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Chapter 21: Close to death

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Chapter 21 : Close to death !

"So , after long years of being together you betray us! " said Noah . "Don't make me laugh ! Haven't you noticed yet ? He has been using us all ! " marik replied .
Both of them clash with their swords . Noah tries to slash marik but he evades them . Marik tries to stab him but Noah grabs the sword and punches marik in the face . Marik grabs his broken nose that is full of blood . He turns his back towards his enemy .
Noah tries to charge his sword right through mariks back but marik elbows him to the face . Then marik trips Noah . Noah falls to his butt . Marik tries to stab Noah but Noah rolls over . Marik tries to unstuck the sword . Noah grabs his sword from the ground and charges at marik again . Marik lets go of the stuck sword and blocks Noah attack with the other sword . Then marik pushes Noah away .
"Damn , you're strong ! " Noah said impressively . Marik looks around quickly . He runs towards the windows . Noah throws the sword at marik . It misses by inches . Marik crashes through the window and disappears . Noah runs to the broken window and looks down . "No one could survive that fall ! " He said to himself . A pair of legs grab Noah by the neck and pull him through the window . The legs let go of him . Noah screams as he falls face first to the ground . Marik crawls back inside through the window . "That dumb-ass , falling for my trick like this . " He said to himself . "Who is a dumb-ass ? " A voice said behind him . Marik turns around to see Noah hanging in the air . Then wings appear from noahs back . "Wings ? " marik asked .
"You see marik , I'm a half-demon ! " Noah explained . "I see . " Marik said . Marik takes out two smoke balls out of his back pockets . He throws them at Noah and they explodes in noahs face . Then marik runs down the stairs . Noah begins to cough . He flaps his wings to make the smoke go away . "Shit , he disappeared ! " He thought to him self .

"Still no sign of Samantha ? " Captain asked . "No sir ! " The soldiers replied . "Well , keep searching . She has to be around here somewhere ! " Captain said .

Marik runs out of the castle entry way . He hides under a demon-plane . Noah lands a few feet away from marik . "Marik , where are you you damn bastard ! " Noah shouts . Marik doesn't reply . Noah begins to fly again . Marik waits until noahs wings can't be heard anymore . He climbs from under the plane and runs towards the trees . "I can't be seen by him . Better stay in the shadows . " He though to himself .
An hour passes by . Marik still continues to run in the shadows . Then he notices someone running in his direction . It is Samantha . She notices marik running in her direction . She stops running and takes out a long knife .
"I don't mean no harm to you ! " Marik said . Samantha doesn't lower the knife down . "Why should i trust you ? " She asked . "Sir , i found her ! " A voice behind Samantha said . Samantha turns around to see the captain and his soldiers running to her . She turns back to marik . "You have no where to run . " She said .
"Listen to me ! I mean you no harm - " marik said but he gets interrupted . He and the others see Noah flying towards them . Marik runs past Samantha and the others . "Men shoot down that thing ! " The captain orders . A battalion of bullets are fired at Noah . Most of the bullets struck Noah . He screams and turns around . He begins to fly back to the castle when a bullets hit his wings . Noah looses control and crashes into the trees .
"Thank god you're okay miss ! " the captain said . "I'm sorry for running away ! " Samantha said sadly . "It's OK ma'am ! " one of the soldiers said . "Well men let's head back ! Our mission is complete ! " The captain said .

"Get some medics here and hurry ! He's been shot multiple times ! " Krum said . Noah tries to open his eyes but couldn't . "It's okay Noah ! The medics are coming ! " krum said . "That's great ! "Noah said . Then he passes out .

Heaven : Luke is sitting on a white bed when there is a knock on the door . Jesus comes in . "I got news for you ! Hero is back on earth ! Tomorrow your training begins ! Also your friend is here ! " Jesus said .
A boy walks into the room . "Michael ! " Luke shouts . "Long time no see , eh Luke ? " Michael asked .
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