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Chapter 13: Mission

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Chapter 13 : Mission

The huge armies stare at each other . The captain takes a few steps forward , then he takes out a microphone and puts it around his ear . "Artillery begin to shoot ! " he commanded . A shower of blue laser looking balls came soaring in the air . Then they slammed into the ground with such force that it was a small earthquake . A lot of demons died cause of it while the others were struck by the shock of the aftermath and left them paralyzed for a minute or two . "Soldiers , machines and laser knights charge ! " captain orders .

Inside hell : Noah , krum and marik are in the devils office . "It's time that we strike also while we evacuate ! I found us a new place where we can built a building or something else that will give us lots of shelter ! " devil said . They all nod and disappear into the shadows . The devil stands up , walks to the closet door and opens it : Inside is a dark colored glider , and weapons that look like swords and guns . He grabs the weapons , drags out the glider and jumps on it . Then he glides towards the window and smashes it open and flies out .

On the battle field : Luke soldiers are easily killing the paralyzed demons . Then Luke arrives with his left over soldiers . The captain runs up to him . "Sir , you're a mess ! " he said . "Hows the fight going ? " Luke asked . "So far its going good ! The paralysis should be wearing off them soon . "Captain replied . "I'll charge into hell with my soldiers to save her ! " Luke said . The captain nods and Luke begins to run across the battlefield .

In the chamber where the devils hostages are : Noah , marik , krum and the devil are there . Noah and marik are putting some devices on the walls while krum is lowering Samantha down so devil can talk to her . The cage finally reached the floor . "Looks like your little friend is here to rescue you ! I will make sure he will die in front of your very eyes for your punishment ! Then i will destroy his puny army and take over earth and the universe ! " The devil said . Krum runs outside to see how the battle is going while marik and Noah are in an argument near the chambers exit .
Devil opens up samanthas cage and walks in and closes the cage behind him . "But before i do that , i wanna give you something to remember me by ! " he said .

In the battlefield : Luke is halfway across the field when the paralysis wears off on the demons . They begin to get in lukes way . Lucky for Luke , his soldiers shot them dead . "Captain , they aren't paralyzed any more ! They are starting to get in my way ! " Luke shouts to his microphone . "Don't worry sir , I'm on it . " captain replied . Then something covers up the sun and Luke looks up to see a nother shower of blue laser looking balls in the air . Luke runs fast into a clearing where there is nobody . Then , another small earthquake happens and the demons are again stunned . "Thanks cap ! " Luke said . Then , horrible screeching deafens the battlefield and the demon-planes begin to shoot at Luke . The soldiers that followed Luke fall down to the ground .
Luke begins to run again trying not to get shot or wounded . " Cap i need help again ! " Luke said . Then there was a loud bam like sound and the demon-planes were on fire and falling down . The demon-planes crash into the ground killing some demons . Luke passes the wrecks and jumps into the entrance to hell .
He is in the hallway running down when he passes by Noah , krum and marik . As they pass each other Noah , krum and marik look at Luke . Marik tries to fight Luke but Noah puts his hand on mariks shoulder and shakes his head . Luke hears marik say " I hope he kills him before i do ! " .
Luke reaches the end of the hallway and entered the chamber that devil keeps his hostages . He notices Samantha in a corner crying and sees somebody standing over her zipping up his pants . "Hey get off of her ! " Luke shouts . The devil turns around and says " So , you finally made it ! "He opens the cage door and walks out . "You ready to get your ass kicked ? " Luke asked .
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