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Speak Now

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Wedding Day

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Molly’s P.O.V
The room falling to speak in case that meant they was objecting. I saw Gerard give me a slight glance. I didn’t take it as anything offended. Suddenly I heard “I am not the kind of girl, who should be rudely barding in on a white veil occasion …” looking around wondering who’s phone was going off until I realised everyone was looking at me.
“I’m really sorry” I said horrified I forgot to turn my phone off. I quickly got it out of my safe place. My bra and turned it off not even bothering to look who was calling.
“Only you could have that as your ring tone at a wedding.” Gerard turned and smirked at me then looked back at the vicar. “Sorry please continue.” He said smiling. Just as the vicar was about to speak again the church doors banged open.
“Molly don’t please!” everyone turned round to see a rather out of breath Spencer running down the aisle with the security guards following. “Molly please don’t marry him please.” He said walking over to me.
I looked around confused wondering if it really wasn’t that obvious that I wasn’t getting married, I mean I wasn’t wearing a veil. “Spencer, this isn’t my wedding, this is Ella’s.” I said over Frank’s shoulder who had stood in front of me when Spencer got to close.
“Oh” he said looking round “well I want to tell you how I feel, so I’m going to do it now.” He said about to start.
“No your not, your going to sit down and be quiet.” Knowing this wouldn’t satisfy him I added “and we will talk afterwards.” I said pointing to a seat and turning back to face the vicar who looked extremely pissed off to say the least. I heard Spencer take his seat and the vicar nodded and quickly jumped into starting off the ceremony, just in case any more incidents prevented him from doing so. I never really understood the whole ‘that was a beautiful ceremony’ before until this one. You could tell how in love they we’re when ever one of them got a bit shaky with the lines or a bit emotional the other would just smile and look them in the eyes. I think Gerard was the more emotional one of the two, but Ella has always been a strong character, very rarely crying. It came to the vows and they didn’t right their own because they wouldn’t of been able to do the speeches either. This was truly a beautiful event to witness, I smiled to myself and looked over to Frank who was doing the same as me. After it had finished, without anymore interruptions, they announced it was time for photo’s, Ella told me to talk to Spencer first though which I was more than happy to do.
“You can use the back room if you’d like.” The vicar said to us who was stood in a circle.
“Thank you.” I nodded as he pointed out where it was to me.
“Your not going alone.” Frank said glaring at Spencer. “Not after what he did on Christmas day. He’s not hurting you again.” He spat out not taking his burning stare of Spencer.
“I’m sorry about that” Spencer spoke out looking at the floor “I can promise to you man, I’m not going to hurt her just tell her how I feel, but I’d like that in private.” He said looking at Frank straight in the face.
“Dude, I’m sure Molly will take care of herself, she’s a beast when she needs to be.” Gerard said putting his hand on Frank’s shoulder in a bid to try and calm him down. He just continued to stare until he nodded slowly.
“You hurt her though, it’ll be more than just your genitals that takes the pain this time.” Frank warned and walked outside with the new bride and groom as me and Spencer walked in the room the vicar suggested.
“Say what you need to say, no funny business, just talk.” I told him blankly, I wasn’t in the mood for any games.
“I … I love you and I realise what I did to you was wrong. I hurt you and made you feel like shit. And then to top it all off I did that on Christmas day. Molly you have to believe me I am sorry and I saw you a couple of days after Christmas and I saw what I’d done and I was so ashamed, I decided to change, hoping to win you back” he didn’t stop looking at me as he continued “I know you have whatshisface but we had good times together right? It wasn’t all doom and gloom was it?” I asked me looking for the answer “you look good by the way, I heard about you having that disorder. I wanted to send you flowers or chocolates but I didn’t deem it appropriate.” He said sitting on the little table in the opposite corner of the room. I was speechless, never did I expect him to come out with that. Not in a million years, I regained my composure and decided to tell him the truth.
“Spencer I don’t know what you expect me to say? Your right you did hurt me and made me feel like shit, every time you told me you was going to work or to the pub with the guys, they we’re all guys. Not one bit of truth in them. Instead you was seeing my best friend and countless amounts of prostitutes all while I thought we had a perfect relationship. If you have changed like you say you will find a really nice girl who loves you and who you’ll love. I have Frank and I love him, and we’re going to have a family in about 3 months.” I told him looking at him slowly.
“What do you mean?” He asked before it clicked “your pregnant?” he said sounding in disbelief.
“Yeah I am, I’m six months” I announced quietly not looking at him.
“Oh, oh so its serious then?” He said looking at me and I nodded. Suddenly I don’t know what happened but I felt some funny twinge in my stomach so I sat down and held it. “Are you ok?” he asked sounding a little worried and walking over to me.
“I’m fine.” I said quietly.
“Your not your pale” he said just as I screamed out “I’m going to go get Frank.” He said and running to the door and shouting out Frank who quickly came running in followed by Ella.
“What the fuck did you do to her!?” he shouted in his face
“He didn’t do anything, I think its turning but he’s really hurting” I said to Frank wanting to calm him down, he ran over and held my hand.
“Babe it’s ok, calm down” he said stroking my hair “do the breathing techniques we’ve been learning at mama and papa’s baby classes” he smiled a little kissing my hand and he put his hands over mine on my stomach. After what seemed like forever the pain stopped and I felt normal again. I looked around the room and Spencer was gone. Ella must of noticed because she informed me what he said before he went.
“He said, he can see how happy you are with Frank and how you deserve someone good like him. He said you we’re right there is somebody out there for him.” She smiled a little and walked out slowly.

