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Chapter 20: "It begins!"

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Chapter 20 : "It begins !"

Noah and krum land on the ground . Noah tries to catch his breath . "Sorry to hold you up ! " krum said . "Don't worry about it ! Lucky i noticed you on the ground ! " Noah replied . Krum coughs out blood and holds his blood soaked shirt where marik stabbed him . "Damn you ... marik ! " krum mumbles .
"Hold on we're almost there ! " Noah said . Krum holds onto Noah tighter . Noah runs and jumps on a tree then runs across towards the castle illuminated against the dark sky .

Samantha opens the door and looks outside . "It sure gets dark and creepy fast around here ! " she said . She walks outside . The captain follows her outside . "What should we do now captain ? " Samantha asked . The captain looks up at the stars . "We wait until we have a strong enough army ! " he replies . "How long will that take ? " Samantha asked again . The captain shrugs and begins to walk inside . "Right now , we should head inside and get some rest ! " captain said . Samantha stands there by herself looking at the ground . Wind blows , making her hair go everywhere . "Luke i need you ! " she wails and begins to cry .

At the castle gates : Noah and krum land on the ground with a loud thump . Noah is now completely out of breath while krum is gripping his bloody wound even tighter . "Medic ! " Noah shouts . It echoes across the castle .
Ten minutes later , the sounds of rushing feet reaches their ears . The echo grows louder and louder . Somewhere a bomb explodes . Screams of horror and pain echoes all through the castle . The shadows begin to dance as dead bodies begin to drop to the ground . "Holy crap ! "Krum shouts . That must've been mariks trap to slow backup down . " Noah said . "You can let go of me now ! I can handle things here myself ! " krum ordered .
"Are you sure ? " Noah asked . "Yes , I'll be fine ! Go and protect our lord ! " Krum replied . Noah drops krum to the floor and dashes up the half finished marble staircase .

It gets darker outside . Samantha still stands there like a frozen statue . Thoughts go through her mind . "I've made my decision ! " She thought to herself as she charges down the road with nothing but a knife .
The captain opens the door . Struck with shock he begins to look everywhere . Then he runs back inside . "Medic , get me a small party of soldiers to accompany me ! " Captain orders .
Ten minutes later : The captain heads for the road with twenty or so soldiers behind him . "So captain , why are we with you ? " one of the soldiers asked . "Our dead generals girlfriend is probably running to the devil to get revenge ! This is my mission to get her back to safety before she gets into any trouble ! " The captain replied .
"Shouldn't we have more soldiers than this much ? " another soldier asked . "True but if we have more soldiers with us then we would be slowed down and would be spotted easily ! " captain replied . "We should begin to move now ! We've lost a lot of time ! "
The group begins to dash to get Samantha back .

Meanwhile in the half-finished castle : Noah reaches the sixth floor without harm . "Better not lower my guard yet ! " he mumbles as he heads for the seventh set of stairs . As he begins to ascend the stairs , it begins to collapse . "Shit ! " He thinks to himself as he runs up the stairs as fast as his feet could take him .
He jumps onto the seventh floor and looks back down : All the stairs he stepped on has fallen onto the floor below .
"Man , what luck ! " he said as he wiped off the sweat from his forehead .

Two floors up : Marik reaches the devils room . "That noise ! " He thought . "Someones coming here ! Better finish this off quickly ! "
He kicks the door open and charges in . Before the devil could raise his head marik stabs him in the heart . "There , that was quick ! Too quick actually ! " He thought again . The devils body disappears . Marik turns around and sees the devil standing behind him .
"So , you thought you could kill me huh ? My my , it seems your revenge has exploded ! " said devil amusingly . Marik charges at the devil with left and right fists . The devil dodges all of the fists and begins to laugh .
"My dear marik , you are finished ! " Devil said . Marik turns to the doorway and sees Noah standing there . "Sir , are you alright ? " Noah asked . "Yes , I'm great ! Now if you excuse me marik but i got to take care of something else where ! Hope you'll have fun with Noah here ! " Devil says and disappears .

"So , It was you who triggered that trap on the stairway ! " Marik said . "So i finally get to fight you ! Krum told me everything ! I'm afraid that this is the end of the road for you marik ! " Noah said darkly .
Marik takes out his two swords that still have dry blood on them . "Krum is still alive then ? " He asked . "Yes , he's downstairs with the medics ! " Noah replied . He also takes out a silver longsword . The two of them begin to move in a circle .
"Let's get this started then ! " Noah said .
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