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The meal

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Mikey’s P.O.V
Me and Amy got ready for the meal.
“Your pale darling what’s up?” She asked wrapping her arms around my neck gently smiling at me through the mirror. “You worried about what they will say? We don’t have to move, I can find another job.” She kissed my neck softly.
“No we’re moving weather they like it or not, you shouldn’t have to give up everything for me and I don’t expect you to.” I smiled kissing the top of her arm before turning round to face her. “We better set off.” I smiled and kissed the top of her head.
“Mikey Way” she said looking up at me with a melting look “I love you.” She beamed up at me before walking to the door.
“I love you to” I giggled following her and grabbing the car keys.

We arrived at the restaurant seeing Gerard, Ella, Bob, Ray and Christa already sat there laughing over their drinks. Gerard spotted me first and waved us over smiling.
“Hey bro.” He got up hugging me. “Hey Amy.” He smiled and gave her a quick hug. “We’re waiting for Frank and Molly - like normal” he smiled.
“It’s not her fault” Ella chipped in looking over her shoulder at us “Molly’s gone fat now with the baby and she caught sight of herself in the mirror and discovered whilst getting ready that she could no longer see her knee caps and she freaked out.” Ella filled us in on what we had missed. It is true we haven’t seen Molly since the wedding as her and Frank have been busy with the business and promoting it and sorting the baby room out.
“It was funny actually, she was screaming at Frank that it was his fault he shouldn’t of got as excited as he did” Ray laughed. “You can just imagine frank’s reaction though, he’d of been gob smacked and wouldn’t of known what to do.” He laughed more.
“He’d of just stood there or screamed back.” Bob joined in as we sat down. “Oh there here everyone quiet” he informed us just as Frank came over.
“Where’s preggers then?” Gerard asked which earned him a playful punch in the arm from Ella.
“Don’t be nasty husband unless you don’t want something to make a baby with” she smirked at him causing him to instantly shut up.
“She’s on her way.” He smiled. They’d planned something. You could tell by his smile. He only ever smiled like that when there was some big secret that was about to be unveiled. Just as soon as he said that Molly walked in and she looked good. Not in a fancy her way but she looked attractive. She’d died her hair a deep purple with a smooth bob that was cut to her chin resembling that of Velma Kelly’s out of Chicago, only her fringe was very visible and statement making, making a change from her rough bed head hair. She has a black satin dress on which was cut low and ended just above her knee caps, she also had some purple caged heels on. Her make up was done perfectly and she looked hot. Gerard looked at her and he looked kind of shocked by her new appearance and Ella wolf whistled her. “There she is” Frank beamed and kissed her slowly snaking his arm around her waist.
“I thought you weren’t aloud to wear heels?” Gerard asked looking at her.
“I’m not planning on standing up all night, I’m just going to sit and look pretty.” She smiled looking confident.
“Lets go find our table.” I spoke, secretly glad of the distraction of Molly. We all went and found our table and looked through the menu choosing something to eat and after we all ordered I knew it was only a matter of time before that conversation popped up. We got as far as the food being served before Gerard asked.
“So your moving to Chicago?” He looked up at me before tucking in to his lemon chicken.
“I am, we’ve already got a house and we move in February.” I confirmed looking at him and just before I can say it was my final decision he started.
“Dude I’m happy for you, I bet we all are, you deserve it mate and its good to see you finally happy!” Gerard smiled and everyone else nodded there agreement.
“Wait February when?” Frank suddenly asked looking up at me and Amy with wide eyes.
“Either the first or second week. Why?” I asked looking confused “that’s when the house will be sorted.” I added.
“You can’t! skittle’s due date is the 6th of February! And her birthday’s the 8th your going to miss everything then!” He frowned a little.
“We will come back if we’ve gone by then. We promise dude.” I said holding Amy’s hand who nodded in agreement.
“Ok as long as you promise.” He looked at us making sure we was serious “oh and good luck Amy he sticks forks in toasters just to warn you.” he smiled at us.
The guys we’re so understanding and supporting it made me happy. I was going to start a life with the girl I’m in love with. I’ve never felt so happy about anything ever right now.

Frank’s P.O.V
We got home after the meal and poor Molly was shattered, its taking everything from her now, working is tiring even making drinks for herself makes her tired and out of breath. So working then going out tonight she was knackered. She was lay on the bed with her leg straight in the air desperately trying to take her heels off but was failing. That was her benefit of used to being a dancer, she is flexible. A benefit for me as well if I’m honest. I walked over and pulled her leg down and took her shoes off for her. I read in her diary - that she doesn’t hide very well - that if she ever got pregnant she wanted me to do the typical movie boyfriend thing, where I tickle her feet for her when she cant put her own socks or shoes on, let her but the bump in my back whenever the baby kicks and to talk to the baby when she’s asleep or when baby kicks her. And I was determined to do all of them for her. Started by tickling her feet for her which caused her to giggle her sexy giggle and try sitting up to look at me.
“No lie down you.” I giggled to her pushing her down gently and I kissed up her legs softly and all the way to her stomach. I lay at the side of her but so my head was on her bump lightly. “Hello skittles” I smiled taping her belly softly and left my hand there to feel the baby kick “don’t kick nastily cause you’ll hurt mummy and that’s not nice.” I said stroking her belly softly “now how are you in there? Cramped? I would be, mummy’s not exactly fat is she? Nope she’s not. Anyway just hang on in there for another 3 months than you can come out and cause mayhem on the world. “ I carried on whilst drawing small patterns on her stomach which the baby kicked gently following them “anyway I best go now cause she’s tired and had a busy day, so be good and when you come out if you look anything like mummy everyone’s going to fall in love with you because your mummy is very loved. Goodnight baby I love you” and with that I kissed her belly softly causing the baby to kick where my lips were softly. Smiling I lay down next to her turning the light off and cuddled up to her my hand on her stomach. These we’re going to be a gruelling three months, waiting for skittle to come but it was three months I was willing to wait for.
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