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Chapter 12: The road of death

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Chapter 12 : The road of death

In hell : The room becomes dark . Samantha is still in the cage . She has her head laying on her knees . She notices two demons on the ground below her talking to each other . She lays down so she can hear them speak .
"...I've been sent here from marik to tell you that the enemy is coming ! He also said for you to send this message to others so they can get prepared . " Said one of the demons . The other nods and walks away . Samantha sits back up . "Can it be Luke ? " she thought to herself .

In the air : Luke blue airplanes are in the air flying to the central city . Luke stares down from the window . He sees a road down below them . He taps the pilots shoulder and the he lowers the plane .
Few minutes later the plane lands and Luke hops off . Captain b runs up to him . " Sir , whats wrong ? " he asks . "His army is coming ! I will stay here and try to kill them off ! I want you to get me a few robot soldiers , killing machines and our new creations ! " Luke replies . Captain b runs back to the other planes .
In thirty minutes likes mini army was ready including their new creations ( They look like Jedi but they don't have light sabers . They have swords made out of laser that cuts through anything . ) Luke stands on one of the killer machines leg . "Captain while i take care of these guys , you fly ahead and fight ! I'll meet you there later ! " Luke ordered . Captain nods and runs into the planes that was nearby .
Luke watches the planes fly away . Luke waves his fingers and they begin to move . Luke holding on the machines leg , begins to hear something coming right at them . He doesn't know from where it's coming from . Then in the air a dozen demon-planes begin to shoot at the army . "Killer machines , take them down ! " Luke orders . Two dozen rockets fire at the demon-planes . The rockets hit a few of them and crash into pieces . Some of them smash into lukes soldiers and collapse . Then from far away in front of them an army of demon-soldiers charge at them .
"Charge at them and cover me ! " Luke orders as he takes out his weapons . One second later , the trees that followed the road were being exploded into pieces as the two armies fight . Luke runs on top of one of the killer machines and jumps into action . As the deafening battle continues with blood and metal flying everywhere , Luke begins to chop the demons into pieces and doesn't care how much blood is prayed all over him .
Luke passes by a machine that just exploded into pieces . Then another demon-plane crashes onto the floor exploding into fire . One chunk of metal from the plane grazes Luke cheek . Luke jumps on one of the demons and shoots it's head of with a shotgun . Luke notices that there is six more demon-planes in the air shooting . He also notices that there is one laser knight running next to him . With the deafening battle , Luke can't tell the knight what to do . So , he points up to the sky and the knight nods . They both stop running . Luke grabs the knights arm and the knight launches Luke into the sky . Luckily , Luke reaches one of the demon-planes .
He notices something that looks like a heart . He runs up to it , takes out a iron sword and cuts the heart in half . The demon-plane begins to shout in a blood curling scream and begins to loose altitude . Luke jumps off in time . "Shoot ! I forgot , i can't fly ! " he thought in his mind . He crashes into a nearby tree . When he got out of the tree he had a lot of cuts all over his hands face and legs . The next second the tree came tumbling down . Luke dodged it , then he grabs his weapons and runs into battle . Most of the enemy was dead , and most of lukes army was destroyed or broken down .
In hell : Red light suddenly awakens Samantha . She rubs her eyes . Below her , hundreds and hundreds of demons are running outside . "Get ready to fight ! " one of them shouts . Samantha stands up fast and the cage begins to move sideways . When the army left she shouts " He's here ! He got my message ! " .
In the road : Luke jumps on one of the killer machines and shoots at the nearby demons . They fall one by one like dominoes . "Charge in and kill them off ! " Luke orders . The laser knights begin to jump on the demons and chopping them to pieces . The demons blood splashing all over them they keep on charging .
When the slaughtering was over , Luke takes out his cell phone and contacts captain b . " Captain we're heading towards you now ! " he said .

"Make it quick sir , cause we will need you ! " captain b said as he stares at the devils army that spreads as far as the eye can see .
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