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Chapter 15: Last defense

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Chapter 15 : last defense

The two hooded people drag lukes body to a house that was made of wood and stone . When they entered a dozen or so other people wearing the same cloaks and had their hoods up , stood up and rushed towards the two that dragged the dead body . "Who is this boy ? " a woman said . "We believe he is the chosen one ! " said the first voice . "Are you sure it is him ? " the woman asked . " We hope so cause he has the chain ! " the first voice said .
" Out of the way " an old voice said . The hooded figures go to 2 sides to make room for one short hooded figure to walk . The figure takes off the hood : it is and old lady . She has gray hair going to her neck . She is very old looking and has a old accent in her voice . The two hooded figures put the dead body on the ground carefully . The old lady walks up to the body and begins to examine it .
When she was finished examining lukes body she stands up and asks , "Where did you find him ? "
"Me and Vin were by the sea when we saw something in the water ! When we go there this kid was face down in the water ! We don't know where he came from or what happened ! So we took him here for your advice ! " the hooded figure said .
The old lady silently stares at the body . "Here's what will do : We're going to take the soul from the chain and revive its body back . Once we're done with it we'll revive the kid . Make sure the kid doesn't decompose . " The old lady said .

In the forest where the devils castle is-in-the-making : Devil and his apprentices are still standing on the tree tops . A light breeze passes by . "Should i do it now or wait a little while longer ? " marik thought to himself .Krum eyes marik cautiously . "Sir we found lukes main base ! " an ogre shouts below . "Great ! Tell the army to attack the base ! " devil shouts back .
Ten minutes later , the sky gets full of demon-planes . The devil jumps on his glider and follows the demon-planes . Marik jumps off the tree and lands on the ground . Then he runs to the castle . Krum jumps down also and follows marik .

At the battlefield : Almost all the robots were gathered up . Those that were demolished were put into one huge pile. The injured robots were put back into the blue planes . The demons were also put into another pile that was half way burned . The smell was horrible . It smelled like a thousand bodies decomposing at the same time . "Damn were out if fuel " The captain said . "So we are basically stuck here ? " Samantha asked . "For a while , yes ! " captain replied . "I still can't believe that he is actually gone ! I didn't know him that long ! " she said as she was staring at the cross .
"Captain ! Captain ! " a voice shouts through the captains ear piece . "Whats wrong ? " captain replies . "Our base is under attack ! " The voice replied . The captain takes off the ear piece and microphone and lets it fall to the ground . The distress call continues . Samantha starts to cry as the captain says softly "I'm sorry " . The distress call stops and the buzz noise starts . "Damn you devil ! " captain shouts into the sky .

At lukes base : As the last robots hold their places and die and as the last robot planes fall . The devil stands on top of a destroyed guard bot , all around him the demons stand on other destroyed robots roaring their hearts out and put their flag ( has only the devils face on it ) . "Clean up these god damned metal trashcans and make this our second base ! Let the devils reign begin ! " devil shouts as the roaring gets louder .

Back at the battlefield : Samantha and captain go inside one of the remaining blue planes . The captain goes into the cockpit and grabs the microphone . " We just lost our home base . We have lost a lot of our men today , even our creator . We maybe on the devils list of extermination , but we will never die . We will fight the devil until every single one of us is destroyed . We won't give up on our creators dream ! We are the remaining defense of the world ! For now let's begin our road . Let's just hope that by the time we face the devil our army will get bigger and stronger ! " the captain said and gets off the microphone.
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