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Molly's birthday

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Frank’s P.O.V
Three months have passed since Amy and Mikey told us that they were leaving and today was the day that they were going. The 8th February. Molly’s birthday. She said she didn’t want a big party she just wanted to meet friends for coffee and then go to work. Even though she’s not working she’s just sat in the office with nothing to do because she can’t fit behind the desk. However we all planned, not including Molly, to meet up at ours where I’d cook and then Mikey and Amy said they’d leave from there. However when I informed Molly of our plan she refused to get changed out of her Mickey mouse pyjama’s and an odd pair of bed socks which Ella’s mum buys her every year.
“Damn I didn’t know it was a pyjama party! I’m going to have to go home and get changed now.” Gerard walked in smiling as the rest of them followed.
“Nice to see, it still snows on your birthday Molly.” Ella smiled and she walked over and hugged Molly. She’d told me this story, you see she’s born on her mum and dad’s wedding anniversary and when they got married, three years before her being born, they got married in something like 7 inches of snow and ever since then it has snowed on the 8th February.
“I know I can’t believe it.” She smiled hugging back.
“Happy birthday” Gerard smiled handing her a boxed gift with a big ribbon bow on it.
“Thanks” she smiled and put it with the rest of the unopened presents.
“What’s up?” Amy asked, slowly making her way into the room after her and Mikey kept kissing in the hall way.
“Nothing’s wrong. I’m just not up for opening presents yet, I will before you go.” She smiled, which I can tell was kind of forced.
“We can all go home if you want us to, we understand?” Mikey said softly.
“No, don’t be stupid I want you here it’s just baby hurting and all.” She looked up at them all “and plus this is the last time we’re all going to be together until I don’t know when. So come make yourselves at home and close the bloody door your letting my heating out. I’ll be crying in a minute because I’m cold!” She laughed this time genuinely. We all sat at talked for a while until Molly screamed out.
“Babe what’s wrong?” I asked looking at her kind of scared them pains have gotten worse she looked up. “I’m going to get a drink.” Just as she stood up everything seemed to flood out.
“Why’s she wet her- shit Frank her waters have broke!” Gerard screamed jumping up and ringing an ambulance and Molly screamed again.
“Lie her down! Put a pillow under her hips.” Ella instructed me “Mikey go and get towels from upstairs. Get them all. And bring all the blankets down as well.” Mikey quickly ran up stairs while Ella continued with her orders. “Amy go and get a bowl of water, not to hot and not to cold.” Ella walked over to Molly.
“Fuck Ella your not delivering my baby. I love you as my friend and all but your not seeing the goods. I’ll cross my legs or something.” Molly said in between her quick breathing.
“Trust me, me and Gerard watched it on ER all is good.”
“Ella we swore we wouldn’t tell anybody that we watched ER!” Gerard said walking over. “Ambulance is on it’s way.” Everyone came back with what Ella had said.
“Molly” I said holding her hand with one hand and stroking her hair with the other. “In for 8 out for 10 remember.” I said doing the breathing technique with her.
“can everyone please either get out of the room or stay at head level, not being fussy or anything but I do still want some dignity after this!” she cried out. “
“Gerard hold her hand and play with her hair, it calms her down.” I told him and went to her legs which she had up. I put a towel under her and one over her legs so no one else could see so it’d calm her down. It wasn’t Gerard who took over my place at her head but Ella, Gerard was sat so her head was resting on his leg singing the Saved By the Bell theme song which was weird but it seemed to be doing the trick. Mikey went on the look out for the ambulance along with Ray and Bob.
“Frank what do you see?” Ella asked looking up at me slowly.
“The head.” I looked back at her, fear apparent in my voice and facial expression. “Babe it’s going to be ok, I promise.” I said reassuring myself more than Molly.
“It hurts so much!” she cried her knuckles going white from gripping hold of a pillow so tight. Gerard got his cell phone out and quickly rang emergency services back. He put them on loudspeaker so Frank could hear, the operator talking me through it step by step.
“Ok babe I need you to push again, not long now and skittles will be out” I looked her in the eyes “now push for me.” She pushed again pushing her face deeper into a pillow and screaming out.
She’d just pushed so the baby was nearly out just the legs and feet to go.
“Breath” Ella reminded her softly, giving her time before she nodded to give me a sign.
“Babe literally about another three pushes and you’ll be a mummy.” I told her stroking her free hand softly “ready? Now push again” I said gently moving my hand from hers. She carried on pushing until baby was out we got rid of the icky bit afterwards and Ella wrapped the baby up and put the little bundle of joy in Molly arms. I sorted Molly out as best as I could and went and cleaned myself of before going seeing her.
“Well done daddy, you have a baby girl” Gerard said to me smiling and hugging me. “The operator said not to cut the umbilical cord until paramedics get here. And we have to keep them both warm.” he smiled and walked back into the living room with me. Molly was sat up in the corner of our sofa hugging the white package and looked up at me and smiled. I sat next to her and put my arm around her “I am so proud of you mummy” I said kissing her head gently before looking at our baby girl. I know I shouldn’t say this but, I secretly wanted a girl because I just like the whole idea of having a daddy’s girl. “hello there Ellie” I said stroking her cheek softly trying to hold back the lump in my throat “I’ve been waiting to see you” it was no good the tears came flooding and I hugged Molly to me. “Ellie May Iero” I whispered in her eye softly.
“Has she had it!?” Mikey ran in with Ray, Bob and two paramedics.
“Yeah bro baby girl” Gerard informed him hugging Ella to him who was smiling.
“Yes! Congratulations Dude!” he smiled before walking over to Amy. The paramedics came and sorted baby Ellie and Molly out and informed us that it’s best if they go to the hospital to be on the safe side. Not because anything was wrong.
“We’ll follow up in the car” Gerard nodded to me as I got in the ambulance with my two girls.

Gerard’s P.O.V
We was sat in the hospital waiting to see the new addition not only to the Iero family but also to the My Chemical Romance family. The nurse came into the room looking round before spotting us and walking over.
“What’s going on?” I asked standing up with Ella. “Are they ok?”
“They’re all fine, due to Molly’s previous illness though we’ve decided she should stay in because in her blood she’s lost a lot of vitamins and just the stuff she needs, so she stays here we can give her what she needs. She’s asleep at the minute but her partner, the father, said that your ok to go and see the baby. Ellie I believe she has been named.” The nurse said smiling. I looked at Ella when she’d gone.
“Want to go look at her?” I asked smiling and she nodded smiling her head off as we walked to the little room, looking through the glass window at the baby who stood out. Normally new born babies are ugly, they have no face definition but man, Ellie wasn’t she was beautiful.
“Loot at her, so peaceful and beautiful.” Ella whispered, hoping I wouldn’t hear I think.
“She looks perfect.” I whispered back kissing Ella’s shoulder softly. “I want a baby Ella” I whispered in her ear. She turned round slowly and looked me in the eye before saying “me too.”
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