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No feeling about it

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Trying something new, and Mikey and Amy announce something

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LA WEEKLY MAGAZINE - 26th November 2010

She’s become well known in a matter of months. He’s always been well know. Here we have the first interview with Frank Iero and Molly May since they announced that they we’re expecting a baby early February.

We hear congratulations are in order, how does it feel that your about to have a baby and your business, Skeleton Crew, becoming a success.

Frank: Yeah it is, I don’t know which one I’m more excited about, the whole process of deigning more merch or cleaning up a shit covered bum.
Molly: [Laughs] Like you’ll be doing that anyway?
F: You know I would be. You’d be sleeping.

So have you thought of any names? And do you know what sex the baby is?
M: No and we’re not finding it, letting it be a surprise apparently. Which is stupid he knows I hate surprises.
F: They didn’t know in ancient times.
M: We’re not in ancient times though, we’re in the 21st century believe it or not [Giggles] and as for names, I like Alfie for a boy and Ellie for a girl. But I bet you have something to say about that? [Gives Frank a suspecting look.]
F: I actually like them names.

Aww they are very nice names. Your business how does it feel that it could be mostly My Chemical Romance fans that are buying the merch instead of people who actually like the company?
M: We’re ok with it, because half of the profit goes to charity anyway so it just means that charities are benefiting more from Frank’s fans.

How does it feel when you read stories about yourself on the internet where fans express their feelings about you Molly? And what was the worst one you have ever read?
F: [looks at Molly and holds her hand]
M: you get used to it, I mean I’ve read loads of stories about all sorts, apparently I was cheating with Gerard, Mikey, bob and Ray! All at once. I was like wow girl gets around the block. [Giggles] but I have learnt to put up a strong wall where it just goes over my head now. However not all the fans are like that, this one girl tweeted me the other day congratulating me and telling me ignore the ‘immature fan girls’ I thought that was really sweet, bless her.

At least not everyone’s out to get you. Now we know that Molly has nothing to do with the band but Danger Days has now been out for the matter of 4 days and already you have multi 10 star raving reviews, it must feel pretty special that you have such dedicated fans who are as crazy about you now as they we’re before your long break?

F: It is special and we cannot thank people enough who have continually supported us and waited so long for the album I have to say I didn’t think we would get this much hype about it after all we’ve been gone for awhile but when we played a couple of shows and saw how happy the fans were it made us realise how special and lucky we are and how much we missed being on the road. So thank you to all the fans out there.

Finally what’s next for the two of you? We know Gerard has recently married (Ella) and that Mikey and his girlfriend (Amy) have been viewing houses together.
F: We’re just waiting for skittle to come out now and then we can decide on more of our future.

Danger Days is available in shops now.
Skeleton Crew are updating all the time.

Molly’s P.O.V
Frank read out the whole interview for me as we waited for our name to be shouted out. Frank told me I had to go for one because of all the twinges I’d been having and he wanted to make sure everything was ok.
“Miss May and Mr Iero.” The small blond nurse called out and waited for us to walk in. I knew the procedure by now, roll your top up lie on the bed, make yourself comfortable and then they whip on the freezing cold gel. After that the nurse started scanning me.
“You’ve been experiencing some twinges I believe?” She looked at me while rolling the scanner over my stomach and I nodded scared to talk as I’d been holding my breath. “Well I’m sure it’s nothing.” She said before turning back to the screen and her face dropping.
“What’s wrong what is it? Are they ok?” Frank asked quickly.
“Everything’s fine Mr Iero.” She said turning to him “I’m going to have to get a doctor in though.” She said before exiting the room and coming back in slowly followed by a doctor. She must of already told him what the issue was as he snapped on a pair of gloves and started taking over from where the nurse left off.
“Can we please know what’s going on!” Frank snapped, agitated by not being told.
“We thought there was a double heart beat, we’re checking for twins.” The doctor said casually as me and Frank looked at each other shock mirrored by each of our faces. After several minutes the doctor cleared his throat and spoke. “Your not expecting twins, false alarm. Everything is fine Molly, the twinges are just the baby moving around, nothing to worry about.” He smiled then left the room.

Mikey’s P.O.V.
Just to let you know, me and Amy are moving back to Chicago so she can carry on working at her office. I mean I can always fly over or something. Talk about it later on, cause we’re all going out for that meal aren’t we? X
I texted the guys and Amy asked me to text Ella and Molly. I feel that I’m doing the right thing. I love Amy with all my heart so in fact there was no feeling about it, I know I’. doing the right thing. I just hope they all agree with me.
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