Gerard’s P.O.V
After we made sure Molly was ok we went to the reception where it was time for the speeches. I think I was more nervous about this part than anything else.
“Ladies and gentlemen if I could have your attention please” I said not even bothering with the spoon and glass. When everyone stopping there chatting I continued “thank you. Well this is the part I’m dreading the most.” I smiled and everyone laughed. “Ella knows what I feel for her so this isn’t a tear jerking speech, just a simple one.” I said looking at her smiling and taking her hand “Ella Way, thank you for making me the happiest man in the world. I know I’m not the “perfect” man and I will never be good enough for you but I promise I will try. I know what your pet hates are so I promise I will: put the toilet seat down after I have finished using it. Not wear the same boxers or socks for more than once. To shower after I have been on stage as I know I smell. Cook you breakfast every morning and finally” I looked down smiling and I looked back at her “I promise that everyday I will make you feel like nothing else matters in my world than you, because it is the truth. You are my world. So if you’d all raise your glasses and toast to my wonderful, funny and beautiful wife Ella” I smiled raising my glass. I looked down to see her blushing. “Over to you best man!” I shouted slapping Frank on the back.

Frank’s P.O.V
“Cheers dude” I said smiling and stood up. “Hey everyone, well Ella I hope you know what you’ve let yourself in for. Good luck.” I smiled looking at her “I’ve known Gerard for some time now and I have to say he’s not always been the nice person you see today” I said looking at him.
“Oh thanks dude, your not getting that fifty now!” he laughed playfully.
“However, since he met Ella I’ve seen the change. There’s not a day goes by where the words ‘Aww I miss Ella’ hasn’t come out of his mouth. When we went on tour the guy even said them in his sleep! that’s how besotted with her he is. And it’s made realise that these two is what love is all about. If my relationships is half of what they have then I know I’m going to be happy forever. So can you raise your glasses to the bride and groom. Mr and Mrs way!” I smiled at them both. “I believe that the bride is now doing her speech.” I smiled looking at Ella’s panic stricken face.

Ella’s P.O.V
Oh no. I stood up slowly shaking and looked at everyone. “It’s not really a speech actually. I just want to say that you better stick to them promises Way! Cause I now have witnesses” I smiled looking at him. “What I really want to say is, I’ve found my guy now. As much as I hated him to begin with his borderline cocky charm eventually won me over. Well that and the deceptive plan of my best friend.” I looked at Molly letting her know I hadn’t forgot. “But I’m glad this happened because right now nothing else matters except for the fact that I love Gerard Arthur Way and nothing is going to stop that.” I smiled looking at him. “I would also like to say thank you to Molly, mine and Gerard’s best friend. Without her we wouldn’t of had this beautiful wedding, I wouldn’t of met Gerard, we wouldn’t of been able to do our first dance and I wouldn’t of been the happiest I’ve ever been. So thank you Molly” I said pulling her so she stood up. She’d gone pillar box red and just looked down at the table. “And to say thank you we’ve got you a little gift. Now we know that you don’t really like flowers cause you just kill them, and you’ve already got two dogs and a baby on the way so we got you this” I said passing her an envelope which contained two spa passes so she could be pampered. “However I want to be the other person who gets to come along” I giggled and she hugged me. “Do you want to say anything?” I asked her and she nodded.

Molly’s P.O.V
It was so sweet of them to get me something, bless them. I waited until Ella had sat down before I started. “I’m going to keep this short and sweet cause I bet your all bored now.” I saw everyone smile “so I’d like to say thank you for my gift and of course you can be the plus one” I smiled at Ella “and I’d also like to say that, I truly didn’t expect you both to get this far when I set you up I just thought a couple of dinner dates and I short relationship. I never expected I’d be sat here next to Ella Way. But I’m glad you are because I’ve seen the effect you’ve had on him and the effect he’s had on you and just as I thought you both couldn’t get any better you met each other and you somehow just bring happiness to each other and everyone around you.” I smiled “I would also like to say, I bet you like cheese, cucumber and onion sandwiches now” I laughed “oh and finally, you left it up to me to plan your honeymoon so here” I passed them a box all wrapped up “a few essentials and the tickets.” I smiled and sat down. I’d got them swimming costumes and two tickets to Ella’s favourite holiday hotspot. Turkey.

It was time for their first dance after we’d done the speeches and ate the meal. I must say it was gorgeous. As the music started playing everyone was around them in a circle watching them and Frank was stood behind me hands on my hips. “I love you sweetheart” he smiled kissing my head before leaning down to whisper in my ear “this could be us soon.”

Gerard’s P.O.V
I could see Ella’s worried expression as we took to the dance floor. She hated dancing and its only because Molly threatened to rip all of her Mark Webber pictures up that she said she’d dance.
“Wifey stand on my feet” I whispered in her ear, arms around her waist, hands resting on the bottom of her back gently.
“What? No I’ll manage.” She whispered on my neck.
“Not the way your shaking you wont, now stand on my feet that way we can go and sit down quicker.” I giggled to her and she stood on my feet smiling, her hands resting on my chest as I started to dance with her. “I love you Mrs Way.” I said smiling me head off, that name suits her perfectly.
“I love you to Mr Way.” She said her smile equally as big.
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