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Chapter 14: The deadly fight

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Chapter 14 : The deadly fight

"You ready to get your ass kicked ? " Luke asked . The devil laughs . "You kicking my ass ? Oh my god that's hilarious ! Let me guess , you were trying to be funny ! " the devil said . Luke gets mad and says "Oh we'll see who will laugh last ! " and he charges at the devil . The devil blocks lukes punch . Luke tries to punch the devil with his other hand but devil blocks that one too .
Then the devil kicks lukes ribs hard and lets go of lukes fists . Luke clutches his ribs and tries to breathe . The devil knee kicks lukes face and Luke is sent flying a few feet into the air . Then the devil jumps and kicks lukes ribs again . Luke smashes into the wall and falls down . The devil lands back on his feet .

Outside on the battlefield : Noah marik an krum are in the battle helping out the demons kill the robots , killer machines and laser knights . More of lukes artillery fires . A tree explodes nearby the captain . Then another dozen of demon-planes take over the air and begin to target the artillery .

In the chamber where the prisoners are : Luke slowly stands up holding his ribs . He takes off his shirt . Devil begins to charge at Luke . Luke dodges the the fists and ducks . He tries to trip the devil but the devil jumps on time .
While they are fighting , Samantha gets out of the cage and runs to the exit and watches them fight . "Should i help Luke out ? " She thought to herself . She hears something ticking and turns around . She sees a bomb ticking away . "Holy crap ! It's going to explode in half an hour ! " She murmurs to herself .
Luke and devil are still going at it . Devil tries to right hook Luke but Luke grabs the right arm and trips the devil . Devil slams on his back and Luke gets on top of him punching the devil . Luke breaks the devils nose and the devil pushes Luke off of him . They both stand up and charge at each other again .

On the battlefield : The demon -planes have just destroyed the artillery . Then the captain notices something : They are starting to be overwhelmed . " Machines , hold together and keep on fighting ! " The captain commands .
Marik overhears it and says "Like that's going to work !" . Krum laughs while Noah blows up one laser knight. "By the way , what's holding up our master ? I would've finished that kid in a second ! " marik asked . "Marik , be patient we still got twenty-five minutes left ! " Noah said . Krum explodes another robot . "But still , he's taking too long ! " marik continued . "Marik , you know how the devil is . He wants to play with his prey first before he finishes them off ! " Noah said as he destroys another robot . "I guess you're right ! Right now let's finish off these rust buckets ! " mariks said as he kicks one of the demolished robots head .

In the chamber : Luke and the devil are still going at it . Luke backs off to take a little break . "What's wrong Luke ? Getting tired already ? I thought you was more fun that this ! " The devil said sadly . "You want fun ? Well I'll give you something fun ! " Luke yells . He kicks the devil right on the chin and devil is sent flying and falls hard on his back .
"Luke finish him off now ! We don't got enough time ! " Samantha shouts . "What are you talking about ? " Luke shouts back . "There are bombs here that are triggered to go off in twenty minutes ! " Samantha shouts back .
The devil kicks Luke in the ribs again and Luke yells in pain . Then the devil throws Luke across the chamber . Luke gets up on his knees and says " Samantha , get out of here ! Then find the captain and tell him to retreat the army . " Devil begins to punch Luke in the face . Blood spurting everywhere .
Samantha runs up the entrance . "What will you do ? " devil asked Luke . "I'm going to kill you here and i don't care if i die here ! " stammers Luke . Then from out of no where Luke punches the devils balls . Devil clutches his nuts and he wails in pain . Then Luke right hooks the devil . Devil dodges that and slowly stands up . Luke punches the devils ribs . Devil falls face first to the ground .
The devil stands up fast and takes out a detonator . "If you move , I'll press the button ! " he said . Luke stands there frozen . The devil jumps on his glider and rises higher and higher into the air . "You lose " The devil said and presses the button . All four walls explode and water comes rushing in from all four sides . The devil glides into the entrance hallway fast before the water can get him .
Samantha finally reaches the exit and runs out . She begins to feel the ground shake . She begins to run faster . She passes by krum marik and Noah . "Somethings happenin down there ! " krum said . Devil glides out of the entrance . " Fools get the hell out of here now ! " he shouts . Krum marik and Noah begin to run . Samantha finally reached the captain . Just as she reached him the water explodes from the entrance . "Retreat ! " screams the captain . The water begins to swallow up the running demons and robots . Samantha and the captain jump into their blue plane that was about to go into the air . Luke's dead body reaches the waters surface .
It took and hour for the water to go down . When Samantha saw the ground again , she asked the pilot to go down . Once the plane has landed Samantha jumped off and ran across the field that was full of dad demons , demolished and rusted robots , and wounded robots . Then she saw lukes ripped up and soaked wet shirt . She grabs the shirt and begins to cry . The captain grabs her shoulder . "There is the ocean nearby by , so the water must've taken his body with it . " he said .

Somewhere where there is a forest : The devil and his followers are standing on tree tops staring at the castle-in-the-making . "Our new home ! " the devil said .

On the battlefield : The wounded robots are being picked up and put into the blue planes . The captain has made a cross and stuck it to the ground . Then Samantha puts lukes shirt on the cross . "Goodbye sir , it was my pleasure of serving you ! " the captain said sadly .

Somewhere in the sea : Lukes body reaches the shore of an island . "What's that ? " said a voice . The two hooded figures run up to the dead body . "It's a body " said the second voice . "He's the one we've been waiting for ! " said the first voice . "What do you mean ? " said the second voice . "He's wearing the millennium chain ! " said the first voice .
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