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Hip Hip Hooray!

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Molly’s P.O.V
“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ellie and mummy, happy birthday to you!” Everyone sang while me and a now 6 year old brunette Ellie looked at each other big smiles plastered on our faces. She might not have my hair colour, or eye colour or the curse of the May nose but she certainly had my enthusiasm when it came to presents.
“Hip Hip Hooray!” everyone cheered three times before clapping.
“Make a wish you two and blow the candles out!” Frank looked at us both as we held hands and both closed our eyes and made our wishes and blew the candles out together.
“What you wish for Ellie?” Gerard asked picking her up and sitting her on his knee as she was taking up a seat and there was no other ones.
“I’m not telling you, because it won’t come true then!” she smiled looking at him.
“Ok Ok fine. Anyway open your presents I want to see what you’ve got!” He said passing her, her presents while I went in the kitchen passing Ray who was filming her.
“Happy Birthday babe” Frank walked over kissing me softly and out of the view of the Ellie.
“Thank you husband” I smiled at him putting my arms around him and looking at my ring over his shoulder. Yes me and Frank was married and to top it off we got married this time last year, so today was my 26th birthday, my daughters 6th birthday and my first wedding anniversary as well as my mum and dads. We hadn’t originally planned it like this, the venue where we was getting married had double booked and the only available time was that day so we got married then.
“That is never going to be something I’m used to you calling me.” He smiled on my lips before snaking his arms around my waist pulling me impossibly close. “But I like it” he whispered kissing me again this time with a little bit more need.
“Think Gerard and Ella will want to take Ellie to there’s tonight?” I asked him smirking slightly.
“Yeah, Maddie loves Ellie staying over remember.” He went to kiss my neck before we heard a loud squeal.
“Mummy! Daddy! Come look at what Gerard and Ella got me!!” Ellie shouted excitedly.
“You talk Ella and Gerard round” I winked at him “I’d hate for my new underwear to be unseen” I added without turning to face and walked out of the kitchen before I could hear his reply.
“Oh wow Ellie belly that’s great!” I squealed with her looking at the ginger fur ball in a cage.
“What you going to call her?” Ella asked smiling and standing behind Gerard’s chair with Maddie on her hip.
“I don’t know.” She looked up before her eyes fixed on Ray. Both her and Maddie most of thought the same because they both looked at each other and shouted “Ray!” which was hilarious considering the new hamster had similar hair to Ray.
“I feel honoured.” Ray said smiling at them both.
“Hey Ellie how do you fancy staying at mine and Ella’s tonight?” Gerard asked taking Maddie off Ella and sitting her on his other knee.
“Yes please!!” she beamed at him “I’ll go get my pyjamas!” and with that both her and Maddie shot off upstairs.
“Thank you so much” I looked at them both and they just nodded with that knowing smile. I opened my presents where Frank bought me this beautiful new dress I’d been going on about as well as a few other things.

As it got later everyone started to leave, Gerard, Ella, Maddie and Ellie all was the first ones to go as it had been snowing and they didn’t want to take any risks as it got darker and before anymore snow could come.
“I love you daddy.” Ellie smiled hugging him tightly and giving him a big sloppy kiss on his cheek.
“I love you too baby” he smiled kissing her cheek and hugging her back before passing her to me.
“I love you mummy.” She said repeating the process with me and then we had a family hug. “Have a good night Ellie belly, we will come pick you up tomorrow!” we waved them off smiling.
“Happy birthday you.” Mikey hugged me then followed by Amy, who were doing fabulous in Chicago, in fact they too have even had the baby and wedding talk. Amy was now the biggest journalist for her magazine.
“Thank you, promise me you will leave a answer machine message when you get home, you know I got so panicky when your travelling home!” I give them both a warning look before smiling. “Thank you for coming though, it meant a lot” I smiled before blushing and looking at the floor.
“Like I’d miss your triple party” Amy giggled before hugging me and leaving, followed by Ray and Christa and Bob and his new girlfriend.
“Well babe it’s just me and you.” Frank moved closer to me kissing my neck softly before whispering in my ear “race you to the bedroom, loser has to cook naked in the morning” and with that we both ran upstairs giggling loudly as we tried to stop the each other. When in our room, which I got to first I said,
“I have to say, out of all the people I could of fell in love with” I looked up at him smiling my head off “It had to be you.”

I’d just like to say thank you, to everyone who read this story, hope you enjoyed it :) x
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