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Believe it

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Is Molly aloud to the wedding

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Gerard’s P.O.V
Shit I can’t believe what I’ve done. I need to make sure Molly’s ok. I’m surprised Frank didn’t hit me. I would of if I was him. I walked up stairs slowly I had to see she was ok. Just as I got to the top of the stairs she opened the door.
“Molly can I speak to you? Please.” I asked her quietly looking at her slowly.
“Gerard not a good idea. Your on thin ice just leave it for a while.” Frank looked at me flashing me a warning look. The only time I’ve ever seen him like this was when he chased Spencer that time.
“Frank it’s fine, I can handle him.” Molly said looking at me and walked back into the room she’d just come out of. “Babe do me a favour? Go and check on Milly for me? She’s in our room.” Molly shouted out to Frank,
“Of course I will babe, I’ll be downstairs afterwards if you need me.” he replied and walked past me not even looking at me.
“Be careful with her, do not upset her anymore.” Ella told me softly but I knew she meant it as she walked past me slowly. I walked in the room and saw Molly sorting out her make-up that had ran down her face.
“Mol, I’m sorry I really am, I don’t know what came over me.” I sat on the edge of the bed looking at her through the mirror “please come to the wedding, it wouldn’t be the same without you there.” I told her truthfully. “And I know how much you’ve helped Ella and your our best friend, and I need you there please come.” my eyes pleaded with hers.
“Are you scared?” she asked me suddenly out of the blue. “Is that why you think I’m going to ruin it?” she turned to face me. The truth was, I was scared, what if I couldn’t provide the best for Ella. What if we get married and realise it’s not the right thing we’ve done. I told Molly all of this hoping she’d understand.
“When you asked her, did you see yourself growing old and grey with her?” she asked me looking at my face for some form of answer “I know you did, because at the dinner party with both of your parents you we’re so happy and in love and the final speech you said well it said all you needed to say.” She held my shaking hands softly. “If Ella thought the same as what you are thinking do you really think she’d of said yes? No. She wouldn’t. She’d of said I don’t think now is the time and you know full well she would. Her dad probably just intimidated you. Your going to be fine, your going to get married without any glimps or problems tomorrow and your going to go on a fabulous honeymoon and you going to come back and everything’s going to be perfect.” She told me looking into my eyes “you just have to believe it.” She smiled.
“Thank you” I whispered.
“Don’t thank me, what are best friends for?” she smiled her big smile at me before hugging me.

The Wedding.

“You feeling ok?” Frank asked me tying my tie for me, one thing I’ve never been able to do.
“I’m feeling amazing dude” I beamed at him. “I just want to say thank you. I know last night I was a dick and you should of hit me on the spot I stood on but you didn’t, and I want to say thank you for being my best mate and being there for me.” I hugged him, I never told Frank this but today I thought it was relevant I did.
“Stop being such a softy and make sure you’ve got your speech in your pocket” he giggled hugging me back and checking he had the rings and his speech. He finalised my outfit making sure I looked good enough to marry her. “Lets go dude.” He smiled walking out with me.

Ella’s P.O.V
We’d got up super early, had the breakfast with the glass of champaign the hotel gave us as part of the ‘wedding special’. Molly was all done up and she looked beautiful, how Frank had not proposed to her yet I do not know. She helped me with my hair and make up and finally she helped me get in my dress while she was fastening up the back she asked “feeling nervous?” she smiled trying not to hurt me while doing up the buttons. The dress was backless so the button as the top were fidgety and when she was getting annoyed she tugged on them slightly causing me to choke a little. “Sorry” she giggled.
“You know surprisingly I’m not. I’m just excited. I’m going to be Mrs Way in little less than an hour and half” I beamed at her through the mirror and she helped put the veil on smiling.
“Well lets get you down there then shall we?” she giggled and grabbed the flowers and stuck her out of the door, making sure it was safe for me to walk out. We arrived at the church and I heard the music start to play as my dad was stood waiting with me and Molly on the other side of me. “You feeling ok pumpkin?” my dad asked looking at me his eyes all shiny from the tears that threatened to over spill.
“I’m feeling fine dad.” I smiled as we started to walk out, just like Molly and I had been practicing to the music. Not to fast not to slow. I’ve never felt so happy in my whole life than I did now. I reached the end of my walk and turned to face Gerard who moved my veil slowly and carefully, he looked so handsome in his suit his hair done flawlessly, tie done properly and his perfect smile only added to the reasons why I knew this was right. I loved him and each time I look at him I fall more for him.
“Hello you, you look beautiful” he whispered in my ear before turning to the vicar smiling and giving him a little nod to indicate to start.
“You are gathered here today to witness the wedding of Gerard Arthur Way and Ella Rose. Now if there is any reason why these to should not marry please declare now or forever hold your peace.” The vicar said looking around the room for any tell tail sign. I heard Gerard hitch his breath and grabbed his hand stroking it softly in hope to calm him down and get him to breath.
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