella would have less stress. Think she would of done that if she loved you?” He scoffed at him before walking up the stairs. I looked at Gerard and the reality must of hit him like a tonne of bricks.
“You stay here Gerard, I’ll talk to you later.” With that I went upstairs to see how my best friend was.
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